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  1. The system certainly isn't looking too healthy up here. Unfortunately my phone wouldn't let me get far enough to see the breach was on the isolated section of the Monty.
  2. I hear the Montgomery canal is closed now due to a breach and structural failure. The system seems in a dire state..
  3. Says they are draining the section for engineers to look, but no photos or details anywhere. I guess we'll see, be quite a few boats, especially hire boats, stuck the wrong side. Casp'
  4. Any idea how serious, hope it's not months to sort it. Casp'
  5. I did my boat with KB 2 years ago, and dry docked it last week. The hull was fine, paint looked to still be on ok. It was really warm yet the hull took an age to dry and I did wonder if that was due to this paint somehow? Usually I find bubbles on the sides that are full of water, there were noticeably less, but it has only been 2 years. KB does go on very easy with a roller, though you needs loads as the paint sets on them, as it's easy it does seem like cheating somehow.. 43 foot boat, only applied below the rubbing strake, 5 litres did 5 coats.. Boat is 19 years old and I didn't find anything to worry me, hut then our family believe you can pretty much paint with anything you like, it makes no difference really, just cosmetic.. suppose to give a firm recommendation I would like to see a hull that had only ever been painted with KB.
  6. Wash your mouth out, no foul language on this site.. Casp'
  7. Sold the Dorman. The chap is going to restore it to show at vintage engine rallies.. mounting it permanently on a trailer and even running it with a propeller in a perspex box. I can't wait to see it once it's finished.. He also bought my old Armstrong Siddley AS1.
  8. Can't imagine a Prince coming for it, unless Harry is building a shell..
  9. Not on eBay yet, but I'm thinking of selling my Dormant 2DSM as it's just sitting in the garage and I can't see me building another shell, which is what I got it for.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. You could at least video the exhaust stack, like I did last week. I sit by my boat sipping tea waiting for the day a nice single cylinder pops by, only Sabbs and Yanmars so far. though I did pass a boat with a K1 many year's ago at Audlem..
  13. On my brother's HR2, we first used an old, big, fire extinguisher, but it was too loud so replaced it with a Fordson Major silencer. My Ruston has a self made silencer, which is really just a 10" diameter x 14" cylinder, it's quite loud.. I've never seen a video of your Kelvin with the boat in motion... Casp'
  14. My 2vth died... a 2vsh would be a bit big for the engine hole, and I had decided to go back to single cylinders, so the 1VSH seemed the biggest manageable engine. Parts are hard to get, but I have a spare engine.. I have a Dorman 2dsm in the garage that is fully marine and all working, also an Armstrong Siddeley AS1 in the shed.. The Dorman is physically too big for my boat, one day i'll sell it or build a shell for it..
  15. Odd that the Ruston seems so cheap in comparison. I have a spare, fully working, Ruston in the shed too. I hope to fully rebuild it and then swap it for the one in the boat, if I ever get around to it.. Casp'
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