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  1. Cabin Strings

    After our conversation earlier Peter I pm'd the poster..expect a call from them
  2. Cabin Strings

    I found it very hard to find instruction on how to make cabin strings. There is very little out there. Knots for the Cut...................Ben Selfe.........................Cabin Strings
  3. OTLEY

    Are you going back to wood gunwales ? Yes,from back bulkhead forrad. Corollas in for gunnels too. Perhaps we should buy a tree between us!
  4. OTLEY

    'I would have thought side cloths could be attached to steel gunwales by clamping them down with steel strip (instead of the wooden battens on wooden gunwales), but the best way of holding down the steel strip I would need some advice on. The 'ringoles' could be welded in place above and below the steel gunwales at the normal intervals as has been done on a few other boats.' Side cloths pinned to gunnel by shaped (angled) wooden battens and secured by m/c screws tapped into box section gunnel. Staples attached to battens secure side cloth strings then as you say gunnel rings welded to box section to secure top strings. You can have mine............it's all coming off..............
  5. Northern Reaches.

    Best of luck. ........ been there and done all that 20 years ago, didn't get a T shirt though. By the way lost your mobile no. whilst submerging my phone on the way to Alvecote.
  6. Ashby Canal

    This wasn't published by the organisers of the Shackerstone Festival and there is enough room for all historic boats attending. Their words not mine
  7. Tim Having stayed in this house and cooked in that kitchen in better times may I ask about the owner? A pm reply possibly if more appropriate. Graham
  8. Some pictures from late 1970's

    A certain Mr & Mrs R.Wain I believe. Neither of them look a day older.........................................I'll collect the money next time I see you.
  9. Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering

    Oh pants................. (You shouldn't have such long legs then. Get yourself in the Stretford End next time, nobody sits down there.)
  10. Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering

    Might be next year then!!!!! Rex doesn't come on here so I think I might have got away with that.
  11. Info please on horse-drawn NB Patricia

    Just when you think you've seen everything up pops this little gem. So few visitors too it in such a long time period too. Plenty there for the historians to get their teeth into.
  12. Narrowboat rescues soldiers at Dunkirk

    God looks like your paint dock on a Monday morning By the way is that 'bombed by gerry' hat trick.............think about it or Gerry and his pacemakers obviously not peacemakers. Must put the lid back on this tin of thinners
  13. ancient boats

    Great plug :D When's the DVD out?