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  1. Hello, I have a 45ft narrowboat I live on my own. I have a disability, and it's adapted to my needs, so somehow I'm fighting to keep it after receiving bad news. I had a survey done in 2019 and hull thickness was brilliant. But at the beginning of this year, I had another one that terrified me. It was found in some small places measuring 1.9mm(due to some chemicals they said). And, now, it needs urgent replating. And I'm due to blacking it too, but I don't know what to do. I don't have 15k to overplate it right now(price asked from a marina in London). And it will take at least 1 year for me to save this money. It is an old narrowboat (1974), but I really want to keep it since it's all adapted and it would be too stressful to go narrowboat hunting and adapting it again, plus the money. So I'm basically living a nightmare. I just got my breath again and started to think about solutions. Any general suggestions? I'm finally mentally prepared to start dealing with it. And I know there's not much what you could really say about it without seeing the boat out of the water. Or does anyone know who could this boat service around the Milton Keynes area or anywhere in Midlands where it could be much cheaper? I know anyone can't predict the future, and it's a stupid question probably, but do you think I'd have at least a year to save the money to repair the hull before it starts sinking? I know it can be a slow process. But anyway, just curiosity. I'm aware it's a difficult question to answer to someone without enough money to deal with it. And probably some people would suggest selling it this way(which I understand why). But I'm in a temporary money difficulty and it happened at the same time. Soon things will get better though. So that's why I'm trying to calm down and find a solution first. Thanks!! Here there are some highlights from the survey:  Base plate –6mm  Counter base – 6mm  Hull and swim sides – 5 mm. The counter sides were 6mm The readings on the transom were in the range of 1.9-4.7mm, On the base plate, UTM combined with pit depth measurement in immediate proximity, showed a very considerable metal loss, especially in the chines area. The worst examples were:  Aft chines, just forward the engine bulkhead: Station 7A – 2.7mm base plate thickness to starboard and 3.5mm to portside. Midships: Station 5 - UTM 4.3mm with 2.0mm pitting to portside and 3.1 mm plate thickness with 2.0mm pitting to starboard. Forward chines: - leak (a breach in the water tightness) to starboard.
  2. Hello, guys I recently bought 2 x 420 watts solar panels. And yesterday it was really sunny and hot, but both could only get 350watts together. I use a Victron 100/50 (with a fuse protector in case the solars would reach more than 50A). Any ideas of why that could be? I literally expected much more. At least 550 watts. Am I dreaming high? Or is it impossible to get something like that in the UK? I'm planning to test the current from both solars as soon it gets dry again. And the cables are 4mm, all installed by myself. I think that or one of the solars aren't working well or my expectations are too high for the British summer. Any thoughts?
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