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  1. Bit of a heads-up regarding buying CALB cells: Watch out for fraudulent lifepo4 200ah new a grade calb cells Seems some are not new - scuffed, swollen, reduced capacity. Let's be careful out there.
  2. ABC have "Dream maker" (521402) - £70k. Not on their website yet. Lying at King's Orchard. Semi-trad.
  3. Is that a red wire connected to the negative? Gotta be wrong if so. Is it just the temperature sensor, so could well be fine. Those terminals need a good clean.
  4. The K&A is fed at that point by the Froxfield Feeder, so water supply is not an issue from there to the Thames.
  5. For me, it's now a caravan show, albeit floating ones.
  6. Also, check the price of a new base engine: http://en.locator.engine.kubota.co.jp/map#Europe. Mostly, the dealers are very helpful. It's unlikely, I'd say, that the Beta bits are broke and for the money spent you get a brand new engine. Give the dealer your serial number, on the block below the injector pump, and they'll quote you. A new head gasket might be £80 shipped. Check the price for your engine. That's a lot of water for a blown gasket, as has been said. My guess would be fresh water from a sinking (cruiser stern?). If you are a badass (like Carol, late of Festival Park) you can test it by tasting. Otherwise take samples of the water/oil and coolant and freeze them. Higher tech solutions - probably.
  7. Rowington Embankment on the GU, perhaps.
  8. You've checked the starter battery right? Seems it's been idle for some years.
  9. Might not be quite your size by the sound of it; but these can be handy on top of a skin tank: 1/2'' BSP Automatic Brass Bottle Air Release Vent Valve for Heater Radiator DN15. Proof read by a human.
  10. The blockage could be anywhere between the bowl and the outside air. This includes the vent pipe which could be blocked or obstructed. I wouldn't recommend stuffing sharp objects down the bowl. There are rubber hoses that are easily pierced. When Barry Wren fitted mine he said: "Use cheap toilet paper".
  11. Probably your best bet is to find and cover the external vent to the tank; cover it with something that can't be sucked in. Then pump out once more; this will cause air to be drawn through the toilet and through the non-return valve, clearing the blockage. Once this has happened, suck some buckets of water through the toilet for good measure. My Tecma has operated faultlessly for 20 years. I obey the instructions.
  12. King's Orchard and Streethay Wharf are both near LTV.
  13. https://shop.tnorrismarine.co.uk/ possibly?
  14. From his website on the free and open internet.
  15. 25% electric discount applies to boats with a permanent, inboard, electric motor.
  16. BW bins should be treated, contractwise, like domestic dustbins. It's virtually certain that every bin ever collected by their contractors contains bio-hazardous waste; simply because there is no alternative facility available. Disposable: incontinence products, sanitary products, birth control items; will all be in there. If Waterways have a contract for only non-hazardous waste in the red bins, then that is where the problem lies.
  17. Latest FW is: RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5. It's reassuring the the device is still supported after all this time. Obviously Teltonika hasn't caught with modern business practice.
  18. If it's just condensation it'll be gone in the spring, once the canal water heat up a little.
  19. I'd check the internal components of the transformer are securely mounted. That's a loud hum!
  20. Shurgard on the Uxbridge Road in Hayes is right by the canal and ha[sd] a mooring and gate to the offside of the canal.
  21. Search for "ATS switch" at your favourite online retailer. Prices begin at £30ish.
  22. The tagline for Premium Bonds used to be "Win a million pounds or your money back!" . Currently they are paying 1% (on average) tax free. When I knew a lot about Lotto, the payout was 50% prizes, ~25% good causes, ~25% Camelot and the retailers. Figures may have changed.
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