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  1. catweasel

    Oil light warning

    Going back many years, LPG and diesel engines alike but in fork lift trucks, the oil pressure switches were known to fail displaying similar results to the OP. It would be my first port of call, and if that didn't work I would try a temporary jumper wire to the warning light, bypassing those horrible connectors.
  2. catweasel

    Propshaft turning at idle

    Bragging o complaining? Our PRM 150 does likewise, the previous technodrive on same engine didn't. You sure knew when the techno engaged gear though!
  3. catweasel

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Cheers. Sorry I misunderstood. I know the feeling, but we need to get used to it.
  4. catweasel

    Brexit 2019

    T'was ever thus.
  5. catweasel

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Illegal, surely? I was given to understand that price fixing had long been abolished. Where we are currently moored a 13kg Calor can vary by nine quid, depending where you buy.
  6. catweasel

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    Where are you? Sill between 25 and 27 quid in Wigan (except for one place but nobody goes there.)
  7. catweasel

    Brexit 2019

    Indeed, it is our sovereign government at work. A heads up for the future perhaps?
  8. Regarding the Fernox mentioned in a couple of posts; is this the ordinary fernox product that I used to bung in the C/H header tank when I had a house? What ratiodoes one add to the engine cooling system? Many thanks.
  9. catweasel

    Homeless on a cold night.

    Absolutely, stand your ground. I am digging my trench as we speak
  10. catweasel

    Homeless on a cold night.

    Indeed. "Alternative" can mean two or more options. This is an argument that has run for years, so it is safer to use the word "option."
  11. catweasel

    Homeless on a cold night.

    I can associate with that.
  12. catweasel

    Homeless on a cold night.

    Perhaps already been mentioned, but a large number of homeless people are ex-forces. My own nephew would have been thus but for the fact that his parents were still able to care for him.
  13. catweasel

    Window condensation

    We had condensation problems when we first lived on board full time, in winter. We took several steps to improve things: 1. Double glazing of windows with perspex inside using magnetic tape so can be removed in summer. Big improvement. 2. Fan in roof vent above cooker. High revving computer fan has made a huge difference to condensation in cabin. also stops smoke alarm going off when making toast. 3. Bathroom is self contained from rest of cabin so terrible condensation following showers. Another computer fan in bulkhead shifts some air and blows heat into bathroom. Further fan in roof vent removes damp air. Extremely effective and one of best modifications on boat for years. 4. When my wife bought a Karcher window vac I laughed at her. It is however one of the best bits of kit on the boat and can vac water off bathroom tiles, window and shower curtains in a minute. I have to humbly apologise to my lovely wife daily, but it is excellent. ps forgot, those large plastic containers with dehumidifying crystals are good. From hardware shops etc. Sorry for brevity.
  14. catweasel

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Actually twelve and two fifths of a mile. None of that "point 4" nonsense; we'll have no trouble here. Now please pass me my 11/64 drill bit.
  15. catweasel

    Things adverts have taught me

    Just last week I read the book "A History of Superglue." I couldn't put it down.

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