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  1. Like they used to do! Often electric at that! Corrupt politicians with fingers in certain pies closed our network down, then wonder why the roads are so busy. Staggeringly stupid.
  2. These were my findings many years ago when I worked for the leccy board. Lots of new Corpy flats (high rise) had no gas even then and people were forced into outrageously expensive electric heating. A lot of our time was spent cutting supplies off as the new tenants couldn't afford to keep warm.
  3. I call my boat many things during the course of a day, but never a barge. If somebody calls my NB a barge, I really don't care. I also don't care how people say "winding hole" or what kind of bog they have on board. Life is too short, and getting shorter by the day. One guy I knew always called them longboats, and I wondered why. That explains it
  4. Many years ago, Maureen taught me how to use those locks. We loved Maureen and miss her.
  5. You have lost me I'm afraid. That is what I was proposing.: A double ended butty with a push tug (electric or possibly hybrid.) Might also avoid VAT on a new build butty?
  6. I rather fancy the idea of an electric push tug chained to the arse end of a double pointed butty, tug perhaps styled after a Bantam. No need to wind, just move the tug to the other end. Could use the tug separately, or for other unpowered boats. No batteries and stuff in main living boat, just solars.
  7. In my experience, if the seals are worn, then the bearing just behind will likely be too (mine was 15 years old when it did same.) To save much typing, here are my vetus stern gland experiences, and I eventually bought a Radice unit off Mick at Cheshire Marine services. Very happy with the Radice. Starts about half way down page: http://destinynarrowboat.weebly.com/vetus.html
  8. Agree with all of that except the underlined part. I think that the technology is there, but too expensive yet. It will be available much quicker than we think providing the need exists.
  9. We use the larger (10"?) wheelbarrow wheels. Fine at most places on Shroppie, but one or two places could do with bigger. One geezer once had a go at me for using such floating tyres, as he claimed they were a nuisance where the canal was narrow. I pointed out that the wheels I used where maybe a couple of inches wider than the shelf that my boat would otherwise touch.
  10. I have left ours there overnight but it was a few years ago. Can you go a bit further and get to Crooke Hall? Safer there. Sometimes Yvonne at Crooke marina will let you leave a boat overnight, for a fee of course!
  11. Our winter mooring is in a marina, and I think that is what killed our previous bitumen blacking. Since going to epoxy stuff there has been no deterioration at the waterline.
  12. catweasel

    Gear Box Oil

    You would wonder for the sake of a few pence. Same when I bought a new Vetus stern seal, I had to make a guide to get the seals safely onto the shaft using a discarded milk container. The Radice seal that I fitted more recently was about one third the price of the Vetus item, and came with an insertion tool (no sniggering at the back.)
  13. catweasel

    Gear Box Oil

    True. Even easier is to make a matching wooden dipstick and paint it matt black. A screw though the top to form a "T" makes sure you dip to the right level. Obviously, bung the proper one back in when done. Job's a goodun. This are the oils I generally use in my 150 box (and engine) depending on where I am at the time https://www.commaoil.com/passenger-vehicles/products/view/233 or https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/engineoils/15w40-engine-oil/?521776111&0&cc5_246 I used Asda's own brand mineral oil for many years which was excellent (Mobil I am told), but they only do the synthetic stuff now.
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