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  1. Yes I've done that, with a picture of my boat, but as you can see above, I just get a generic silhouette against my name when I post.
  2. How can I add a picture icon against my name on postings, please?
  3. I have just today had an email from Kev Russell, Navigation Officer for the Middle Level Commissioners, confirming that "If you have a CRT Gold licence you will be covered on the Middle Level waters until January 2022. After this you will need to have a Middle Level licence for the remaining 3 months of our year or renew your CRT Gold and have a visitor licence or the new Anglian pass to use our water." So good news, at least for this year, 2021, a Gold Licence is sufficient for the Middle Level.
  4. Ah yes, but that’s facts getting in the way of the joke. The important point is to say the French words aloud.
  5. In 2013 we passed a boat, called Snowgoose. It had a French quotation under the name - "A l'eau c'est l'heure". The story goes that before the battle of Trafalgar, as was customary, the French admiral was boated over to speak to Nelson aboard The Victory, gentleman to gentleman, before the battle. As he left, he said this phrase, as was often used in the French navy, in effect meaning "The hour has come - to the water!".
  6. Hi Blackrose, Did you buy one and fit it and how are you getting on with it?
  7. I thought What a Great Idea! But the free app now costs £1.49 with no free trial.
  8. Many thanks to everybody who replied, much appreciated. Regards, Marc
  9. Hi everybody. I have booked a build slot for a new narrowboat (woohoo!), so am in the process of specifying requirements. Mobile broadband for a laptop PC is a definite, but know practically nothing about it. I would be grateful for advice, as although I'm sure this topics has been raised many times, I can't find anything current. First - do I need a PC card in the side of the PC to provide the access, or do I go for a separate router then connect to that via WiFi? Or something else? Second - does a narrowboat need an external aerial? I think reception within a steel box must be a bit compromised? Third - which mobile phone company do you recommend for internet access from canals in the midlands? Any experiences or views gratefully received. Thanks, Marc
  10. Has anyone seen the narrowboat Senior Moment recently, and if so where please? I would like to get in touch with the owner, as I am thinking of having my own boat built, and am interested in the design of the stern steps, which go down from the middle of the boat and turn to the starboard side. It looks great, but I'm wondering if this would restrict headroom and make access awkward, so would like to visit Senior Moment to have a look, if I can get in touch with her owners, and have a chat. Many thanks, Marc. You can call me on 07825 371 390
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