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  1. Yes and they can do 18miles before recharging so it says https://castlenarrowboats.co.uk/electric-boats/
  2. Can you post the link or the URL please. I'm sure a lot of people would find that most interesting.
  3. I've not had any problems in 11 years but your comment regarding a valve below it is a good one.
  4. I've two automatic air valves mounted on top at each end of my skin tank. These were fitted in 2008 when my boat was new and have never had any problems with air in the cooling system https://www.screwfix.com/p/bottle-air-vent-15mm/34359
  5. I agree, no oil company is going to produce LPG alone. They would have to destroy/dispose of the other fractions.
  6. I can assure you that Esso Fawley do produce heating oil as do all refineries. Esso is not just a brand name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fawley_Refinery
  7. You won't find it because it doesn't exist in the uk. It's just more innacuracies bounded about just like his boats performance. Between Peter and a highly qualified Esso lab bod that says it doesn't exist in the uk. Who would you believe.? Crown oils only mention low suphur 28 second heating oil, nothing about ULS 28 second heating oil.
  8. Sorry I can't find anything on the Crown oils web site that mentions ULS Kerosene. I would be most grateful if you could send the link to the relevant page please.
  9. Surely a hole filled and sealed with a bolt is no longer a hole. I read it as an open hole or crack.
  10. As the 2L2 is slow revving engine I can't think of anything that rotates fast enough to whine, apart from the alternator. The gearbox would rotate at the same speed as the engine or less. You could remove the alternator belt and see if the whine goes away.
  11. I don't see why not as long as you don't compromise the drain/vent holes.
  12. How do you get your boat to Rotherham Bio Fuels, hardly canal/riverside is it ? The original question was where to get bio diesel on the cut, so you haven't bought any whilst making any of your 1/2 day mini trips. Please send the link regarding ULS heating oil and I'll pass it on to Esso for comment.
  13. Yes I am, all diesel is now ULS including red. You still haven't answered where you get bio diesel on the cut.
  14. Flyboy

    Gear box noise

    If I were you I would compain to RCR about the shoddy servicing and keep copy of your compaint & their reply. It might be helpful to have this info. if you have any problems with your gearbox so they can fix it.
  15. 28 second heating oil is Kerosene & has a much higher sulphur content than ULS diesel. Are you saying that an Esso lab guy is wrong ?
  16. Where can you get bio diesel on the cut? If you are using kerosene in your whispergen the engine is not going to last very long, unless you're adding oil to it. I have it on good authority from a lab guy at Esso Fawley that Kerosene has a much higher sulpur content that ULS diesel. So you're not so green after all.
  17. I think Pearley meant by the Ye Olde No.3 pub. The moorings are by the waterpoint. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ye+Olde+No+3/@53.3743534,-2.4277455,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3b944a92e186c560!8m2!3d53.374763!4d-2.418347
  18. A long shot but could be that the starter motor is not disengaging ?
  19. Padlocks are an open invitation to a thief that there's nobody on board. A Yale or mortice lock isn't.
  20. Liverpool & Ellesmere Port are well worth a visit. We went to Liverpool last September & had a great week there.
  21. I hope you gave Mrs Grumpy a wave at Milton Br 18. Did you do the arm up to Leek as well as Froghall ? A shame the Miners Arms is still boarded up as it has been for a a few years now. The Caldon is great canal, we may go up there again in September. Unfortunately we can't get through Froghall tunnel but it's still a pleasant walk over the top.
  22. Try Hesford Marina http://www.hesfordmarine.com/moorings.html or Lymm Marina http://lmbs.co.uk/moorings/ Both close to Lymm.
  23. The 260D has a 3 1/2" drop.
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