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  1. 1 hour ago, blackrose said:


    Yes, but I can't help thinking they've gone nose blind. My neighbour has one and there's quite a noticeable musty farmyard smell, even though he can't smell it.


    Agreed. What they mean is  no smell INSIDE the boat. They all have a fan running 24/7/365 to blow it out through a vent duct to outside, so everyone else gets it instead. 



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  2. 6 hours ago, rgreg said:

    It was actually quite a feat to select candidates from such a large list of mostly unknown people and basing that decision on a short statement. Despite this, I persevered on principal.


    Because of this, I abstained on principle.



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  3. 19 minutes ago, Richard T said:

    Sorry that Andy Tidy didn't get re-elected. The number of votes cast is very low and shows a lack of interest amongst the vast majority of boaters.


    Disagree. I consciously abstained as so little info available and no effort made by ANY candidate to engage with me. 




    I suspect a lot of boaters felt similarly unable to make an informed choice.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Peter Sloe roamin said:

    after several instances when an apparent good state of charge dwindled away rapidly


    As already landed upon, "apparent good state of charge", in what way "apparent"?



    2 hours ago, Peter Sloe roamin said:

    I put a voltmeter across each of the four batteries in turn and found batteries 1, 2 and 4 at 12.2v and no3 at 12.5v. That convinced me to make some changes so a few days ago the 4 x 115ah batteries were swapped for 4 x 130ah AGMs


    I can't help but wonder why you concluded this was a good course of action. Those voltages just indicate three heavily discharged batteries and one moderately discharged. I'd have been looking at what was wrong with my charging system, before replacing them.




  5. 25 minutes ago, DandV said:

    We also took the generator power through a suitably sized isolating transformer which considerably improved the wave form.


    Now there's a most interesting idea I've never seen mentioned before, and well worth investigating further. For all manner of cases where electronics get fussy about waveforms, e.g. washing machines.



  6. 8 hours ago, Nick-Now said:

    2.) How long does the generator need to run to charge battery banks? ( I know this is how long is a piece of string type question, but in people experiences, are they having to run the generators for hours and hours to top up the batteries?)


    If by "top up" you mean "fully charge", it takes typically 12 hours to fully charge from 50% discharged, using an appropriately specified battery charger. (This also depends on exactly what you might take "fully charged" to mean ;) )


    But you are right it depends on how long the piece of string is, and what type of string too. And the colour. 


    WotEver's battery charging primer he just linked to is well worth ploughing through if you have the time, it's not as heavy reading as it first appears. Or if you don't have the time and inclination, the money to keep replacing your batteries :) 



  7. 2 minutes ago, eid said:

    Thanks all, that's given me some ideas to think about. I was considering liquid metal but I notice no one has mentioned it?


    I think I'm leaning towards the domed bolt with some kind of sealant, although it would be nice to make it flat again. Its probably going to be under the new solar panels anyway though.




    It's a mount for solar panels which allows each panel to be tilted at about 45* or otherwise lay flat on the roof slope. It was made by the last owner from a Homebase (or similar) trolley I believe. It does a great job but I need bigger panels.




    If anyone wants it and can collect it'll be going in the spring (probably along with the panels).



    I'm sure someone will love that!


    Your could give it to them on condition they weld over the holes!!



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  8. 29 minutes ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    It's because since they moved politics off the VNC, everyone trying to get a rise out of others have given up posting there and are posting in the pub. I noticed it days ago. It's no fun trolling where no-one can see you.


    Yes I noticed this too, it started within minutes of politics being hidden from VNC. 



  9. 2 minutes ago, Trevor Lyons said:

    I reckon a heavy-duty system like this could be put together from off the shelf parts for somewhat less than £500.  Any comments?


    The cost of 'putting together' such a system does not reflect the price is needs to be sold for, once labour costs, fixed overheads etc and a commercially viable profit margin have been added. 


    Yes the parts might only add up to £200 but you have to pay someone to do it, make the box, write the instructions, deal with the guarantee returns, etc etc. £500 strikes me as cheap. I certainly wouldn't want to make and sell them for any less. 



  10. Just now, Parahandy said:

    The first paragraph though a bit direct didn't strike me as offensive, certainly no more so than many others , certainly not a " pack up your bags and depart " sort of Post .


    Well now you know otherwise, given what happened. 



    See Post 25.

  11. Just now, Parahandy said:

    I suspect they have probably packed up , I dont recall anything Posted as being offensive


    Post 7 fits the bill surely, and did the damage.


    People's internal calibration of what comes across as offensive gets terribly distorted on here. 







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  12. 8 minutes ago, frangar said:

    Have they not just changed their name?  


    No, they've packed up and gone. Or been banned.


    Judging by the posts remaining by previous posters who were banned or demanded their profiles be deleted. Their remaining posts are by "Guest" too.





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