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  1. I would think that fresh diesel and as you suggest, a generous dose of diesel engine injector cleaner would be worth trying. Either way hope you get it sorted quickly and cheaply.
  2. Just a thought or two, and a bit late into this; A few years ago I picked up some diesel from a boatyard, and during that tank full the engine was noisier (diesel knock) and gave a different smell from the exhaust (not very technical, I know.) On filling up with fresh diesel form elsewhere, normal service was resumed. Another time my (Vetus) engine sounded like a bag of spanners was when i lowered it 5mm for a new gearbox.The casting around the starter was touching the engine bearer. Have the engine mounts sagged? Have you checked the alignment on this engine/propshaft and what kind of stern gland is it? Those Vetus ones can make a noise when the alignment is out, and the shaft taps against the stern tube.
  3. Good to see that democracy is alive and kicking.
  4. The end of May is nigh.
  5. Horses for courses. Nothing against pump outs, but for our situation a pump out would be about as useful as an ash tray on a motorbike.
  6. Just an update in case it helps others in the future: I contacted Thetford as suggested, though their answer was inconclusive. Midland Chandlers were very helpful and advised me that the old 365 series cassettes won't fit the newer 365 Qube. Even more disappointing is that allegedly you can't buy spare cassettes for the newer 365 Qube, and would presumably need to buy a compete second unit to have a spare cassette.
  7. That's a goodun Something else to try
  8. I tend to agree that it has become a farce, is costing billions, and the uncertainty in which we find ourselves has (probably) become more financially harmful than either remaining or leaving could ever be. Despite what we were told (easiest deal in history blah blah), the government simply have not prepared for this. It is almost as though someone has looked at the parliamentary calendar and said "FFS! It's that Brexit thing next week! Quick! look busy!" .......then went on freaking holiday! The rest is history, but not necessarily the easiest. I never trusted our government to do a proper job; they are too busy feathering their own nests. I will go as far as to say that Brexit could have even been OK had we had decent government. Where is Baldrick when we need him?
  9. I think you are moving into a conspiracy theory now Tim..
  10. Did I ever travel in one? I owned a Reliant Supervan Mk3 for a while! (only had a full bike licence then.) It was same model as Del Boy's but green instead of yellow. Despite the bad winter we were suffering, I felt much safer on me bike. Roads were in much better nick then so didn't encounter many pot holes, though I imagine it would be a nightmare now. The little Reliant engine was good though, often used in a racing single seater class, and many trikes on the road. I once knew of a boat with a Reliant engine driving through an "Ocean" Z drive.
  11. I had heard that Reliant three wheelers are going back into production under the new name of "Breliant."
  12. I believe they could be Caldwell's of Wigan windows. If so they sell all of the seal replacements. https://caldwellswindows.co.uk/
  13. Likewise. I thought it was really smart.
  14. Also (may have already been said,) I have found over the years that the water in the calorifier heats a great deal more quickly if the engine is kept slightly above idle when moored.
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