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Chris Williams

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    Boat Safety Examiner and Gas Installer
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  1. Hi - has any one any idea what surface area would be required to correctly run a Lister JP4, thanks
  2. Hi - if want to know who did your last boat safety you can ring the boat safety office and they will tell you, 01923 201278. If you call me or text me the boat index number and boat name I should also be able to tell you. If you need a copy the boat safety office can issue you a duplicate. The last time I organized one for a customer the boat safety office charged £40.00 plus vat. The examiner who carried out the boat safety should be able to provide you with a copy. Please note however the copy the examiner has is the second carbon copy and it does not copy very well. Also, depending on how long ago the examination was the examiners copy may take time to get and the examiner may also wish to charge for providing the copy. Regards Chris Williams 07963 974793
  3. Hi - assuming you have first considered alternative methods I would fit the Rinnai. As well being physical smaller than the Morco you will should find the water and gas connections are in similar positions. The Rinnai is slightly more expansive but does appear a more robust unit. The KW capacity is about the same. It will pass the BSS. The BSS only checks for, Gas tightness, Clean/good flame pattern and a smoke test to check the draw of flue. If it fails the smoke test you still get the certificate but also a warning notice. A touchy subject, but if not already aware these water heaters do not comply with the gas regulations and should never be fitted as a new installation. They can be fitted as replacement providing no alternative forms of heating can be used and then only if following manufacture instructions. Regards Chris
  4. The BSS does not cover all that is required for correct gas installation and testing and it is clear that it should not be used as a build standard. As well as many other points how does the BSS tell you what size pipework to use and when testing how does it tell you if the pipe work is correctly sized or not. Although it should not be encourage it I guess for many just complying with the minimum standards of the BSS and winging the rest will do. What a way to carry on! Regards Chris
  5. Hi – the flexible hose in your gas locker is probably marked BS 3212 type 2. Gas regulations do not allow hose of this type to be over 1 metre in length. It’s probably best that you seek advice from a registered marine gas installer and have any gas work undertaken by such a person. Regards Chris Williams. Marine Gas Installer and Boat Safety Examiner.
  6. Hi - two thoughts. Do you have any other boats near you that could be causing the problem? Can't remember the figure but a high percentage of CO can come from boats around you. Do you have any batteries near to the CO detector? I have known the hydrogen that comes of the batteries to set CO detectors of. Especially over night when you have all the doors shut. You seem to have tested it. Have no idea of your location but I can test it properly for you if you like. Regards Chris Williams.
  7. Hi Tony What can I say! Regards Chris Williams
  8. Hi - assuming it is a complete steel locker that is going to be made make sure the locker is no larger than the bottle(s). This way you will not need to add any other substance as you have made the free volume below the drain as small as possible. If you do have space you can fill it with blue solid engineering bricks or a product called vermiculite. www.vermiculite.net Hope this helps Regards Chris Williams
  9. Hi - strictly following the rules your boat safety examiner should require sight of the flexible and should need to see the tag to check the spec. Although if the examiner is experienced he/she will be able to tell just by looking at the flex. Either the hob or oven will need to be removed and if screwed in which it should be strictly for a number of reasons it is for the boat owner to do the un-screwing. If the hob is the 4000/2 and you un-screw this plastic cover caps will never again look as good again so go for un-screwing the oven. You might consider cutting in the cabinet side an inspection panel which often greatly helps the inspection process. Gas regulations which on this subject the BSS follows checks for the condition of the hose. This is impossible to do with braided hose which you say you have. The gas regulations has a recommendation that any flexible gets changed every 5 years. The date used in the UK is date of manufacture and no allowance is made for shelf life. The BSS has no check for date either as a condition or advice check. If the hob and oven is the 4000/2 and GG7000 and you check the installation instructions it will tell you that both HAVE to be installed using solid pipe work. No flexible being allowed. Hope this helps, regards Chris Williams
  10. Boat Safety Examiner / Chris Williams / Ovation Boat Services www.ovationboatservices.co.uk For the last six years Chris has been undertaking Boat Safety Examinations and LPG gas work on boats. Chris undertakes Boat Safety Examinations on all types of boats including live aboard or residential. Gas work includes installation, repair and certificates. Annual Land Lord checks for Hire Boats also being included. The area covered by Ovation Boats Services is broadly the Midlands with a focus around Braunston, Leicester and Nottingham. Main base is Sileby near Loughborough where Chris has lived on the water for the last 10 years on Ex GUCC working butty Moon with partner Marie. Chris has been involved in the inland waterways from school, when from the age of 15 he enjoyed a number of canal holidays. After leaving school, Chris was a part-time boatman for London Borough of Hillingdon Youth and Community Services for a number of years, before owning a number of boats of differing styles, and extensively travelling the inland canal and river network. Until 2008, Chris owned the ex-working narrow boat "Skylark", taking her back to full working boat trim following extensive restoration. During this time he delivered several commercial loads with "Skylark", most notable was the transportation of cobblestones for Chris Coburn of Lee Sanitation, as seen on the Carlton TV series "Water world" and often repeated on Sky Discovery channel. For the last couple of years Chris has owned a 36 feet water travel tug named Chug. Due to refurbishment it has not been out much. Hopefully this will change during 2010. Main land line number is 01509 812225 although the mobile is often the best way to contact me 07963 974793 and not forgetting email off course, chris@ovationboatservices.co.uk
  11. Hi - the inland boating world is still very much using imperial pipe and fittings. Any good boat chandler will have imperial pipe and fittings in stock. Most metric pipe I see on boats has come from building suppliers and is meant for central hesting systems. Central heating pipe does not comply with gas regulations and is therefore not suitable. You should have your gas sytem and bubble tester fitted by a CORGI registered installer. Regards Chris
  12. Hi - calor gas web site gives some good pointers, www.calor.co.uk but does not I think mention pipe sizing. Pipe sizing is a calculation between pipe work run and the KW rating of the appliance. With each bend or joint adding extra length to the total. You should probably get someone qualified in to do the job or at least get them along to inform you on how best to do it. Regards Chris
  13. Hi - not sure if you still have problems with youre water heater. Had you considered contacting a qualified gas installer. Would you pull your own teeth. Your local boat yard should I would have thought been able to point in the right direction. Regards Chris.
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