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  1. 6 minutes ago, David Schweizer said:


    Put into even greater perspective, nearly half a million people died in England in 2019 (source Office for National Statistics)


    So another half a million or so turning up in our hospitals dying of ARDS will hardly be noticed, is that what you're saying?





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  2. 15 minutes ago, Pablo Blanco said:

    Thank you, just browsing around and came across it.....seemed a lot of boat for a little money.......if it seems too good to be true.........


    Anything made from ferro-concrete has a massive drawback which nobody has actually explained so far. Nobody wants them because they fear the 'ferro' bit rusting away.


    Regardless of the rust status of the steel reinforcing they still have the same mooring fees, insurance and maintenance costs so nobody in their right mind would ever buy one. This means if you already own one, you probably won't even be able to give it away. As scrapping one will cost you an arm and leg in waste disposal costs, the value of most of them is actually negative.   



  3. 10 minutes ago, bizzard said:

    Its probably still full of grease. I'd just block the hole up and I bet it'll see you out. Look at car wheel bearings, just a smear of grease on them, mostly sealed for life and they run forever at high speed. 


    I agree, it's one of those non-problems. Most bearings like that on boats never get greased over the whole life of the boat, I'd bet. I've never seen one fail. Their work is very light duty too, compared to a car wheel bearing. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    Stupidity has a universal language.....Trump has just ordered 100k for the USA


    I think Jennifer's story is true. There was an article on BBC R4 two or three weeks ago about training dogs to identify C19 carriers by smell, similar to how they use them for finding drugs.


    I doubt the BEEB relied on a twitter hoax. 



  5. 10 hours ago, Laura p said:

    my mum who has suffered a stroke through the stress of it all is wanting to completely make over this boat and get her up and running and back a float


    Could you clarify please, is the boat floating at the moment, or is it sunken and sitting on the bottom?


    Many thanks.


    And if you could give a general area, there may well be people here who are local and willing to give practical help.


  6. 8 hours ago, Wee Vee said:


    Surface preparation looks quite onerous. Grit blasting, needle gunning or grinding. As with all paints, proper surface prep is the way to make it stay on!


    Nice to see a photo on the page of a real life water tank painted in the stuff, rather than glossy images photoshopped to death that tell you nothing. 





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  7. 10 hours ago, bizzard said:

    I would not use tap water in a cooling or heating system. I use rain water or distilled-deironized water, cheap from motor factors.


    I agree. There is about an ounce of water scale in 50 litres of hard tap water, desperate to precipitate all over the inside of your engine.


    You can make you own distilled water by distilling some tap water....





    Or canal water!



  8. 4 minutes ago, alan_fincher said:

    Particularly if you do choose a surveyor, get a favourable report and then end up having to replace the whole bottom and quite a bit of the sides!

    Not that anybody would be that unlucky! 😂


    Anybody buying a historic boat without a survey is an idiot, I'm sure you'll agree.... how were the surveys on Sickle and Flamingo? 



    My 'good' survey was done a year after I bought it., no doubt you remember really :)




  9. 27 minutes ago, magpie patrick said:

    The only question for the OP is whether they can get at their boat


    I'd say the 5 bar gate at Cropredy Marina could easily be climbed over in extremis to get to the boat, then just cruise it out onto the cut. Walk back to get the car. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Jacsprat said:

    Indeed, but the situation is a bit out of the ordinary. I'm in the annex of an elderly lady's property. Her daughter understandably wants to come and care for her mother during the crisis (something I'm doing at the moment as an emergency measure) and needs the annex for herself. I'm under pressure to move on. Already here a month past our original agreement. 


    Oh I see, tricky. Nothing is ever straightforward is it!!



  11. 3 minutes ago, Jacsprat said:

    As far as I understand, it is possible to legally move at the moment, but discouraged. You are right though - it'll be a renter's market for a while. Money thrown out the window, however, if I can get on a boat.


    I guess I was trying to illustrate the two month deadline to move out is a bit of a phantom deadline. Your tenancy can revert to periodic, then you can end it to suit yourself, not the landlord. 





    Have a google of periodic tenancy, if you've not heard about this. 



  12. 6 hours ago, Jacsprat said:

    I will aim for full survey and proper handover.


    I can't imagine any yards opening and being willing to dock your prospective purchase for a survey in the next two months.


    Six months might be a possibility in my opinion, but more likely a year or more. Frankly, I'd be inclined to sign up for another year on your current tenancy. Or better, insist on it rolling over into a periodic tenancy. That way you can leave when you like at one month notice. Any LL will be delighted for you to stay on as currently the rental market is moribund given the ban on moving house. (Dunno if that changed yesterday with the new guidance to police).



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