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  1. What length is she... are you pleased with her?
  2. Hi, i'm in search of our family boat and I'm interested in one built by Price Fallows, it's fitted out elsewhere. Just wondered if anyone owns one now or previously owned one as I've not heard of this company before...
  3. That's incredible 11k off the asking price... I have found one boat i like although the owner is being totally unrealistic with the price, I've been told (by other boaters) it's been on the market for 18 months which makes me thinks there's something wrong with it... or it's massively overpriced!!
  4. thanks for that... i'm looking at thier website right now. it's strange because when buying a secondhand car there's a set market value.. with narrow boats prices vary dramatically - and some brokers appear much more pricey than others.. !
  5. Indeed secondhand... I've been looking on Apolloduck and numerous brokers. Are there any other big websites for Narrowboats sales? I did think about getting another Springer! It's finding the right one.
  6. Hi all.. sorry if this topic has come up before. I've just sold my faithful Springer Waterbug which I've had for several years to upgrade to something bigger. I'm now spending many hours searching the net for a new purchase... but what.. and where from? How long is a piece of string I know... but has anyone seen a good buy in recent weeks?? What we need: 3 berth, shower, hot water, reliable engine, and a valid BSC. Trad or cruiser... Thanks for any suggestions!!
  7. I was speaking to the chap who runs the gift shop 'the shed' at the terminus.. he said they'd had problems with local farmers and land purchases. maybe this delayed things.. or maybe it's down to the cost....!??! Will we ever see it connect to Conkers...?
  8. same here... my honda on the waterbug was brilliant! even started in depths of winters after being cold for weeks it started.. i was really surprised when he went on about how thirsty 15hip was. on the waterbug we bought a big jerry can and chained to the front of the boat when doing the leicester ring... topping it up just twice!
  9. sounds ok then... what was your boat and would it make a big difference pushing a small narrowboat along? it was while i was viewing the boat a helpful boater 'warned me' about the petrol consumption!?!
  10. Hi I'm thinking of buying a 30ft narrowboat with a Honda 15hp outboard on the back. I've been told it's a very thirsty engine. I did have a Springer Waterbug with an old 9.9hp Honda... and that was fine.. Any thoughts, anyone? PS 'Hello to all' as I've just joined!!
  11. I recently read in Waterways World that work's started on extending the Ashby Canal at Snarestone. The first stage will extend the Ashby by 100 yards. Anyone know how long before the rest of the work starts to Measham - which is the next stage I presume?
  12. that review was just brilliant and very informative. all the points i too picked up on when viewing the 30ft'er. many thanks for that!! one other thing; has anyone got experience of the honda 15hp outboard engine?? it said in steve's review that it only had a petrol tank on the boat big enough for 3-4 hours cruising. when viewing i looked at the tank and it seemed fairly big. this seems very thirsty indeed? i had a springer waterbug with an old 9.9 honda engine and that was quite economical as long as you didn't push it too hard. would the 15hp engine have to work that much harde
  13. I'm thinking of buying a budget narrowboat which was fitted out by Ken Yates in 2004. It's a 30ft with a Honda outboard 15hp on the back. Any advice or thoughts, pros and cons? would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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