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  1. Mine is for sale at the moment, and seems to fit the bill. It's actually 56'1"x10'6", (which maximises the width allowed in band 2 of the new widebeam charges and still fits in the northern locks). I have cruised it extensively in the northern canals, from Liverpool to Leeds, York, Rochdale, Newark and Nottingham. Apolloduck Link 3D Tour
  2. Grifter


  3. Do you have a controller with the facility to read fault codes? If you have the 701 controller, see Operating Instructions for how to read them. I found a service cured my similar symptoms after various issues.
  4. I've got a leak from the exhaust of my engine, from a collar between two muffler boxes that has been welded in the past. The weld is bad - just little patches of pigeon **** - but I can't really grind and re-weld as there's no space, and don't have suitable power. So... I'm looking for some kind of sealant. I think the putty would sit in the fillet of the joint and would be liable to blow off with the vibrations over time. Does anyone know of anything that would be a bit more "searching" and would work its way into the joint a bit more?Cheers,Joe
  5. Thanks for the responses. Job done! The paint had been on for 5 days. Tape was on for just less than a day and came off fine. Pressing the tape on with a credit card is a good tip, and left a good clean edge.
  6. How long would you leave new paint before applying masking tape on top of it? I’m going to paint some coach lines and have had good success with frog tape in the past. It’ll have to be on for 24 hours as i’ll be doing two coats. The paint is Epifanes Yatch Enamel. Don’t want to pull it off when I remove the tape. Cheers, Joe
  7. The reduction box is 2:1 as prop shaft speed is the same as cam shaft speed when in forwards (measured with a laser tachometer). My query is because prop shaft speed is about 20% lower than cam shaft speed when it's in reverse, and I'm wondering whether it is meant to be or whether the clutch is slipping.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the ratio in reverse is 1:1? Or have an exploded view where I can count the teeth?
  9. Yes, I had a slowly rising oil level. It would rise an inch over the course of a few months, so it must have been a very slow fuel leak. I took off the fuel pump cover and watched with the engine running but I couldn't see anything. There was splats of oil going everywhere, and it's dark and cramped down there, so I could have missed it. After that, I decided to clean the cylinder fins and have the injectors serviced so I took most of the fuel lines off anyway. I've run the engine for a few hours since and haven't seen the level come up. If it does come up eventually, I'll have another look now I know what I'm dealing with. Good luck. Ah well. The cylinders are both stamped with HSR, which made me think it was an HSR, having seen the document here... http://www.marineengine.co.uk/Recognising%20Lister%20Air%20Cooled%20Engines.pdf which mentions high speed SRs.
  10. I'm moored there at the moment and the boat behind me has a ticket on it. I've seen plenty of others too. I wonder if you need explicit permission? Could it be that the land is owned by the county council, but the water is still C&RT owned?
  11. Cheers bizzard. I'll have a go tonight. A couple of pictures, in case it is useful to anyone else.
  12. Ok, for that I'll need to draw the operating shaft across so that the rollers are clear of the rockers, but I can't move the shaft at the moment. Having removed the set screw from the casing, should it be free to move when in forwards, or neutral perhaps?
  13. A couple of questions about my gearbox, which I suspect is slipping in reverse. Firstly, is the gear ratio the same in forwards and reverse? I measured the prop shaft speed with a laser tachometer and it rotates about 20% slower in reverse than in forwards, in which case it has the same speed as the camshaft. If it is slipping, do I need to adjust the roller that acts on the rockers in the gearbox? How do I know how much? I took the cover plate off and removed the screw from the keyway to try to slide the operating lever across but it won't budge. It feels like there is a lot of force on the rollers preventing any movement. I tried all lever positions. Have I missed something? Cheers, Joe
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