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  1. Came across this Reg Barnett tray, a bargain for £9.99. Very pleased. Terence
  2. is that the honda rated at 1600watts? cheers
  3. Hi All. Bit of help needed here. I have a 1000w Karcher Multipurpose Vac. A max 1000w Generator (Clarke). The Genni trips when Vac is turned on. I dont know what the initial power surge from the vac is, but it is this that trips the genni. I'm looking to buy a larger Generator. Problem is at what size? would a 2.8kw Genni cope or do i have to go even higher (this becomes a cost problem now). Has anyone used an aqua vac from a generator? Many thanks in advance. Terence
  4. Hi Martyn. The house has only been on the market for 5 days, fingers crossed. Yes still keeping the boat. I love it, but had quite a few offers for him though. Have to book it in for a black bottom very soon. cheers, Terence
  5. Hi all. Just to give you an update. The police have now closed the case but will re-open if further information can be found. They arrested a chap (since let go with no charge) who gave them some information of who he bought his items from. “A tall skinny man with messy dark hair, driving a battered long wheel base, white transit type van” (funny as our ex-tenant is a tall skinny man with dark messy hair and drives a battered white van). The police said there was not enough information to take it further. I have been driving from up north to car boots in and around the Coventry area (100miles each way) with no luck; many thanks to Chris and Jonathan for the information on Long Ichington Car Boot, “Two women selling canalware from a stall” (which coincidentally is how our other ex-tenant makes her living car boots. She’s in her forties slender with fair hair). I did call the organisers of the event but due to weather it was called off. The Car Boot is on Wednesdays at 12 o-clock. Chris, if you have any details of the person who bought the items that would be helpful (i.e. boat name etc.). That’s about it. I will keep looking and if anyone hears anything I would be most grateful if you could let me know. Of the 250 items stolen only 3 have been returned thanks to the people who bought them. Many thanks. On a separate note, we are selling our house and mooring in Braunston. You can find the details in the FORSALE & WANTED section of the forum, once it has been cleared by the moderators. Terence.
  6. Mary P on the forum spotted one of my 3gallon Cans on ebay. Police informed and the outcome was that the Seller had bought them at a car boot sale in Stonley on the 8th of June. They said that he will be interviewed for more information about the car boot seller. Both Cans are being returned. It's a start. The jugs from limekiln are legit. Many thanks. Terence
  7. Thank you to all who have passed on their kind words of support. An update of sorts. After speaking with the police at great lengths, they have now informed me there is nothing more they can do. I was told if I can bring them good hard evidence then they will re-look at the theft. I always thought the way to get evidence is to investigate but clearly not. I can’t say much as the things I want to say will probably get me into trouble. Although I personally am convinced who has done this theft. If I could just ask if everyone could still keep their eyes and ears alert that would be great, and if anyone may have seen anything untoward at the house (3 Willoughby Cottages, near Braunston Junction next to Midland Chandlers) early May please let me know. Just the slightest thing may help. Thanks once again. Terence
  8. Hi Everyone. Just a short update. I met with the Police at our house in Braunston, it seems that the garden side door of the building where the stock was stored had been leavered open. This very tidy theif then closed the door put a garden table back against it with chairs around. The Officer did notice that the summer house and Shed (which are both full of our soon to be non tenants belongings) were untouched. We believe that the items could possibly be in the Coventry area. Thanks once again to all that have helped spread the word. Terence
  9. We have our suspicions so can't really say much at the moment. will be meeting with the police at the property today and I'll post any more news I have later. Could I just say thank you to everyone for all your comments and concerns. Along with Facebook and Twitter I have been a little overwelmed with the reponse. Thank you once again. Terence
  10. Here is a picture of the items. The 3 Gallon cans no longer have the triangle side hinge, just the standard like on the 2 gallon
  11. All the stock was blank bare metal. I will post a picture soon of the items. thanks all.
  12. Hi all. Hoping for a little help from everyone (Hope this is the right section of the forum for this). Coming to the point, all of my stock has been stolen from our property in Braunston. 3, 2 and 1 gallon Buckby Cans (Water Cans), about 30 of the 1 gallon and about 10 each of the 2&3 gallon cans, 20 Hand bowls, 8 Horse Nose Tins, 40 Small Jugs, 40 Tall Jugs and 10-20 Small & Large Milk Cans. There was also Masthead lamps plus numerous other things. I have an idea who the culprit is but without proof. If people could keep an ear to the ground and an eye open that would be great. I have contacted the police and the incident number is 289 (15-05-14) so if anyone is able to help simply contact myself on 07534316784 or contact Northamptonshire Police on 03000 111 222 quoting the reference number. A very sad day for me and has kind of put me off wanting to continue painting any more. Many thanks to everyone. Terence
  13. I remember some time ago when Dave Moore left Resolute moored at the bottom of our garden in Braunston. Chrissie and I just happen to be sat in the summerhouse when we heard two chaps chatting as they sailed past. “Just look at that boat all shiny and new, it’s obviously never been anywhere and I bet the people are yuppies”. I felt so proud, me a yuppie, and I’m sure Dave would be proud that his hard work hadn’t been in vain. Oh hum. Terence
  14. Thank you for that, as churchward said it would be very welcome.
  15. We are deeply saddened to confirm the museums manager David Henderson passed away at the weekend. A huge loss of a dear friend and colleague. Our thoughts are with his family & friends. Terence
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