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  1. Hi Tony, we will reach out to them now. All the best and thank you for your guidance.
  2. Thanks for the advice Bod - really helpful! Don't at all want to invade privacy, everything we're doing is for the good, so let me take this back to the team and we'll revert in an appropriate way. All the best.
  3. Hi Tony - completely appreciate that and more than happy to provide further detail. I do have a registered email that I can contact you on if that would be sufficient. Alternatively, I will ask someone in our Management Team to contact you directly. All the best.
  4. Good moring all, I am an investigator for the charity Locate International, and am hoping to speak with someone with good knowledge of the canal boat community to help us with a missing person / unidentified person case. We are looking to learn more about a specific boat / boat type. Would anyone be open to a short email exchange to help us with learning more about this wonderful community? You can read more about our charity to ensure our validity here: www.locate.international Many thanks, Freya
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