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  1. Not really, sounds like a nightmare property to find a decent tenant for. Rentals are a bit like boats. The property usually matches the occupier quite well. The scummy properties are occupied by the scummy tenants who don't pay the rent, grow cannabis, wreck the place, deal from there, don't pay the rent and generally make a bloody nuisance of themselves. The landlords usually match the properties too, but in a different way. I get to see a lot of rentals in this job. There are lots of decent, honest and and fair landlords renting very nice properties too, to nice decent honest tenants, and often at no higher rents than the hovels funded by housing benefit. In addition even the decent and honest benefit-funded tenants can be infuriatingly unreliable tenants, paying their rent as they get it from the council, who dick them about royally by suspending their benefits payments every time their circumstances change, (e.g. by them getting a job, or a better job, or a pay rise, or a pay cut. etc etc) so they simply cannot pay their rent on time. This is the root reason good landlords tend to shun benefits-funded tenants. Rambling off topic here really....
  2. I bet the total floor area is bigger than their boat... But must admit, those dims really ARE tiny!!
  3. And coincidentally, there is just one!!! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-83803310.html
  4. Indeed. But you may well still have bought yours from Slamanander. You said you can't remember... (Or from Salamander, even!)
  5. But thi is a silly position to take, because now (assuming they really do lift his boat, which seems unlikely on the available evidence), he will have to rent say a flat, for guess how much.... Yes, about £7k a year.
  6. Err.... Salamander sell a flue kit specifically designed for narrow boats....
  7. It seem unlikely that CRT would not have written him about nine letters explaining...
  8. Let's also not forget the reporter was probably keen to produce a 'story', so probably listened to Mr Holder's biased story and swallowed it whole thinking what a great article it would make. Then decided he ought to approach CRT 'for balance' and got the rather sketchy statement from Matthew Simmons, possibly by email. So I agree there is probably whole back story still to come out, one which might well make CRT look like highly reasonable in what they are doing!!
  9. Even so, Mr Wide Beam is getting something Para is not, so I can see why he would find this a problem.
  10. Oh and I forgot to mention the way they go to court for a court order to lift a liveaboard too. That adds another year or two to the process. I note the BBC failed mention the court order. If there is one. If there isn't, Mr and Mrs Holder are free to continue piss-taking for another couple of years.
  11. Oh I SEE!!! The MK Parks moorings are effectively free, which is what troubles Para!!
  12. But its the batteries that determine the charge current, not the alternator. Or the inadequate tension of the drive belt! (DAMHIK.) Once out of bulk charge, a 90a alternator will progressively tail off towards zero for hours on end.
  13. What is this "MK Parks" thing? Do they rent out moorings? Why is this a problem?
  14. But not in BoA, where they are entitled to live.... Yes, my K&A on line mooring costs £3,300 a year but that would not suit the tenor of the BBC article, and it is not in BoA, although a lot closer than Thames and Kennet which I suspect is not officially resi either.
  15. Not necessarily. The seller might have had the survey done to allay the fears of buyers about the 'thin' plate. Is there a link to this boat sale? I can't see one anywhere.
  16. Can anyone translate the OP into plain English please? Despite reading it several times, I have no idea what the problem is with this bloke on his widebeam having his winter mooring! Maybe its the weird text formatting but I simply can't stay with it right to the end, all in one single para. (See what I did there?)
  17. From the link: "Mr Holder said a permanent mooring could cost as much as £6,000 per year, plus the cost of a permanent licence at £1,000" So that's £7,000 a year, much the same as everyone else with a young family pays for their accommodation. What's the problem?
  18. But the flue needs otherwise, i.e. to be not close to the flammable material of a blind or curtain. There is a BS that Alan is fond of posting if you want a set of rules to follow, but in virtually every case of stove installation in a narrow boat the BS cannot be met. So by how much you decide to breach the standard becomes a matter of judgement. I'll see if I can find it for you. Edit to add: Here it is... http://www.soliftec.com/Boat Stoves 1-page.pdf And advice from BSS here: https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe/solid-fuel-stoves/new-stove-new-chimney/
  19. So why not take a screen shot of the relevant clauses and post those? We don't need all 37 pages of legislation. That would be far more help than quibbling about why PDFs may not be posted.
  20. I'm inclined to agree CRT bear a degree of blame for their extreme tardiness is applying the law. The way they bend over backwards to 'help' piss takers start 'cruising compliantly' with streams of warning letters, progressively shorter licenses, diagrams, carefully crafted 'cruising plans', meetings etc etc certainly teaches piss takers that they can get away with it for years.
  21. Yes but why does Para's granny know so much about skinning cats?
  22. Clearly true, but buyers still worry about low original build plate thicknesses, the OP being a good example. ISTR the member here "Junior" agonising about whether to buy a boat with a 6mm baseplate. He bought the boat cheaply due to the 'thin' baseplate and used it without issue for a number of years. A boat built from thin plate but still in good condition can easily turn out to be a bargain due to this effect.
  23. Never understood why anyone would need to skin a cat anyway.
  24. Yes it IS an issue, insofar as nowadays boats are built from thicker steel and people worry about thinner steel like this, meaning the boat will be less saleable and therefore lower in value than had it been say 10/6/4. This is a double-edged sword obviously, as you will have trouble selling it when the day comes, just as the current sellers probably are.
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