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  1. Thanks. I'll pass your advice on to the new owner.
  2. Thank you. The new owner had called in a mechanic and has had the injectors removed to be dried and cleaned. Thanks for your help, in the style of all canal users coming to someone's assistance!
  3. Well now, he asked on Saturday when he asked how to set the engine up, what the printed label "REMOVE THE POT" meant. I explained you should put a plastic pot or similar on the chimney to avoid rain. I told him the time I placed a ceramic ex pate pot on the chimney, and forgot about it. The next time I fired up the engine there was a very loud BANG on the roof as the pot shot up in the air and gravity took over!
  4. Hey your a star. The new owner had that in mind but didn't want to try it without getting advice first. I'll message him and forward your comments. Many thanks. Ray
  5. Sorry but there seems to be a separate question just "floating" in the middle of nowhere with no-ones name against it 'I'll ask again, could it have got water down the exhaust?" The answer is YES there is some evidence of water on the rocker arms and a small amount in the oil channels around the top. Sorry, don't know where comments originated.
  6. Thanks for your quick response! We haven't a handle and there wasn't one when I bought it about 5 years ago. Seen a video on YouTube today of one being hand wound but the one on my former boat had the flywheel located right against to he wall. When we tried to start it on Saturday both compressor handles were in the raised position. The stopping of the flywheel/engine was a hard clunk as if something mechanically was in way of something hard, rather than the continuous whine of an engine not creating an electrical circuit and firing up, and after about half, or one flywheel rotation.
  7. Hi everyone I have just sold my narrow boat and after a good clean up the new owner attempted to start her up without joy. The batteries all recharged and oil checked we made the necessary adjustments with compression levers etc and switched it on. The flywheel kicked over about 2 spins and stopped with a definite clunk. Not the usual repeated turning over without ignition but a hard mechanical clunk. Every attempt to try again resulted in the same definite clunck. Anyone out there have an idea before ee have to call out a mechanic please? Ray Winfield
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