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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I'd say canal folk have always opposed the building of railways. And with good reason! And so it continues today.
  3. MtB


    I expect the stats show that people who park in stupid but legal places have more claims. And people who park in airport multi-story car parks.
  4. In your opinion. And the freight? Do you see no value in freeing up freight timetables on the old route, once there are fewer passenger services?
  5. Not only that but I remember a similar level of fuss and resistance to building the M25, a road which everyone loves to denigrate, yet is curiously well patronised all day and all night, every day of the year. I'm pretty sure there was uproar against the building of most major roads back in the day, the M1 and the M4 especially, although I was very young at the time. Both these roads seem to have 'bedded in' to the landscape pretty well since and are very handy for travelling long distances quickly. Once HS2 is built I shall love seeing the trains running on it from my boat. If I haven't keeled over in the interim.
  6. MtB


    Aren't all accidents always the other driver's fault? "Reading' the road, anticipating collision opportunities and driving in a manner to avoid them happening is quite a subtle skill which only truly shows up in a driver's long term accident record.
  7. Quite. ISTR reading the Trojan battery instructions and they say something to the effect of "Recharge the battery after every discharge". Utterly impractical in the real world as putting back the top 1% of charge your fridge just took out of the batteries, takes hours. And full recharging is not going to happen before the fridge needs to run again, so that instruction is rarely likely to be met on a boat in regular use, especially not a liveaboard.
  8. And of some of the these arguments being levelled against HS2 could have (and probably were) used to oppose the building of most canals. Blot on the lansdcape I bet most of them were, during and for a while after building.
  9. MtB


    CRT once asked to see my insurance certificate. I asked what prompted their request and they said they'd noticed my policy number never changed from year to year (which is correct!). So this suggests someone at CRT does actually look at the insurance details. I sent them a copy of the certificate and they were perfectly happy with that.
  10. I met her on the towpath the other day! Just to let you know she is fit and well.
  11. I was musing about that too, thenlike Tracey, decided it must have been the prow of an old Harborough or similar window smasher. When hitting a glancing blow the boat will heel over a bit, perhaps leading to the scrape changing height. Also the victim boat will heel a bit too. More puzzling though is that the striking boat must have approached at quite an angle to get the prow to hit the cabin side at all.
  12. The metal of the flange has been stretched so just pushing the door back to flat WILL result in the flange kinking. Some slots cut with a grinder prior to straightening the door will keep the flange from kinking, which can then be welded up and ground flat again after. Not a five minute job though, with the re-painting and woodwork necessary too.
  13. Everyone currently travelling on the existing line. Once they are got rid of, stacks more freight can be carried by rail on the old slow line. More capacity, see? I think that's the idea anyway.
  14. Welcome to the forum. "Poplar canal"? Is there one?
  15. MtB


    Seconded. Chuffs me off when people post without reading the conversation leading up.
  16. MtB


    Yep I see no problem doing that. I should maybe have quoted another post rather than yours. But is it worth the effort? The CCer surcharge costs buttons and you'll be trying to undercut it!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. MtB


    CRT already have a database of "approved" home moorings. You search it using the drop-down box when you update your home mooring declaration on your CRT account on line. CRT will already know the total length or number of moorings available on all approved sites as they will be billing the mooring owner for the EOG or NAA fee. I'd suggest CRT will be focusing their enquiries on boaters at moorings where more length of boat is being claimed as a home mooring than EOG or NAA fees are being paid for at that site. And also on CRT lincence holders claiming a home mooring off CRT waters, on the Thames for example.
  19. In my experience winding in a wide-looking bit of canal rarely if ever, works. Unlike a winding 'ole which is deep right up to the banks, wide bits of canal tend to be unused and shallow at the margins so one can rarely get the bow up close to the bank opposite the towpath, and the deep stern won't go past close to the towpath either. I've only ever tried this on quiet canals though!
  20. Would it matter? The hull would rise to 12Vdc potential I suppose...
  21. I was playing along by adding some more!!
  22. Or maybe you were "caring too much about minor details".... I wonder what "caring too much" means, exactly. And how should one decide which details are "minor", and which are not? If they are not "minor" then perhaps they are not details. There seems to be some tautology creeping in...
  23. It was Oakums Narrowboats IIRC. They mentioned poured concrete ballast specifically in their description of the boat up for raffle IIRC, as though it was a high quality feature and evidence of their high class of building. No mention of it on their website though, AFAICS. https://oakums.co.uk/ And here's a long thread discussing poured concrete in detail:
  24. Hopefully you've worked out that concrete block ballast is a totally different kettle of fish from poured concrete then. I'd go as far as to say *most* narrowboats have concrete block ballast (paving stones most often) and broadly its fine. Ideally it should be laid on spacers to stop any bilge water getting trapped under the blocks but there are plenty of boats without, most of them doing fine. Poured concrete is tricky as once set you can't easily move or remove it like you can with blocks, and adjusting the trim of your boat by shifting around bits of ballast is something you're highly likely to want to do, especially after changes to the interior fit-out or layout.
  25. Welcome to the forum Freya! May I enquire what you mean by this? Do you mean you intend renting this boat out? Or is it a typo for "new to boating"?
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