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  1. Some 40 years ago my then neighbour bought n almost new Ford Crapi, not sure of the details, but it was the engine known for wearing the camshaft at an alarmimg rate. He used STP in each oil change (largely because he got it for free from work) and the camshaft never went on his car. Might be luck of the draw? I don't know.
  2. Like it. I imagine a match would work if sanded to a point? A guy in our marina used a pencil to keep a boat afloat, whilst another took his prop shaft out in the water to decide it was not a good idea as the water gushed in. Seems the plastic case that used to come with a 35mm camera film was a perfect fit and saved the day.
  3. I suspect that is true. Most kids have moved on (as kids do) and silver surfers appear to be the biggest users of FB these days.
  4. Really? Not what I am seeing. From where I stand, the government that promised you the earth has screwed you over big time. Had I voted leave (a possibility at one point) I would be gutted.
  5. Pretty certain that the Euro Car Parts chain sell K Seal.
  6. I've heard good things about K Seal: https://www.thompsonsltd.co.uk/products/k-seal-k-seal-automotive-car-head-gasket-coolant-leak-repair-one-stop-multi-purpose-236ml.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6cHoBRDdARIsADiTTzZ3uNcYybOrzwKF7HqEeGSKZYqpiqeFQdgwa4EZFs3jR2Jm1ld6JKsaApXJEALw_wcB Available at many motor factors I believe. From my own experience with a coolant leak, I had no luck with trying to seal from the outside, owing to the pressure involved.
  7. Similar outlook to myself. It's a strange world. I recall when plastic bags were introduced to save trees. Our old mum used to take her shopping bags/trolley and put the food in them, using them week in and week out for years. Strange idea.
  8. That's a new one! I wonder what the logic is behind that? Those things that you lower in and leave to soak up water are said to be good, but never used them myself.
  9. Doubtful to be honest. Three very big suppliers of Calor near our mooring where charging between 28 and 29 quid when we were there a few weeks ago, whlist one a couple of miles away was charging 35 quid. The most I ever paid over the winter was 40 odd quid at a local garage (run out of gas on a Sunday.)
  10. I noticed this at Venetian, excellent price. I have paid 35 quid elsewhere at times.
  11. There is probably an argument for the cyclist to carry compulsory liability insurance, but there is probably an argument for the pedestrian to carry same. Nobody would police it after a while.
  12. Yes I eat Manchester tart myself and love it. I have consumed it for the best part of 64 years. Your point being?
  13. You keep kidding yourself fella.
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