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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Haywood ends up selling his boat because of this. He must be getting a fair amount of 'comment' out and about if he is still using it. Or at least, changes the name(s) written on the side!
  2. And there lies the problem. Old bread is usually free and available in the house when (say) grandparents say look the sun's out, let's take grandchildren to the lake to feed the ducks, unlike large packs of peas from the supermarket. Edumacting the public is really difficult.
  3. And from what I read, the Victron BMS still does not protect the alternator from high voltage cut-off. The chap at Springwood Haven sees a need to fit a LA batt in parallel for this. I would imagine it would be technically possible to design a BMS to introduce a temporary load to the alternator at the instant of cell isolation, and progressively ramp down the alternator current to zero over say 30 seconds. Would this protect the alternator too? I've never seen this idea mentioned anywhere.
  4. That's curious, no mention in the spec you pasted of a requirement to insulate or protect bare battery terminals, which was my first and only BSS failure. (So far!) Was the examiner making up his own rules?
  5. I haven't tried this but I'm fairly sure that a duck, if offered a slice of bread and a lettuce leaf, would choose the bread. Even if you showed him the link that said the lettuce was more nourishing for ducks. Mebbe Dr Bob could try this experiment and post up the results?
  6. The bit I don't get is why all this focus on battery boxes? Battery boxed are not needed in the first place. I've never had the batteries in boxes in any of my boats. All that is needed is to protect the terminals.
  7. No, because charging to 100% at the weekends is not necessary in the first place with lithiums! This is the bit that nice mrsmelly doesn't seem to get. So I was just trying to keep it simple, and tripped you up....
  8. The thing is, when you are running your engine 8 hours at the weekend and annoying the feck out of everyone witin 100 yards, us lithium users simply don't need to. Our batts charge in less than half the time yours do, and never need fully charging anyway. Less noise, less annoying your neighbours, less fuel, less engine wear, less servicing. That is the beginning and the end of why lithiums are good thing, really.
  9. Yes, unless you are suggesting using them to moor up yer bote!
  10. In which case I think it should be stated that it is NOT a good idea. Which you haven't done. But I have now!! Or maybe you think it is?
  11. So why suggest it in the first place? Newbies might take your suggestion to use a spanish windlass bow and stern to moor up at face value and do as you say.
  12. Last weekend the Crofton flight was still being chained up at 3.00 in the afternoon due to water shortage!!! Or so I was informed by an irritated boater coming the other way.
  13. Presumably on their centrelines!! I've used the spanish windlass to open the gate on a lock that simply refused to make a level....
  14. No, nor would I. Don't worry, no-one is reading.... (We drove them all away, pages ago!)
  15. I too have been walloped good and hard when losing my grip on the maureen pin I was using to wind up a spanish windlass.... Not in the face though 😱
  16. So that's why there are so many Screwfix branches!!
  17. Don't be daft, there are branches of Screwfix EVERYWHERE!!!!
  18. Yeahbut the chainsaw they need to get the poles out of the middle of the trees costs more than the tirfor! And never mind all the safety gear!
  19. Weird to go out there with a van and lots of rope, and a load of nice straight poles, but not a £20 tirfor from Screwfix!
  20. What's it like in Braunston? You seem to have forgottened! I have two x Three mifi things with unlimited data (the only supplier to offer this), and two Vodafone phones and between the two, I am never without a signal. I bought myself out of the O2 contract I bought a few years ago, due to infuriatingly poor signal coverage and reverted to Vodafone. Bliss!
  21. The essence of a fulcrum is that it is fixed! Ok I looked up the quote. He was all like.... "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." There. Sorted!
  22. Jeez, skip foward to 12 minutes before anything happens!
  23. Ah but you never cruise anywhere do you, so it would be
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