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  1. Interesting. I was only thinking in general terms because it seemed a good idea. I know they're not cheap and there'd be tech issues surrounding it.
  2. Thanks to everybody replying on this. I've got a couple of interesting options to look at now so I have somewhere to go. Thanks again.
  3. I'll give them a look. Sounds like I could make that work. And I'll give whale a ring although they replaced the first one as 'broken' so I'm not confident. Cheers.
  4. Just a little incidental here. Has anyone else, as I have, been thinking about L ion batteries as used in electric/hybrid cars? Dry cells, you can part charge, and you can discharge really deeply without damaging. At least that's what it seems to me. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks. That appears to be what we've got from shureflo and whale. Shurflo, the casing leaked and then the motor refused to cut out, and both whales the motor became intermittent (refusing to start) before finally giving out entirely. Very disappointing. It seems as if they're just shabby. I sure wouldn't expect, say, a central heating pump to fail even in ten years. Tbh I wouldn't mind paying more for something better made.
  6. Hi folks. Not been here for a while but I'm struggling yet again with fresh water pumps. Our third in less than seven years is on its way out. I've tried shureflo and whale neither lasts more than a couple of years. Can anybody recommend one that will. I'm a liveaboard so obviously they get reasonably heavy use but even so, they just don't seem up to the job. Any help would be good. Cheers
  7. Anyone know where I can get wheels and transmission fitted? And when are they going to tarmac the canal bed? cheers. nigel
  8. Sorry, just found it. thanks in advance but all sorted now. Hey folks. I just found out that I dont have a phone number for Julie on Lactodorum the coal boat that runs up the G.U from Stoke Bruerne. Can anybody help me here? If you can could you p.m. me with the number? cheers v much nigel edit to apologise for my stupiditude
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Something to consider. You can sometimes (more often than you might expect) you can visit an apparently small and local supplier but it is actually a subsidiary company of a large builders merchant. Won't say who but their name rhymes with mavis jerkins. So be careful, find out who the real owner is. And re bead and butt moulding, I agree, it really does look good. only an opinion of course, feel free to disagree. Best of luck with your search. cheers nigel
  13. hi folks. I have heard from a couple of different people this summer that the Narrowboat is pricey. one showed me the menu, interesting but a touch steep. I will, however, second the Red Lion at Kislingbury - went in for first time in years last autumn and pretty impressed. cheers. by gad sir but it's windy! nigel
  14. nearby Greek restaurant? I believe there has been talk over the years of creating a link through to Warwick, I wonder if anything will ever come of it. cheers nigel
  15. spot on there. a long expedition by boat. it can be the best ever. learning about your boat and a journey to be proud of too. enjoy, your first trip will never happen again. cheers nigel
  16. hi we moved aboard a year and a fortnight ago. if you have half the joy from it that we have then you will never regret it. best - life - ever! enjoy! nigel
  17. ahh! of course. and depending how deeply they hibernate it might account for the snake situation too. cheers nigel
  18. okay, it's ovation boat services. based in Leicestershire, but mobile and BSS examiner too. he comes up with a quick google. when i spoke to him he seemed like a guy who actually wants to do business, rather than the other one i tried who seemed like they really didn't want to be bothered with all these tiresome boaters calling wanting work done. anyhow, there you go. i'm planning the roast/baked/multi pan/grilled (yes, all of those) dinner as i sit here. my dreams are haunted by the food i have been missing. sorry, must go and dowse myself in cold water cheers all nigel gods, it's good to be back online!
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. just to let you people know. i'm all sorted now - arranged with an engineer to install at a reasonable price etc. cheers nigel
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. hi funny really, a couple of years ago we were swatting kingfishers away like flies, picking them out of our hair, scraping them off our windows. but hardly seen more than half a dozen this year. what's happened to them? snakes too, only one so far this year. cheers nigel
  23. Hmmmm. think i will have to have a chat with my mate. bearing in mind the estimate i just got back i think it's going to need to be a DIY job. won't say how much but more than the cooker cost new - significantly more. wonder why; gold plated pipe maybe? they suggest minimum of £200 for parts alone. thanks for the discussion though, it's suggested other possibilities. cheers nigel
  24. hi folks i need a gas safe engineer to install my LPG pipework etc. can anybody recommend someone in the south northants/north bucks area? come on people, who have you used, who is good, are you an engineer, are you free after 20th july 2011? getting fed up with sandwiches, salads and take-aways and to be honest i suspect the weather is a tad warm for stove-top casseroles! i begin to crave roasted things, pies, baked spuds. HELLLP! cheers nigel
  25. hi people i have heard that this is the origin of the pirates eye-patch, and that few pirates/sailors actually had an eye missing. apparently the idea was, when on watch at night, to cover one eye with a patch and then if you had to go below into a lighted cabin or something you could swap the patch to the other eye when you came out. you thus had an eye with fully acclimatised night vision when on watch again. it certainly works, i've used it too. cheers nigel of course, this may all be b/s so...
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