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  1. Ditto. I even have a little battery powered toy one, which saves lugging the beast around.
  2. Yes, exactly. Those are the bits that require lots of anodes.
  3. As I was driving back from the supermarket earlier I had exactly the same thought. It has to be something odd about the waveform. I wonder if any of our London based members can help out? Hondas usually give a very good and clean output so the genny could have a faulty inverter board.
  4. Fully covered in Alan’s second paragraph.
  5. I was thinking that. Obviously not read James Herriot either.
  6. That's exactly what was going through my mind. They showed a photo of the water running down the gunwales of the adjacent boat like it was something special; the gates were leaky... so?
  7. What location? Kinver Canopies get good reviews but there are many others around the country. https://www.kinvercanopies.co.uk
  8. Was there any such danger? We only have her slightly hysterical report that the boat was about to sink. I presume that by ‘through holes’ she means scuppers?
  9. If you have a laptop you can buy a 'snake' camera with a USB plug on one end for about a tenner.
  10. According to his profile: Elanora, Queensland, Australia You could always consider doing similar. HVLP spray guns are available for around $80 AU.
  11. Agreed, but I doubt it will be because it doesn’t sound as impressive as I'm licensed by the Canal & River Trust to move boats using trade plates (useful, if your boat is currently on another waterway authority or is, as yet, unlicensed.)
  12. Just a wild thought... do you have other gas appliances like a hob? Does that perform normally? It’s just with the ‘noisy’ comment I wondered if your regulator could be failing. Unlikely in the extreme but thought I’d ask.
  13. Oh indeed. Farmers aren’t noted for their propensity to give stuff away Not even space.
  14. Blame the Deutsches Institut für Normung...
  15. I think that most farmers could find a space to park a narrowboat if asked.
  16. Do what we did on our 26 year old house - replace them with maintenance-free UPVC. Also, like other posters, we have replaced our windows, doors front and back, kitchen, bathroom x 2.5, boiler, several rads, and lounge gas fire. And spent thousands on decorating, fancy floors etc.
  17. It’ll take a lot less than 16 years for all the manufacturers to have electric options right across their ranges, it’s virtually there now. Interestingly, I was reading an article about the Jag E-Pace recently. I wasn’t aware that one of the bigger problems that manufacturers have is limiting the performance of electric vehicles. Jaguar were saying they could easily produce the ‘fastest SUV in the world’ tomorrow if they wanted, and had already done so with an experimental vehicle. However, they had zero intention of doing so for a number of reasons. Firstly, 0-60 in 2 seconds is pointless. Secondly, it wouldn’t be long before one of their customers killed themselves. Thirdly, once you’ve dragged your eyeballs out from the back of their sockets the novelty would soon wear off. Fourthly, someone else would soon produce a vehicle that was a teensy bit faster, etc etc. Instead they’re concentrating on a comfortable drive with good range and ‘adequate’ performance.
  18. Do you not have professional decorator suppliers anywhere? What paint do the pros use?
  19. Sounds like a GasSafe Bod making up his own rules as he goes along. Please ask him for the BSS checkpoint for any of his assertions. For instance ‘a bayonet fitting is a big no on boats’ is directly contrary to the BSS clause I posted a few days ago. And there’s nothing in the BSS about date of manufacture. I think he’s mixing up RCD regulations with what’s actually required by the BSS. There’s nothing wrong with following current RCD regs, they’re very good, but they’re not ‘requirements’. Or perhaps as a GasSafe registered installer he ‘has’ to follow RCD guidance? Anybody know?
  20. How big is your garden? A neighbour of ours fitted out his narrowboat over a couple of years in his back garden. It did involve a very large crane to lift it over the house twice though (no access to the rear).
  21. That SoC reading will always be a lie. 13.07V proves it; simply ignore it. However, for it to be complaining of low voltage when it's seeing 13+V on its input does suggest a fault. Perhaps disconnecting it and reconnecting it (the old switch-it-off-and-on-again trick) might reset it?
  22. This isn’t going to be hugely helpful because I can’t remember the details but someone ( @Alan de Enfield? ) recently mentioned a new model of Webasto (?) that functions just like a domestic boiler. You just set the thermostat and it switches on and off as required to keep the heat where you want it. Whoever it was will probably be along in the morning.
  23. Yes, that's the general idea with fridges...
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