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  1. The Twechar and Bonnybridge bridges will finally be repaired by mid April. I got caught on the wrong side of the bonnybridge one tonight. Road closures in place this week 20.00 to 06.00 with more to follow.
  2. OMG. I haven't worked on Detroit Diesels for years. Or what about EMDs then? Another piece of brilliant American engineering. NOT!!!!
  3. If memory serves correctly, the pump out charge 2 years ago was £15. The only disadvantage was that the poo boat had a capacity for approx 300 lts whereas my tanks are 400 Ltd but that was a minor detail. Also interesting to know that he sells diesel too.
  4. colinjw

    stern covers

    Try Staffordshire Canopies. Tim and his wife operate a mobile measuring and fitting service. I had mine measured in Stratford on Avon and fitted on the Staffs & Worcs. a few days later. Colin
  5. Hi Jim, We did the Liverpool link last year and had a whale of a time. BW met us at bridge 9 (I think that was the one) and operated the swing/lift bridges for us. We were the only boat going to Liverpool that day. The BW lads tell you that they will meet you at the next bridge and they are there to meet you. The only advisable place to tie up is at Litherland services where you can top up with water and empty Elsans (I think). Then you can carry on into the city. Please do not shout at me for getting the "no mooring" wrong.....lol We left just before the Matthew St. Festival (poor homework on my part!) but we will be back sometime when we can be there for the festival. Colin
  6. We had an almost identical scenario last year on the Staffs & Worcs. I was working the lock and my wife was driving the boat (I do let her sometimes.....lol). The lady?? concermed accused me of stealing the lock and went into a tirade of inconsiderate boaters. As I passed her boat which was being held in by her hubby and the centre rope, I asked if his wife was at that time of month?.....lol My wife brought our boat past his and she wished him a very cheery "Good afternoon" and as we looked round we saw his wife closing the lock gate even before their boat had gone into it. Her hubby was shouting, shaking his head and generally being VERY frustrated.....lol. This has kept us amused during the winter. Unfortunately, we never noted the name of their boat in case we ever met them again.
  7. ps. The meter for socket 2 on the electricity pillar between berths S16 and S17 is stuck so whoever gets there first can enjoy free electricity! We were on S17. Pearly, we were on that pontoon in August last year and had free lecky for 8 days.....lol. We were the only boat going in and out of Liverpool on our days and the BW lads were brill. The only thing we messed up with was that we had to leave just before the Matthew Street Festival. Had we known it was on, we would have changed our timetable. Overall a great time was had by my wife and I including a visit to the Cavern.
  8. That was the idea of things in a very early "Vital Spark" episode but being Scotsmen, they used small stones instead of coal.
  9. colinjw

    Isuzu 1.9

    I am sure my engine is 1900 cc. (Isuzu), is not turbo-charged and is 38 h.p. The engine is about 7 years old.
  10. Hi there, I have a water tank gauge (from Mid Service Centre) which plumbs into the pump suction side. The only piece of surgery required is to chop the water pipe before the pump and fit the level sensor. Their phone no. is: 0121 354 5552. The whole thing worked very well till this past winter when during the deep freeze, the sender unit packed up but it has just been returned after repair. I have not refitted the sender yet as the boat is 240 miles away. Hope this helps. Colin p.s. Their advert is usually in "Waterways World"
  11. Another thing about Bancroft Basin is the ease of shopping. WHAT?? I hear you ask but go to Morrisons supermarket in town and they deliver right to the bow of the boat. We did this a few years ago and it worked brilliantly provided there is a mobile phone on the boat. (Who doesn't have one now?) It save aching arms and sore fingers from carrying loads of shopping.
  12. Hi cosy, We don't care how crazy or otherwise folk appear, we always wave back......lol If you see us in August you will be guarenteed a wave back. Happy waving. Colin
  13. Whoopee! I got the confirmation email from BW Wigan today and we are booked in at bridge 9 on 18th. Aug. and will be there 8 days. We have loads of friends in Birkenhead where I used to live so no doubt there will be a beer or three enjoyed in Salthouse Dock. We intend to do the 4 counties ring ACW this year, we did it CW last year on our way to Liverpool but we never made it past Scarisbrick due to a family bereavement. So here's hoping this year. If you see us on the cut, give a wave. I usually fly the Lion Rampant from the tiller. Happy boating. Colin
  14. Hi sueb, Thanks for that. It's just that I'm in West Africa waiting to join my ship and I thought it might save a bit of hassle once I get home. At least I should have a few days before we start cruising to get one. Colin
  15. Ian B, Are you sure that electric cards are available from the yellow duck folk? We are going in Aug. just waiting for the reply from BW and it would certainly be useful to get a card from them. Colin
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