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  1. Tell me about it. We did have a Yamaha that ran on kerosene in 1976. Wonder why outboards have never been converted to run on propane bottles? Can't be hard in these days of 4 strokers, and cheaper than road petrol. Time will tell.
  2. When did we vote to join the EU/EEC? I must have missed that one. I do remember a vote (1975?) asking us if we wished to remain in the EEC or leave. There was no vote to join which was unforgivable. Thanks Ted. ps even after Brexit there will be no cheap diesel. That ship has sailed. Agreed.
  3. catweasel

    The Genius of Banksy

    Indeed. When I first read it this morning, I thought "set up."
  4. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    Never confuse "imagination" with "random thoughts."
  5. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    It is seemingly OK if our own government charges exorbitant taxes. They do this now of course, but it is easy to blame the EU. At least we will get cheap diesel back on the cut.... "Because we have always done it like that" springs to mind.
  6. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    Don't worry we are opening all the pits again in Wigan after Brexit, yer can all come here. George Orwell survived it. I am offering courses on pie eating.
  7. catweasel

    Cleaning narrowboat

    Certainly ruins the finish on cars. I have used car wash detergent from Asda or similar for many years to good effect on car/boat paintwork. I agree with the sugar soap prior to painting. Vinegar having effect on aluminium frames is an interesting thought. I read somewhere that diluted baby shampoo/soap is good on windows followed by a squeegee.
  8. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    How do property prices compare?
  9. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    I will answer your question directly. Your question is invalid, since "we" do not run the country. We elect a government to attempt the job for us (largely badly for the past half century.). I think in the past you have argued for independent parties; a view with which I concur. Good luck with that one dude. In broader terms, I agree that something has gone very wrong.
  10. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    Not astonishing to me. To reiterate, I could have just as easily have been a leave voter, but for the best part one thing stopped me; our inept government. For example, as another poster alluded to earlier (DR Bob IIRC apologies if it wasn't,) May has poor negotiating skills. Now call me old fashioned, but wouldn't it have been better to put somebody in that position who had some negotiating skills? But no, May sidelined others and elected to do it herself. I fear for our country if the government continues to run the show post Brexit as well as it has handled Brexit. I do not suggest any other party could do any better now. Perhaps it has been too easy for them to blame EU for everything and they have simply forgotten how to function?
  11. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    As the pesky socialist Tony Benn predicted, on many occasions. Thatcher and Major however....
  12. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    Can't wait to get the cheap diesel back with no propulsion tax. What? It isn't going to happen?
  13. catweasel

    Washing machine and gennie

    Me too.
  14. catweasel

    Brexit 2017

    No mate, Brexiters don't do pity. That's twice I have agreed with you now!
  15. catweasel

    Washing machine and gennie

    That is what we do with ours, saves hours of generator/engine/battery charging time. One point though; from other reading, It appears that some of the newer machines chuck their teddy into the corner if you do this.

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