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  1. Hi Cath - well that's a wonderful piece of news and I hope you get loads of fum from either boat for many more years. You've worked hard for this so now's the time to play hard!! Enjoy
  2. Wonderful news - well done to all involved!
  3. Seems from your earliest comments that you've been reading 'other forums' and beliveing. I wonder which? Since you've now found the only forum which truly works, helps and sarcs yer fooing head off then I trust you'll listen to the boaters in here ?
  4. You are, indeed, a very fortunate person then!
  5. I'm finding it quite difficult to read the mid grey print on pale grey ground. Is there a way to enhance the definition? Like can I see in black and white pretty please?
  6. Foxy - thanks for posting the pics - I loved the Millie pics. Sorry for the delay here in acknowledging but that blessed LURGY is no respecter of anyone!! I've been laid low for several days. So it's deffo NOT the cake! Glad you all had a good time.
  7. Nice meeting you :D

  8. I so agree that you're getting the best care and treatments, and thank goodness for that. Here's some virtual grapes, and get well soon!
  9. http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/history.html I do hope this works. Was sent to me by a friend and I love it!
  10. I don't know the place personally, but have seen so many great entries on blogs for Maureen's help etc to boaters of all sorts . I wish the best to the new home owners and hope thye continue to post here.
  11. Sounds great, well done. Steady steps towards full recovery.
  12. seems I cant send a pm. Never sent anything offensive, but would like to know waht I said wrong? Sue

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