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  1. How does writing about a past experience make me sound sorry for myself? There is nothing in what i say that is melancholy or depressing just the reality and realisation that when ideas and oppurtunities present themselves as in jim's case follow them through, I did not do this for whatever reason, which is why i found the post powerful so much so that i joined the forum to add my reply. I have never joined any forum prior to this one, and this is partly due to wanting to liveafloat. The "past informs the present "the present" informs us of the future. History has and does show us there are things in the past that we regret, however i do appreciate the experiences life introduces me to and enjoy my journey through them, the good the bad and the ugly! We all should learn from our past mistakes. Some of those mistakes are regrettable!! I hope to be very soon taking my chances with purchasing a liveaboard although there is alot of saving and research to do which i am enjoying immensely, truly i wish for serendipity to be a regular friend on this part of my new journey and life focus.When i have purchased my new home it would be good to meet if and when possible. I have much to learn but i am enjoying the education already just through writing on this forum. I would like to ask you a few questions Tam, do you know of the cheapest moorings nearest to London north or south? Do you know who to book the best Helmsmans course with? Do i need to post these questions on a different site/page? Thankyou Osho
  2. I am brand new to this site and actually joined due to being impressed with your views on materialism and the complete madness of living to service a huge," deathly load" meaning of "mortgage".I am currently looking at the possibility of living afloat also. Interestingly some 20 years ago i was in the position to purchase a luxemotor barge from 'boats and planes monthly' for £8000 98ft it needed some work and had a mooring on the Thames the Pimlico side of Battersea. The mother of my sons would not be convinced of living afloat subsequently, i reluctantly abandoned the idea and purchased bricks and mortar which i lost everything on when the relationship concluded. The idea i had initially had was raising my sons on the water to understand a wider perspective on and about life, nature, navigation ,the moon stars tides etc.If you are able to Jim youmake the necessary changes to your life and enjoy whatever the outcome maybe as it cannot be much worse than the situation you are currently in. Life is temporary so obtain as many different experiences as possible before you pass onto the etheric realm. I only wish i had stuck to my initial vision 20 years ago. Although Im sure there are downsides to living afloat this is the case in many of lifes offerings. My sons are now 18 and 19 my daughter is 21 and i truly feel they missed out on such a different life shaping experience.I hope you find what you need and go ahead with making your thoughts into reality.Again it is was beautiful to read your heart felt sentiments. Enjoy L.I.F.E.: Learning Is For Ever!!!! I hope we get to meet its not often i read such sensible commentary. Osho
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