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  1. catweasel

    Diesel heater - the voltages and amps used

    I have been toying with the idea of fitting one just to make some instant heat available. I have spoken to others, and their findings seem similar to the people you know, which is encouraging.
  2. catweasel

    Where is MtB?

    MTB always seemed a decent enough geezer to me.
  3. catweasel

    Diesel heater - the voltages and amps used

    0:rk:1:pf:1 These can be installed safely. Yes, I have seen these too.
  4. catweasel

    BETA 35 not starting - help!

    I am not familiar with this engine, but agree re the plug/socket arrangement. Also our vetus has a relay on the engine block which operates the starter. These often fail and might be worth checking if engine in question has one?
  5. catweasel

    BETA 35 not starting - help!

    Assuming that the starter has taken a drowning, I would be tempted to remove it and take it to a local auto electrical supplier and have it tested.
  6. catweasel

    Suitable for the canal?

    Great stuff. Hope to see how you progress.
  7. catweasel

    12v or 240v television?

    Our telly came from Aldi and is excellent for the price. It can be used on either 12v or 240v but we use it on 12v. We added a cheapo soundbar which improved sound dramatically. Full time liveaboard, we have no shore power as such, but use a genny for charging on winter nights, mainly solar/engine in summer when out and about (health permitting!) I have tried to move away from 240V stuff on the basis that when (not if) our inverter implodes, we are stuffed if all appliances are 240V. (This happened to a guy on our marina on Christmas eve!) We still have a 240V fridge/freezer and washer, but the fridge might well go to 12V when current one expires. Depends on deals available when the time comes. There is no "one size fits all" with these things, so many variables in lifestyle etc.
  8. catweasel

    Suitable for the canal?

    We have a 40 plus somewhere, I think my son has it right now. Lovely old thing with an amazing ability to be easily coaxed into life after several years of abandonment. I love 'em. Only downsides are no neutral or reverse, which some small outboards have, and the style of prop can be hard work on weeded inland waterways. Oh and then there is the blue smoke and loads of oil in the petrol... Still love 'em though
  9. catweasel

    Suitable for the canal?

    I had a similar boat on the cut as a kid. Hours of fun. I wish you good luck with it and am quite envious Yes. We used to move a similar boat no probs. with an ancient British Anzani outboard, probably about 2 or 3hp.
  10. catweasel

    Brexit 2019

    ...after a fashion.
  11. catweasel

    Brexit 2019

    Therein lies the problem; there never has been a plan. An objective? yes. (Leave the EU.) A plan? no. If you have ever seen the Southpark sketch "Underpant Gnomes" it sums up this governments approach to Brexit nicely.
  12. catweasel

    Hyundai portable generator lube oil

    Further to previous post: Just looked in the paperwork that came with the genny, (mine is HY2000si) It says: "Use 4 stroke engine oil certified to SG, SF or SAE rating. DO NOT use 2 stroke or non-detergent oil." I can find no reference to whether semi or fully synth is OK. Looking at the graph both 15-30 and 15-40 appear to meet the temps. we are likely to encounter in the UK. I recently got the valve clearance settings from Hyundai which are (HY2000si) 0.10mm inlet, and 0.15 mm exhaust. Hyundai say this is a "dealer job" but when I pointed out that there were no dealers near me, they agreed to honour the (long) warranty if I did them. Useful youtube vid about servicing the Hyundai range
  13. catweasel

    Hyundai portable generator lube oil

    I use castrol GTX (15/40 IIRC) in our Hyundai which is just coming up to 400 hrs. I think GTX is classed as part synth. I did the initial run in on Commer (Comma?) xFlow mineral oil. Always seems fine on GTX, and never burns a drop between the 100hr change intervals.
  14. catweasel

    To B or not to B the RCCB

    We used to fit 10ma RCD's in science labs etc in schools, but 10mA seems very low for a setup such as this.
  15. catweasel

    Genny or engine running

    My setup for what it is worth: Winter, based on being in marina full time liveaboard: We run the engine for an hour or so in the morning for hot water and some battery charging. Run a *Hyundai 2000 genny at night to finish off charging. (luckily we are in private marina, no CRT involvement and marina rules, can run till 10 pm.) We are getting good solar too right now. Always cheaper on fuel to run the main engine than the genny, also doing two jobs, but I have always hated doing this for hours on end. Dearer to service and replace the main engine! I consider a generator as disposable compared to main engine, and buttons to service. Means having to carry petrol, but I am used to this from outboard motor days. Warmer weather and when my wife's health allows we just keep moving and mostly the main engine/solar does everything. Use the genny odd times. *I bought the Hyundai when the Yamaha genny let go in a big way; a bit disappointing as it was only 22 years old Hyundai was very cheap compared to new Honda/Yamaha models (less than half the price,) is quite light and easy to DIY service. Uses less fuel than the old Yamaha due to smart throttle, and backup from Hyundai seems good. Also 3 year warranty and an engine hour counter, but alas no fuel gauge. Longevity? I'll report back in 22 years...

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