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  1. 21 hours ago, Dr Bob said:

    I will post details of the tyco relay tomorrow unless someone has the details to hand.


    For them happy with 100A domestic draw, never mind the £70 Tycho relay, here is a bistable latching relay switching 100A for just a tenner:





    And a LOAD of other interesting lithium stuff on that site. 



  2. 29 minutes ago, DTrip said:

    So, while I understand your point a company that is willing to mislead, ignore and downright lie to their customers frankly does not deserve to be in business.


    More specifically, a company building and flogging to the public whilst ignoring the RCD, is very arrogant and needs stopping.



  3. 3 minutes ago, MoominPapa said:

    If not replace the jet (Midland Swindlers have them).


    Or... boil it in vinegar then blow it through again. 


    But yes the pilot flame should substantially envelope the thermocouple tip. If it doesn't, the jet is prolly restricted OR your gas pressure is too low. Usually the former.


    Don't go bending stuff unless you know how it got bent wrong in the first place. Stuff doesn't bend by itself.


    (Flame detection electrodes excepted, that is!)



  4. On 12/11/2019 at 14:31, TheBiscuits said:

    I used to be fond of agricultural machinery ...


    ... but now I'm an ex-tractor fan!






    I was following a magic tractor the other day.


    I know it was magic because after a while, it turned into a field. 






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  5. 38 minutes ago, Howlynn12 said:

    Maybe we just touched lucky at the 2 previous marinas we were in as they provided contracts , receipts etc and any queries . 


    I'd say most marinas being multi-million £ businesses tend to be run on quite a professional basis, but otherwise the world of canal boating is stuck in the 1950s in terms of customer service, i.e. the business is run to suit the business owner, rather than you the customer.


    This IS part of the charm of the waterways and don't be surprised or upset, if and when you encounter it, which you certainly will. The thing is, out on the cut you need the business as much as they need you and today's media tends to lead people to think the customer is king, which on the cut they are not. It is roughly equals each way. 


    Whilst it seems obvious that the council should prevent people sleeping in wheely bins on one level, on another I find the idea makes me faintly uneasy.


    Firstly, because the obvious way the council will do it is take away the wheely bins, so homeless people are back to sleeping on the cold ground. 


    Secondly, because I was made homeless by the council many years ago. They decided I should be prevented from living on my boat which must obviously be a substandard hovel, and evicted me from the mooring site. I actually wanted to live on my boat but I was allowed no say in the matter. I'm not saying I think people want to sleep in wheely bins, but calls to prevent people sleeping in wheely bins follows the same vein of thinking, does the team not see?

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  7. 29 minutes ago, Laurie.Booth said:

    Yes :)




    Years ago, I remember a telephone call in programme of the radio and this bloke was saying he would be more than happy to pay an extra penny or two on his income tax if it meant all the homeless people could be given a council house. 


    He went on to say with commendable largesse that an extra 10p, or even an extra quid on his tax bill would be fine as this would probably save the NHS too.....




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  8. 2 minutes ago, dmr said:

    No, because he will enjoy living on a boat so much that he will get a desire to Go Boating and so won't be on his mooring permanently.


    In fact he will like boating so much he will become a CC'er    and then decide to put a hotel boat on his mooring................:)





    At which point, he will probably benefit from some help and advice from the good peeps of CWF......





  9. 2 hours ago, Howlynn12 said:

    I certainly can’t understand why I haven’t had receipt in the first instance or contract and no response to my calls etc . It just doesn’t make sense .


    Forgive me for commenting, but you seem to be assuming all marinas are run professionally, competently an honestly. Might I venture to suggest the details you've posted so far suggest at worst, quite the opposite is the case at Brinklow Marina now? And at best, some personal disaster has perhaps befallen the guv'nor there leading him to have other priorities in his life, more urgent and demanding than his marina business? Pure speculation on my part though. 



  10. 8 minutes ago, The Dreamer said:

    It’s not so much change of use, but that you would need planning consent for a residential mooring.


    From the CRT guidance on static letting:


    Planning permission

    Residential or use of a mooring for accommodation usually needs planning permission. You should contact your local planning authority (LPA) at an early stage. They can tell you if planning permission is needed for your intended use and offer guidance on preparing your application, advice on what the application will cost and how long it will take to determine.



    On the other hand, thee must be thousands of boaters living aboard on leisure moorings with no PP and not running into any trouble over it. 


    Doing it to run a business to make a profit however, would strike me a pushing one's luck. 

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