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  1. A huge thank you for your kind help and immense support for my design projects, for your endless patience with my ignorance and your generosity for sharing your brilliant mind. I am so so sad that we will never get to stand at the helm of Canopus together.

    Rest in peace my dear friend and pass by whenever; you're always welcome. Heartbroken for your loving son Johan and all those you've left behind. Forgive my tears; I cherished your friendship and you'll always be in my thoughts as the prop churns slowly along the cut. I pray for your peace at rest ?

     — with Jan Karlsson.

  2. Was big news yesterday on Swedish TV News, They have recorded two new songs, will not perform live, but have created animated Abbatars that will perform there new Music!? they won the Eurovision Music Contest in -74
  3. 1 kg will be £1,38, so more ex-pence
  4. This lady is free, naa just kidding, I meet a nice lady last summer, was going very well for 2 month, then she decided she didn't have time for an relationship, was a bit strange after she had been talking about what to do during the fall, and Winter vacation. She was very good to talk to and we had a lot incommon but ... I still have Olivia II as my love. Having to pay for Company seems wrong, or paying for love, better with a paying crew then.
  5. If I remember it correct PayPal only send out email with your name on it, and even so if they do, and something have to be changed or read, I go into the account and read it there. never klick on any links in the mail. Read about one Swed. that pranked someone that sent out a "nigerian" letter, and made an appoinment with them, and had them to buy him lunch.
  6. Saw some where, (Off T) that a narrow beam is, if it was British, EU or other standard, something like 14 or 16 feet wide, but cant remember where I saw that. Before now, a Swedish ship was longer then 12 meter and wider then 4 meter, but now if it is more then 24 meter it is a ship, not a boat. but it still say if it is a privat boat longer then 12 AND wider then 4 meter the PIC need naval licence.
  7. Have flown MS 880 & 893 Rallye so know what you say
  8. I am not sure, but will not be surprised if not the pipe thread is still imperial here too with metric pipes
  9. AN Aircraft screws come in /16 parts, like AN 4 is 4/16 or 1/4" timber and pipes was among the last things that got metric standard here in Sweden, except propellers that is.
  10. correct if the efficiency would be constant, at zero speed the efficiency is zero if we see to the work of moving the boat and not the mass of water. What I meant is that there is so many variables that in practis it will not workout to give an correct number of the mass of the boat. We can also use the THP, Thrust HP instead of shaft HP*eff. THP is thrust*V, so if thrust is held constant, THP goes up with speed, or if THP is constant, thrust is going down with speed.
  11. Yes, V is speed or velocity, thrust is Power * efficiency / speed and you see that thrust is reduced with speed if Power and efficiency is held constant. efficiency is increased slightly with speed normaly untill cavitation come in. efficiency is the result of boat speed not the water. propellers have there openwater efficiency and hull its hull efficincy, with the propeller doing its job at the back. Imperial Power is a horse lifting 550 lb-ft/sec or 33000 lb-ft/min (76,04 kg-m/sec) metric horse lift 75 kg one meter in one sec. 5 hp will then make 5*75*0,5/1,8= 104 kg of thrust at 3.5 kts (4 MPH) with an efficiency of 50% thats for theory. in that case of have 50 kg of thrust at zero speed, then let go. in practise the prop will let the Engine rev more at higher speed, if perfectly governend (sp) the rpm will be held constant but fuel and Power will be reduced with higher speed due to unloaded prop, and the prop will probably have a better bite at some speed then static. to make that test correctly to get the mass of the boat, the thrust need to be monitored and held constant. Ps, I do calculate propellers for airplanes.
  12. The Thrust is not constant either, can't use static thrust to calculate dynamic thrust, and the dynamic thrust is reduced with speed, T=P*Eff/V
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_ton short ton too
  14. and ships in tons, volume that is, register ton, netto, brutto ... that is 100 cubic foot, 2.83 m^2 and feet fot and inch, lb's pint gallon ... as long as it stated what unit the numbers is in, I don't care. but you are right metric system is coming to the imperial countrys also, inch by inch.
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