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  1. Which is precisely the reason Tycho hasn't sold. I'd love to buy Tycho but am not prepared to be the one to remove the ice ram. Removing it will prolly add £5-10k to the value of the boat, but it will destroy the history as you say.
  2. Depends on whether your two batteries are connected in parallel (to still deliver nominal 12V) or in series to deliver nominal 24V. They are probably in parallel in which case the answer to your question is no. Otherwise, yes.
  3. I think this gets to the heart of the issue. A heavily corroded surface cannot have all the rust removed as the surface is heavily pitted. Vactan does an excellent job in such cases. Sometimes I think the OP doesn't actually have much boating experience at all.
  4. And of course this is the exact time where Vactan comes in most useful. The areas were you can't "easily remove the rust before painting" I'll add my voice too to those who find Vactan extremely effective, and who have never seen it for sale in a chandler.
  5. There is a world of difference between: 1) Reading the reams of normative documents and understanding them, and then building in accordance with them, and 2) Copying a legitimate RCD handbook from a boat already built this way and changing all the obvious details and claiming yours therefore complies too.
  6. For you to be saying that, I suspect you've never actually read the RCD and all the normative documents referred to within. Yes the BSS is pretty straightforward but the RCD brings almost bewildering or overwhelming levels of complexity and bureaucracy to DIY building of a boat.
  7. nick’s ultimate goal is to steer the boat from his phone. That way, he can go for a cruise whilst staying at home in Aberdeen.
  8. No-one so far appears to have pointed out the sheer amount of effort you are going to expend on this, along with the money you'll have to spend on this project is going to far exceed the time and cost of fitting out a new 30ft shell, and this one will be worth one tenth of the value of a new one when you've finished. I'd scrap it now if I were you and pour your money and effort into a new one. Use this as a donor for engine and a load of other stuff.
  9. I like the brick stuck in the car's teeth....
  10. I agree. CRT should be providing special bins for responsible druggies to put their needles in so they are no longer forced by CRT's callous attitude to throw them in the canal. I'm OUTRAGED CRT don't already supply these bins, at least in the more popular drug-taking sections of canal.
  11. What diesel? Its steam powered. But yes, solar powered electrically heated boilers for the steam engine. Very practical, should work fine.
  12. Certainly is, if it's been cooked properly, all that fat dripping out....
  13. The trouble is, when you have one it never seems quite as good as the ones you remember from back in the day. Which leads one to start wondering if it was just unlucky, was was cooked too long, too short, been in the hot cabinet too long, or what? So naturally, one's thoughts turn to trying another, maybe from a different shop, or different time of day, then both...
  14. I can see you think things through but I'm not sure you fully appreciate the impact on your mobility of these two factors combined. The only ways for you to get about will be public transport (shockingly sketchy and sparse outside of city centres) or walk. May I suggest your No 2 priority when you get here (No 1 being booking a B&B) is buy and insure a car? Or if you have the spare capital, a campervan/motorhome? Once you have transport and accommodation, the pressure to buy a boat in a hurry is off. You can buy a motorhome easily, there is a motorhome centre with a selection of second hand ones to drive away in Weedon, the epicentre of where you need to be. The downside is they are expensive but one will release you from the need to keep returning to the B&B every night. Or an old car with 6 months MoT for £300 from Gumtree might be a better bet.
  15. I'm very impressed. You are annoyingly clever!!
  16. I had one of mine done in Keelblack last summer as an experiment. Its fine so far...
  17. WHAT a mess. A gas-free boat, powered by two 300W solar panels, struck me in particular.....
  18. How curious, I had a Sherpa for a number of years but I don't remember it having sliding doors!
  19. Do bear in mind that Whilton (like used car dealers) are very skilled at pricing their boats at the very top end of what the market will pay. So although you get to see a good selection, none will be a bargain and you'll be paying slightly over the odds for it. I'm not saying this is a bad thing if speed of purchase is more important to you than paying a little too much, but just thought I should point it out. If you have the time and inclination (I suspect not), some more determined hunting will be needed to find a keenly-priced boat, you won't find one in Whilton. In fact after visiting Whilton, you'll find pretty much any other boat you look at for sale will seem cheap! Do keep us informed....
  20. Thems 'turnbuckles', seeing as no-one else has said ... 🤣
  21. Whose fear is that then? I'd say this happening was on the unlikely side of impossible.
  22. I guess I'm wondering why the owner of the boat would be liable given he has fulfilled his 'duty of care' to do things by the book, but the builder failed to do the work compliance with the RCD.
  23. And if it wasn't me that did the alterations, or built it non-compliantly?
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