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  1. You will need an Avon licence if you do that.
  2. You could remove a light fitting if you have flush mounted ones or a roof vent liner and have a look up from inside.
  3. Domestic immersion heaters generally have the high level overload fixed at 65 deg C which is why I stated in post 17 that a marine grade part should be used.
  4. If my memory serves me correct you should use a marine grade immersion heater that has a secondary overheat thermostat. This prevents the normal thermostat tripping if you run the engine at the same time. A domestic immersion heater would not be suitable if you use the engine to heat the calorifier as well.
  5. This company may be able to help with covers. https://www.kinvercanopies.co.uk/
  6. Wow, your powers of observation are incredible.
  7. It looks like the Dunkirk little ships may be scuppered by elf & safety. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6715291/Dunkirk-boats-danger-coastguard-restrictions.html
  8. We went last September. Stopped at Burscough Swing Br 33. ( short walk to The Ship ). Next day 7 hrs to Melling Br.10 . Next day 3hrs. to Litherland Tesco ( good moorings & services). 2 1/2hrs right into Salthouse dock. Enjoyed the trip but we did encounter a lot of weed around the Maghull area although CaRT were trying to clear it.
  9. My Webasto Top C is fitted with the correct air intake & exhaust silencers and is hardly noticeable when running. Too many diesel heaters are unsilenced & have very poor instalations that get them a bad name.
  10. Flyboy

    Kids on Strike

    I think a lot the kids could do with extra double English lessons if the spelling on some of their placards is anything to go by.
  11. I can confirm that the OP's location was not stated when he first posted.
  12. My prediction is that it might be sunny but there may be some rain.
  13. Stick with the Stourport ring, you will have more time to visit places of interest.
  14. No, the Lambda sensor measures the oxygen content in the exhaust gas.
  15. You're quite right, I stand corrected. The picture I saw in the press on the day of the accident was of the turboprop version, so probably a stock picture.
  16. This particular aircraft has a Pratt & Whitney PT 6a turboprop engine and therefore has no carburetter to ice up.
  17. You may find this useful :- http://www.canalandriversidepubs.co.uk/
  18. It will take approx. 1 hr. to get to Tardebigge top lock, It is not advisable to moor in the lock flight as the locks are close together and the water level may go down overnight. My advice would be to go the other way and have a lock free run into Birmingham. This will also give you the chance to get used to the boat handing if this this is your first time on a narrowboat. It takes about 4hrs from Alvechurch right into the centre of Birmingham where there are plenty of moorings. I suggest your first stop is at Hopwood (1hr from Alvechurch) where you can dine at the Hopwood House Inn which is canalside. If you want to go a bit further you can securely moor at Bourneville (2 1/2 hrs from Alvechurch). It is not advisable to moor anywhere else on the run into Birmingham. I suggest you get a copy of Pearsons Canal Companion '"Stourport Ring " guide.
  19. Am I missiing something here ? The last time I went through the Severn locks they were all 250 feet X 30 feet.
  20. Have another look , it's plain to see. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Widebeam-canal-boat-70x12-9-with-transferrable-Limehouse-London-Marina-mooring/153338449537?hash=item23b3af0e81:g:b24AAOSwLSNbXD5x
  21. How about this for a cheap boat !!!!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Widebeam-canal-boat-70x12-9-with-transferrable-Limehouse-London-Marina-mooring/153338449537?hash=item23b3af0e81:g:b24AAOSwLSNbXD5x
  22. I don't do facebook. Do you mean this one ?https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Narrow-Boat-Canal-liveaboard-Dutch-Barge-Houseboat-ECO-ELECTRIC-Narrowboat-PX/123620830291?hash=item1cc8602c53:g:P0cAAOSwu3dbt0NF
  23. The best way would be to fit a hospital silencer IMO, but whatever you do you must not exceed the maximum back pressure specified by your engine manufacturer.
  24. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GALVANIC-ISOLATOR-115V-AC-230V-AC-50A-CONTINUOUS-Made-in-UK-Model-E936/230627220329 5 KVA fault load for 20ms.
  25. Reported as it is in breach of forum rules.
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