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  1. Help needed - do you know someone who can professionally wire in a 12v fridge into a narrowboat preferably in the Stoke on Trent or Macclesfield area? It's not a job I can undertake. Advice much appreciated.
  2. That's really useful information - many thanks. I never thought about the land costs - just construction, but that makes perfect sense. I just wondered why these locks were around 60 feet in length? Somewhat shorter than other narrow and broad canals. Do you think it was to accommodate a certain type of boat then?
  3. Okay - one other question referring to both the Huddersfield Narrow and Broad Canal. Why would a canal company build shorter locks - like they did on the broad canal at 57.5ft long? Would they have modeled the lock size around the size of their boats - or did they do it to make it difficult for competitors boats/routes?
  4. Anyone know the lock number of the highest lock on the Huddersfield Narrow? Thanks.
  5. I'm trying to avoid/delay a full re-paint. Any suggestions to spruce up some flat paintwork? Are there any specific oils, varnishes or polishes that's best for this job? Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for the link - those mini stoves do look interesting!
  7. Yes it's Osney Venture. The bottom of the galley window is a real mess. While the boat looks in good order - the paneling looks rotten and needs replacing, I think it's been leaking for some time. I'm getting a quote as I think the window would need removing and refitting and resealing etc.
  8. I've had a look on their boats for sale - and not on the website?
  9. I've just heard back from the seller. The boat did originally have an Attwood heater but it was condemned and removed. There's still the trunking in place.
  10. Thanks for this info, really helpful! - yes I'm really surprised there's no heating at all. It does have another issue. There's serious damp below the front windows and it's wrecked paneling - so I'd need to sort this out. Have you ever had a problem like this? The boat in question is on Apollo Duck at 22k. Thanks again!
  11. I'm exploring a compact Sea Otter 26 narrowboat as it'd be ideal for our leisure cruising needs. However the one I'm looking at hasn't got heating, which is kind of putting me off. Fitting a stove wouldn't really be possible as I need to keep a 3 berth layout and there's no room. Is it possible to retro-fit Webasto heating or something similar without messing the interior - and is it expensive? Or is there an alternative that I'm not thinking of ?? - (besides extra blankets and jumpers).
  12. i've left my car in this lay-by many times - no problems Does anyone have the contact details for the farmer/landowner who is in charge of the linear moorings in Shackerstone on the Ashby? Thanks
  13. i've left my car in this lay-by many times - no problems
  14. No it's within a council owned park. But the area is vast, you need to know where you're looking.
  15. Cruised past The Otter pub just south of Kegworth today at 1pm and there was a considerable police presence with forensics. Air Ambulance took off. Was told a body had been discovered in the river - anyone know anymore details?
  16. The Narrow Boat episode will be broadcast again nationwide on Saturday 14th October at 8pm on BBC2
  17. The narrow boat episode will currently be broadcast on Saturday 14th October 8pm nationally on BBC2. However it will first go out regionally on BBC1 East Midlands (Sky Channel 960) this Friday 29th at 7.30pm. Other regions will broadcast other episodes (different boats) in the same slot. The whole series will be available on Iplayer from September 30th. Enjoy!
  18. larrysanders


  19. Hi, anyone moored here over a weekend. I believe it's next to some student flats... is it noisy ?? Can you usually find a mooring? Thanks.
  20. Tried Ray already - very busy !
  21. Can't get the amount of time off work.
  22. Hi, I need to move my Viking 23ft cruiser by road. Can you suggest someone who could move it? I'm in the East Midlands... Many thanks, !
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