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casper ghost

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    Vintage stuff....

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    Llangollen/Shroppie canals

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About Me

It's me..


My family have always had boats. First on the Norfolk Broads. My Dad built his first narrowboat on the drive at home and his second and current one in the back garden. I got my first when I was 19. Then in 2000 I built my own boat from scratch, I remember laying the first steel sheets in the rain.


After 20 weekends of hard work I had a sailaway on the water, then the fitting out started, this takes forever. You get to a point where it's livable and the finishing off never seems to get finished.


I'm slightly eccentric and collect anything that's really old, like motorbikes, bicycles, vintage farm machinery, almost anything..


We've just built another boat, 59 foot steel trad for my brother, he's called it 'Sleepy Hollow'. The steel was delivered 21 April 2009, boat launched 4 October 2009.


Just got my 1952 Ruston and Hornsby 2VTH into my boat (Casper) and it seems to be running ok, had a trip out to test it.


The projet to fit out a backcabin continues, it's a bit tricky.


Now bought an old Dorman 2dsm. I'll have to think what to fit it into..


That's enough about me!

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