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  1. any photos, trees snapping like that are fairly rare and i would love a few close ups to try and work out why it snapped
  2. yup thats what i mean, it will outlast me i am sure, very solid piece of iron mongery.
  3. cough splutter i will be OK the doctor says i couldn't have breathed in too much of the red algae and believes, i might even be able to get out of bed in a few weeks cough
  4. A top bloke, could have happily spent hours chatting to him. I am now the proud owner of 2 of his mooring pins, which i plan to use to tie my springs to on my home mooring. I also have one of his boat hooks and am in need of a suitable pole anyone have any ideas where i can get something? cheer
  5. Anglo welsh at Trevor will accept any split and i think is around 89ppl, black water at Ellesmere is very very pricey over £1ppl last i heard, dont forget the garage at the bottom of Grindly brook, always good value for its red.
  6. don't worry about me pud................cough, splutter i will be fine...............................wracking cough just happy your engine is ok........................faints.
  7. we did have a chat about this but what berry's? its the wrong time of year and she is moored under a goat willow, catkins aplenty but no berry's .greatly though i do value Bizzards sage advice, i am too much of a coward to ever follow it I am as baffled as BSP about this, it will be fascinating to find out what it is, if we ever do of course
  8. who said i was going to bugger about with it, this mornings question was merely the random thoughts of at that stage a baffled and greasy monkey. i know my limits as far as spannering is concerned, on the other hand, tree advice freely given from a position of confidence, knowledge and experience
  9. Ok gents, I have survived this mornings bilge dive and seen the red tide for my self, my conclusions are. It's not diesel, no smell at all It's not anti freeze, no sweet taste It's not vital engine fluids of any sort There are many small weeps of diesel from joints around the Eber diesel feed and fuel filter, I will try and sort those when BSP has got the filters for an engine service but nothing to worry about. The only guess I have and this is a major shot in the dark is what sort of lube, if any, is used in the rubber boot on the Aquadrive and might that have leaked? As I say it's a shot in the dark and tbh I doubt it but anyone? If I am honest I think something has got into the darkest depths of Mabel's bilge that contains some sort of red dye and this is what we are seeing, the fact that whatever it is has dried on the oil pad and not soaked in sort of points in that direction Anyway over to the more mechanical minded bods on the forum, anyone needs some questions about trees answering, I feel far more qualified for those sort of querys Cheers
  10. newly fitted eber, maybe a diesel leak? you old smoothie
  11. I like that phrase and so hope its not a typo, it brings to mind a small imp that lives in you cooker just watching the flame in case it decides to be naughty. or of course i might just need some sleep and less whisky
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. I carnt explain and how could I? All I know is my industry and how hard we work to ensure this doesn't happen. it is impossible to stop this happening, there are so many conflicting issues to consider and balance that its honestly hard to explain, in a simple post like this it's all about managing the risk and we are very good at it, despite your example. Cheers
  15. Ok i respect your opinion but i have to back out of this.
  16. they still do and in fact the industry is far better organised than it ever was, all the power companys have to employ highly skilled and qualified staff who have to work in a dangerous sector of the tree industry in what is a a dangerous job without the powerlines. in fact before privatisation it was common for the linesmen to "lop" a few branches off themselves and that was oftern the limit of the tree works. the lads are constantly assesed, retrained and monitered by the power companys. cheers
  17. not all, it will depend on the species, plus this time of year with spring sprung the tree if full of sap
  18. im sure i mentioned these two last time we met but just as a reminder, hope you enjoy
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. yup but true, its an interesting place to be in the summer i have to say
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