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  1. Glad to hear that.. if you wouldn't mind trying IE in a day or so and letting me know? I've had reports that it's working for most others and it seems to be working for me too (on Windows 7 - yuk!) You can log directly onto the forum using canalforum.co.uk in the future, which may make it easier for you. In the future if you have any issues at all, just go to HERE to get in touch with us - you don't need to be logged and it is not a part of the forum so this area should always be available and working regardless of forum issues. Carl, send the crew an email (http://www.justcanals.co.uk/contact/forum.htm) and they'll look into it and hopefully fix your account for you. I'm off to hide again go study a bit for my sim check. Ps. Thanks to the mods for allowing me to deal with a member on here... I appreciate it and have given them links to our contact page for the future as you can see!
  2. Well I am having no problems on Safari and Chrome and other members are posting (yes, believe it or not) so looks like it may be an issue at your end. Have you tried using all the domain version? JustCanals.co.uk and JustCanals.com as it may make a difference and has solved other users issues before. A reset as in the in-built password reset that you can do when you forget your password? If it doesn't work go to http://www.justcanals.co.uk/contact/, use the forum form and someone will sort it out for you.
  3. I wasn't actually aware it had happened over there and thus apologise for that.
  4. Actually I just changed what I said Carl, but you replied too quickly. I didn't mean particularly this thread, just in the posts in general and the recent waterway ranking arguments. I just think there are more important things in life. The reason I joined in this thread was to deal with a query about the workings of JustCanals with IE seeing as I actually have the time while i'm on a bit of leave. And when was the last time you saw me posting about how we're nicer than another forum? I hardly have time to even look at the forums these days. Like I said Carl, more important things..
  5. It works for the people who use it, and frankly, that is all I care about. I don't really mind if 1 person uses it or 50, if they enjoy it, then its fine by me and I don't really see the need or benefit of you quoting facts to prove a somewhat pointless point.
  6. www.canalforum.co.uk

  7. Website Name: JustCanals Website URL: CanalForum.co.uk Website Description: A new and direct way of accessing the JustCanals forum Any other comments:A nice place to be.
  8. I am aware of one or two members have issues using IE, and I am looking into it. If anyone continues to have issues, use the other websites contact page to let us know. P.s For a life / hobby which is so laid back, a lot of people seem to give too much time and effort into arguing over who is best.
  9. AHH, Deja vu - oh no, just on the "other" forum too Very very good, i'm impressed!
  10. That's a bit mental! Great detective work Allan!
  11. Or if a tyre is floating in there.. the boat comes to a stop altogether! Fun times!
  12. No headless horseman.. just a handsome host
  13. Is it actually melting now?
  14. Allan, One of the JC members contacted me and pointed me over to this thread. The link was removed due it only being your only post on JC and you should have asked one of the crew before posting a link. Anyway, I have read through the thread and understand why you want to draw attention to the article so please feel free to post the link back onto the JC website. Best place to put it is either the boating news or links to external website section. Happy cruising, Sam
  15. Edited out. Don't think I should reply really. I just want to put my appologies across to Carl. I did not mean to offend anyone by expressing the opinion.
  16. Havn't heard of any in this part of the world. (I'm on the Dorset / Somerset border) but then again.. I havn't looked! Might be due to our seemingly large lack of canals in these parts!
  17. I will deffo be partaking in this. I can't believe some of the reactions from members on this forum. Do you all have something to hide?
  18. Sam


    Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with people. I just wish people would realise how many other people can see what they're saying...
  19. Sam

    The opportunist

    How is that funny?
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