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  1. I would go for it being a PR stunt, I would say that most of the public will think white is a greener alternative to red, and I bet they talk about bio-diesel at the same time.
  2. The pub at Sheperton is a “Vintage Inn” chain pub I think, but we had a decent enough meal there when we moored outside. I bet it does get busy when the weather is nice.
  3. I remember her well, so sorry to hear of your loss
  4. What CRT are not letting on about is why the close the whole North Stratford, if they Bridge at Hockley Heath is ker put then fine but why all this other malarkey, like locking off Shirley lift bridge.
  5. The common travel area between the UK and Ireland predates the EU, so not sure what it has to do with them. But if Ireland is really shutting its borders then at lest those that were going to the match should be able to claim on their travel insurance, it 5he Irish will got allow Italians to travel there. I don’t think we will be so lucky I bet it is you either throw it away or go anyway.
  6. Agreed, back there in the summer, I have even splashed out on a gold licence this year.
  7. A free 14 days accommodation, your not selling it. It will be interesting how Ireland handle this, they are going to basically have to close their borders, as you would think given the money is spent many Italians are going to travel to Dublin anyway even if the cancel the match. And given they are in a common travel area with the UK, can they even do that. Interesting times.
  8. It does not seem to be totally clear if Ireland Italy match has been cancelled, or that there is just a call that it should be. We are due to travel to Rome in a couple of weeks for the England Italy match, and it is looking as though we could possibly loose a couple of grand which is anoying, as I don't see any way the UK government is going to ban flights to Italy as they have not banned flights to China yet, so travel insurance is not going to payout if you cancel. If the match does not go ahead I assume we get the match ticket price back, but that will be all, we will still have to pay for the flights and hotel etc. A real bummer.
  9. I have tried asking CRT on a Twitter what’s going on, but there are not explaining. There has to be more to this than the Hocley Heath bridge if they have locked out Shirley liftbridge. There a quite a few long term mooring between those two locations, and it seems they are all now trapped.
  10. I would have driven by you about an hour ago! It’s a bit nuts, you would think that the stoppage notice would explain what is going on, as clearly it is more than the Hockley Heath bridge that is an issue. If you do end up reversing again to turn round watch out with the winding hole just past the railway, it looks massive, but you will probably ground the bow when it not that far in. I had less than 10ft to spare with the bow grounded (50ft boat) last time I used it.
  11. But but you can’t do that, the canal is closed all the way to King Norton.
  12. It may be possible but I doubt easy, I have used it quite a few times (50ft boat) but I doubt that winding hole sees much use at all and it is shallow and not overly large.
  13. They way it was, was that Wigrams was all live aboards and Ventnor was strictly on living aboard. We once shared Calcutt locks with a couple who had been thrown out of Ventnor for staying on the boat in the marina while they had building work done at home. They do seem to like their rules at Ventnor, I seem to remember something about needing to move the boat onto the towpath to do work, but don’t remember the details.
  14. I think you have missed the point of some of the charges at Calcutt. They don’t charge moorers for elsan and rubish that is the charge for passing boats at the wharf. We have been at Calcutt for 10 years, it works well for us, very helpful staff, all the parts you want on site and they can do any repairs if that’s what you want. We looked at Ventnor and Wigrams as well. They were more expensive then than Calcutt, even compared to Meadows marina at Calcutt which is the most expensive of their two basins.
  15. john6767

    Hatton Locks

    The notice does not say there is a fault with the stop lock, only the lift bridge. Even it there is an issue with the stop lock, there is 10 miles or so of canal between the two locations. There are many stoppages with a lot less distance than that between that the are shown as two distinct stoppages. As you say you can cruise along it between the two points, but if you obey that stoppage notice then you can move in that section.
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