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  1. I suggest you listen to the radio. The pictures are so much better, they say...
  2. Yes, and please let us know if we turn out to be right
  3. The rowing eights are a PITA as Pete says. Very fast in a straight line but prone to stopping then winding their boat right in front of you. Fast at winding they are NOT.
  4. Exactly what I decided too. In fact I think holding one's course is exactly what they want you to do.
  5. As a complete layman it strikes me as daft to have been sailing around in the general path of that ship in the first place.
  6. Yes we know that, but do you have a BOAT TOO?????!!!!
  7. A different approach is to use that employed by Cereal Tiller. Bung a thermostat in/on the alternator somewhere which switches the field current (I think it was) on and off according to temperature, thereby turning the charge current on and off to prevent the machine temperature rising too high.
  8. Nope. Never been infallible. For example back in 1998 I thought I made a mistake, but it turned out I hadn't. So I was right, which meant I was wrong after all.... Errrrrr......
  9. Well I dunno if it helps but this morning, I received a PM from somebody claiming LG had actually bought a boat and pointing my scepticism about this ever happening turning out to be wrong!! Perhaps LG could confirm or deny.....
  10. in addition, it means you are not adding a further 5g or 100g of calcium dissolved in the new cooling water you add each few years, to precipitate out on the hottest surfaces in the waterways around the cylinders and combustion chambers, insulating them from the coolant.
  11. Quite. People just don't get it do they? They just focus on the fact they can buy the same soda and lime cordial in Asda for pennies and declare it "Rip off Britain" without looking any further into WHY the price needs to be high. Same happens for stuff sold as 'marine'. It is high priced because the cataloging, stock control, sales staffing costs etc remain the same but sales volumes are microscopic
  12. Not as far as I know, in fact I'd go as far as to say none in the type of alternator normally fitted in narrowboats. This point arose however on the OP's other thread about installing a proprietary Victron lithium battery bank, where the Victron lithium controller includes exactly this function, presumably to head off streams of 'busted alternator' failures from overheating. The problem being that peak rated alternator current doesn't happen for long when charging LA batts. After a few mins at peak rated output battery voltage rises a little and charge current starts slowly and progressively dropping from peak, so the alternator needs progressively less cooling. With lithium however, full rated alternator current will be sucked out of the alternator for hours on end (until charging is interrupted or there is some sort of current limiting controller fitted), for which the alternator cooling is not designed to cope.
  13. Coasty and I experienced this last weekend too. Boss geezer in there was giving a young girl member of staff a right royal dressing down over something trivial in middle of the bar in front of all the staff and customers. Highly unprofessional. And lady's bog was full of dead flies too according to Coasty. Boss geezer was walking about proudly apologising to customers about the fly infestation from the canal but he had killed them all. He just left them all over the basins and floor and toilets apparently....
  14. Me too, same as Jen. Never heard of these, thanks!! Shockingly expensive, some of the sizes. A 25mm bite ring for example is £1,639 according to your link... 🤣
  15. Just had a ten minute chat with you two on the towpath earlier, in case you were wondering who on earth I was...!!!!
  16. Are they having bells then???!!!!! Yes congrats and best wishes from me too!!!
  17. Have you added your Dutch friends' phone numbers to your phone memory, or ever called them on your mobile? FB has full access to your address book and calls too.
  18. Blimey, a gurl who understands the offside rule!! Could you explain it to me??
  19. The wifi router in my daughter's house is named "GCHQ Surveillance"....
  20. Ah missed that. In that case I'd say there is nothing wrong with engine and it is just over-propped. Power rises with the cube of the shaft speed IIRC, so a blade can work fine in most of the rev range and only overload the engine right at the top of the range.
  21. Not quite right. Rust needs OXYGEN to occur. But you're right about the baseplate being submerged so it can't happen. There is no oxygen in the water to support corrosion. If there was, the canal would probably be full of fish, wouldn't it!!
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