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  1. The one above Calcutt has no name visible, it's just 2 pack primer grey the other one that skunks around there in and out of Dunchurch Pools has its name on the not so pointy end as well as the rear panels.
  2. It will depend on whether you are low, medium or high users of electricity, what other generating capacity you have, and how large your battery bank is(along with what type). Many other factors such as what roof space(narrow or widebeam), where moored, or CCing, etc etc
  3. Everyone who uses the Braunston to Napton stretch(with a jink up towards Barby knows this boat well....3 years it's been pottering around this stretch, only once seen it above Braunston locks.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Day 1, have a blue sky meeting with boaters. Day 2, extend my 1 week contract to 3 years and get rid of Parry. Day 3, arrange with Sustrans that all towpath improvements must be done with traditional methods in mind, ie, cobbles. Day 4, ban 50 foot Carp poles from the canals, and charge fishermen a separate licence fee for the massive trolleys they use. Day 5, Develop meaningful relationships with all relevant user groups...boaters and err Day 6 and 7, Work the weekend answering the 0303404040 number and astound the boating public that someone actually knows where a certain lock or canal is, and then send someone out to fix the problem, not just wrap it in tape for eternity.
  6. The wier is still there, and a listed structure.
  7. The galley is a fantastic idea and concept, unfortunately, there are lots of unfinished bits on the boat which is why it's gone private sale rather than brokerage. I dont think the price is far off though, lovely boat.
  8. I thought that was Yngwie Malmsteens pet name.
  9. You shouldn't use a filter that size with a Webasto, use the filter designed for it. It will cause issues with fuel flow.
  10. Weren't they the ones who took 27 episodes just to leave the marina....
  11. We've had a 2nd BP in this week called Willow, in pretty much original BP red/blue(the other Willow was green)
  12. Just wait until Toad Hall, a 14ft x65 or 70 ft widebeam comes over the top, caused chaos around here today.
  13. Try Dean, Bow to Stern...hasnt stopped fitting solar this year, or Mark, Weedon Narrowboat Services.
  14. I think CRT have given up, or cant cope with the number of new boat owners that either dont know the rules, or dont even know you need a licence. There is a CC boat nearby that has been in the same location for 20 months, the owner hasnt lived on board for 14 months, has visited twice, and lives in Norfolk, it's still there. The boat next to it was at the final stage of enforcement for lack of movement 2 years ago when it took a CRT mooring, was then kicked off following a rat infestation of rubbish bags dumped down bank and has now sat without moving opposite the CRT moorings and has taken over the bank and towpath as it's own private storage/rubbish space. Another non working engine plastic boat has now joined them, collecting branches for daily fire pits on towpath. The boat was supposed to be travelling to the bottom end of the K&A, its moved 2 miles from purchase location and hasnt moved since. There are many more buying boats either privately or from brokerages which dont have a clue about either what are supposed to be the rules, licences, or fear of enforcement. CRT announced in their early years a collaboration with brokerages to make sure every new owner had a welcome and information pack stating CRT rules and guidelines This was never followed through, with blue signs the holy grail.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. We had an interesting gear box leak this week, owners said that they had topped it up and it had emptied in hours. They left the boat on Saturday. We couldnt feel or see any oil leak on Monday so emptied engine sump, put down clean pads, filled it and ...still couldnt see any leak. Ran it up, and eventually saw some ATF oil on a nut on the Isuzu engine top. One of the engine mounts was very loose, meaning more than usual vibration, heat exchanger not mounted, just sat on a bracket, who's nut had worn through the outer jacket.
  18. For hair?, I know you didnt have a lot up top, but Mrs Hound had a fine bob.
  19. If it doesnt wobble too much and your engine air vents dont look in danger of being swamped....probably... AlandEnf will now appear with the PLA report into the overplated Springer which sank crossing the Thames as everyone stood at the back.
  20. Reg retired, Tarquin has currently been waiting for Glascote bottom lock to fill for 2 days.
  21. 65m long and 7.2m wide, might struggle through the Napton flight.
  22. It should be OK, it's what my back cabin has on top. Ideally, an undercoat would be first, but several coats of paddle will do. I was pushed for time so the roof had less attention than the sides, but it has lasted well.
  23. White Heather.. today...purring along.
  24. The BCN challenges and North Oxford past Dunchurch Fat Pond are all Norf of Watford Gap.
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