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  1. I my days as a wage-slave I've looked at and turned down several proposals for "nuclear batteries". They have a very niche market (space etc) where money is no object. If you calculate how much energy as heat output is available in e.g. Sellafield, it's a problem to get rid of but rather miniscule if you want to divvy it up into batteries, before any practical problems are considered.
  2. Canalplan is patchy and the naming is erratic. (e.g. last time I looked, Reims wasn't there). Best source is to join the DBA (barges.org) and use their downloadable waterways guides which are actively maintained by members. They give the latest info on moorings, fuel etc. The Catre Fluvial series are good but eye-wateringly expensive. There's a similar big atlas for Belgium (de rouck geocart voies navigables Belges) which covers the whole country but that was well over 50€ (I think quite a lot over) .
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Onewheeler


    https://www.calor.co.uk/gas-bottles/retailers https://www.flogas.co.uk/stockists You're welcome.
  5. Both the engine and the Webasto get our water hot enough for a shower or washing up in about twenty minutes. Roughly an hour from either to get to the tank being more or less fully up to temperature.
  6. If they could be an aid to visually impaired steerers [1], maybe guide logs for the blind? [1] including steerers who may have overstayed in the pub, a discussion of which elsewhere lead to the question being asked.
  7. Bridges (I'm thinking the G&S here but doubtless elsewhere) often have floating timbers leading to the opening, presumably to guide badly steered boats into the hole. Is there a proper name for these?
  8. I find it's easier to run it without the ash pan in it and just shovel ash out into a stainless oven dish kept under the front for the purpose. It will go for a couple of days if necessary without emptying. Simple is better! Riddling with a poker is no great bother, I've got one with a bent end (best not ask) which is handy for a gentle poke underneath the grate - if the fire is low it gives less risk of putting it out.
  9. Nope, they come in all sorts of voltage. The only thing one can say with confidence about yours is that they are > 12 V. The controller regulates the voltage to maximise the output from the panels under any conditions of illumination and to match the battery demand. It's basically a fancy invertor. Mixing panels of substantially different Voc may destroy one of both sets, and is unlikely to be better than one set alone.
  10. I'd have thought that most domestic thermostatic shower controllers would be OK on a header tank unless specifically designed only for higher pressure, and even then they'd be good down to 1 bar or so. Worth checking the rating though.
  11. It's likely to be ext3. There are utilities to read these on Windows, whether effectively I don't know.
  12. Bloody Vikings get everywhere!
  13. I've never needed a tool to separate them. Fingers do the job! You just need to know where to squeeze!
  14. Especially if you want steel with a low radiation content. I used to have a couple of tons of steel that had been recovered from Scapa Flow as shielding for environmental radiation measurements.
  15. Although I have a cratch cover, I've always put tape over the outside of the drain holes for rough water, reasoning that if water gets in over the top, it will push the tape off.
  16. I use an ancient washing machine on a cold wash from a 1 kW invertor. No problems, in the summer the solar replenishes very quickly.
  17. To the above I'd add make sure that your fuel tank is full to the brim to minimise the risk of stirring up sediment, tape over orifices like well deck drains, cratch cover on if possible to stop water getting into the well deck, VHF radio and know how to use it. You'll need long mooring lines for Sharpness and Bristol. Your insurer may have an opinion and want an extra premium. Have we put you off yet?
  18. See advice on the GHT website. https://gloucesterharbourtrustees.org.uk/leisure-craft/
  19. A photo of the well deck and cabin door arrangements would help. If too low, you're in danger of water entering the cabin. Don't forget that you could easily get an extra few hundred kg on the front deck if a few "large" visitors got on board (self-loading ballast). In my opinion, whoever did the overplating has some responsibility for ensuring that the ballasting is OK (morally if not contractually). Where in Oxford are you? I'd come and have a look, but we're not supposed to visit our boat in Oxford under current restrictions.
  20. Other genders or orientations are available!
  21. Head in front of the exhaust, dangling from the gunwhales. Or a number 2 all over.
  22. Glos Rowing Club diverted the towpath (not far) around their new slipway on the G&S (well, new ten years ago). A lot of trail boaters objected to the concept of cranes when we ran their festival on the Stroudwater, but we had to lift a few when the temporary slipway fell apart.
  23. Yes, the bayonet fitting holding the two halves together failed on mine, dumping 250 L into the bilge. The better ones screw together. If you do replace it, try to save the little blue clip on the old one as they are well fragile and cost more than you might think as spares.
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