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  1. It,s finished but sadly not by me! I sold it to the boatyard who were prepared to put their name to it so that was nice, my health declined and there wasnt much prospect of me getting it done so that was that. I still dream of building a miniture "shortboat" there is one about but I cant find the pictures anymore. There was a video about the guy who has it but I think it was on one of the other forums and my cognitive's are in reverse I doubt I will ever get one built now but thats life. Stuart
  2. Still got a big hug for you B if we ever meet again Stuart
  3. Thanks all, and yes I dont get in much now but we are both ok, nice to hear from old friends and your wishes are much appreciated Stuart (old shaky)
  4. Done! Not my usual tipple being aircooled but made an offer and got lucky, Thanks Mike keep em coming
  5. They are the same as an engine I tried to identify some months ago on here , Thanks
  6. When I built my shell I used one of these never tripped once and made a man out of a boy! http://www.cromwell.co.uk/GYS8801650D
  7. Hello Ange if you click on the link and scroll down to "what readers say Lee101 appears to be able to speak to Doug Moore and you may get your answers there. http://www.waterwaysworld.com/questionspost.cgi?post=52 Regards Stuart [Hope you are all well]
  8. Rob, my dear friend, I dont post on here much nowadays but pop in from time to time. I am only now aware of your recent loss and can only repeat what others have said. I have gained much from sharing the various negatives that life has thrown at us this last few years and found comfort from my friends on here, you included. You are very much a caring person and Charlotte too, with her and your immediate family you have a network of support that will help you all get through this. Regards matey and heres to better times ahead Stuart
  9. I have had comunication with Tony at various times, and found him very tolerant and rational, however he is very much of my stamp and doesnt suffer fools lightly. There are those who seem oblivious to thier terse and insensitive comments but are quick to take umbridge when they recieve a return volley. I for one have plenty of time for Tony at least you can deal with someone who shoots from the hip and doesnt say one thing when meaning another
  10. Nat west has mega interests in both Greece and Spain, maybe its nothing though
  11. Well done!!! is that gardener all youd hoped for? I was within a few miles of you the other day {Frodsham ish} but hadnt realised thats where we were headed!!
  12. There have been many reincarnations of the p3 as well you will know oh knowledgable one did you make it to the regatta
  13. Looks like a p3 Chris And isnt the symbol on the filter a perkins one [yes I know it doesnt mean its a perky but it increases the odds
  14. After an initial reading of the article and subsequent comments there seems to be a proactive stance, time and user abuse will no doubt tarnish enthusiasm if not properly managed. Hello Martin oops
  15. Allow me http://www.scottishcanals.co.uk/property--regeneration/living-on-the-water-
  16. Many many happies mush, hope C is spoiling you, Stuart
  17. Chris, as the poster of the sentiment in question, and as I like to think I often agree with you when others fail to see your intelectual clarity, I have sadly to submit to your criticism, but I am dissapointed in your accusation of it being shameful, as there was in my opinion, more than a slim chance of my supposition being on the mark. My reference to the moonphaze being tongue in cheek, the subtifuge being wasted now. I am an infrequent poster nowadays as my ilness is affecting my clarity of thought, on this sad note I am bowing out and hope no offence has been taken overall as my contributions I,d hoped would add a light hearted and mischevious aspect to the forum, Best wishes to all Stuart
  18. Certainly not you Barry, I seem to be too obtuse when replying to anything where you are involved. I hold you in high regard so anything from now on should be taken as high jinks and matey banter hope thats clear!!! Not intentionally, although it is something that crops up, when I give my opinions in everyday life people often think I,m taking the water but I am often trying to compliment them. Ive learnt to live with it!!!!!!!!1 I console myself with the fact that people ar emore used to negative comments and competition than someone giving compliments and responding positivly. [sad or what]
  19. Already been said do keep up Gracey
  20. Or yet another stating of the bleedin obvious in a very patronising manner
  21. Primer for sealing and to folrm a barrier [in theory] Undercoat for build and ultimately finished texture Topcoat for finished colour sheen level and resistance to the enviroment. Missing out the primer isxnt the end of the world it can be simplified by sealing any knots only with primer or knotting as these are the only real area for concern. hope that helps
  22. Time of the month [as in full moon] and time of evening [as in alchohol] and hey presto run for your lives
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