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  1. Make yer own. Lots of vids on youtube. I bought some elastic and a sewing kit on ebay. E.G. Although this one does seem to make heavy weather of it.
  2. You make a good case. A chat with your MP perhaps? Ah.... I think I see a problem there.....
  3. Well I'm in Wiltshire and I can't see it ANYWHERE....
  4. Me too, Ashleigh! But Shirley Knott gave me the nod....
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. I've an idea that might have just changed! A photo of the back of the alternator would be really good now.
  7. Shirley Knott....... that's gonna be in a month's time, silly!! Always has been, always will be.
  8. Except the great bustard ones, i would imagine...
  9. Aha, I'd worked out it was something to do with angiotensin II receptors but wasn't clear beyond that. Don't suppose you can remember where you read this by any chance? Maybe this explains why 79% of male deaths with C-19 had hypertension, but only 39% or the general male population over 65 has it. Or so I think I've read!
  10. Except this would only account for a higher rate of infection, not a higher death rate once infected.
  11. Thanks for the info. Point of order though, its "Johns Hopkins" University and Medicine, not John Hopkins. Dunno the origin of the name though.
  12. I remember having mine in about 1965, as did everyone else in the skool. This was in Mddx/west London
  13. You PROMISED you would tell anyone....
  14. Mandatory testing of anyone reporting illness, in fact. I can't see how it can possibly work otherwise. Even then the contact-tracing function is as good as useless as 50% of contacts would fail to self-isolate I reckon, asking "why should I, when I feel fine".... particularly those at the thick end of the spectrum.
  15. Yes exactly. This is why the app needs to report to the govt who them send someone around to enforce your isolation. No-one will bother otherwise. Unless they get paid for it, or something. Testing facilities need to be in place really, to prevent the pranksters causing havoc.
  16. Or maybe the virus just prefers a bit of peace and quiet......
  17. Yes I'm sure those wanting a refund would be the first to shout about it if their boats were hanging on their mooring lines for lack of water.
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