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  1. Notwithstanding this, there are some excellent water based paints around these days. One I used a while back was so good I didn't realise it was water based until I tried to clean the brush in white spirit and it would not dissolve the paint on the brush. Most confusing!! Sadly I can't remember what paint it was tho....
  2. Back in the day when I used to actually install gravity systems, I used to be able to buy 28mm swept bends with a radius of about 4". Possibly better than a pulled bend as no slight reduction in cross-sectional area that a pulled bend gives. And definitely no rippling!
  3. I too suspected the OP might 'know his stuff', but on balance probably not. Or at best he is unable to explain things in layman's terms to non-experts in his subject. In particular his dismissal of dimensional analysis as nit picking suggests he is a bit of a bull in a china shop. And his habit of responding to requests to explain specific points by linking to an external website rather than actually explaining, suggests he is not going to be much help to boaters like me wanting to learn and understand anodes and protection.
  4. With the possible benefit of hindsight, might opening the top paddles of the lock you were stuck in have diverted the flow from over the top of the gates to into the lock via ground paddles? Or are the paddles in the gates? I can't remember.
  5. Yes next year to get it right, we must just go straight to the bar the instant we arrive and order six pints. 🍻🍻🍻
  6. Which is, one of the many things that make boating so completely BRILLIANT!!!! Wasn't it two pints tho???
  7. I found them toe-curlingly embarrassing. I'm not sure I EVER heard him listen to a politician's answer for ten seconds without him interrupting. Delighted he has gone.
  8. So the cost to the employer was doubel that i.e. £1.2m a year. Or £2.4m according to Cuthound.
  9. And this. A particularly perceptive observation.
  10. What an EXCELLENT post. You describe me to a tee. Except for the first bit. I am fairly technical but the OP's writings explain nothing. They just make unsupported assertions.
  11. Mind you, now John Humphreys has gone his salary alone would probably fund the continuation of Teletext....
  12. A great example of your unexplained jargon which chuffs people off here. You're no help at all. Just telling people to read your pet website in response to reasonable questions just doesn't cut it. You've not exploded any 'anode myths' for me, in case you were wondering.
  13. Ok let's do some estimating. Let us say a team of six, each on £40k a year, who gather the data and condense it into the pages. And a team of say three computer boffins who run maintain the server. £50k each. And a project director on say £80k. That all adds up to £470k a year in wages alone. An employee as a rule of thumb costs you in holidays, benefits sick pay, employer pension contributions twice what you pay him or her. That makes a staffing bill of 940k a year. Add in a nice air conditioned office for the ten people costing say £100k a year, and rent a resilient server from Amazon for another £100k . year and this dinosaur service is costing the Beeb well over £1m a year. Probably well worth pishing off a few thousand dog-in-the-manger users of the service to save £1m a year. ,.
  14. The curious thing is, when Teletext came along, all the users were 'early adopters'. Now they have turned into the opposite and refusing to move with the times.
  15. How about buying a newspaper? They usually have the weather forecast.
  16. Prior to Teletext I seem to remember the GPO had a number you called to listen to the weather forecast. Cost about 3d a minute to listen IIRC. You could see if they still do it. Oh, but you'd need a phone..... dammit.
  17. Your site, presumably, given how many times you link to it. Which page on the site are you suggesting explains how to tell if your anodes are 'working'?
  18. Maybe the farmer is checking to see if the cafe owner is standing up or lying down....
  19. Or maybe they've just been watching the farmers, who were watching other farmers, who were watching the cafe owners?
  20. How did you get your weather forecast before this newfangled Teletext came along? Why not revert to that way?
  21. Well they get a fone, obviously! This is reminding me of the "I want hot water but I don't want a calorifier or a Morco" thread.... Self-inflicted boxing in.
  22. Curiously this was one of the reasons I removed my Beta BD3. Always smoked a bit, not so much that other people commented, but too much to be pleasant or tolerable. The smoke was far more aggressive on the lungs than old vintage engine smoke, dunno why. I too spent a LOT of money and time trying to fix it, with no success. Only had 3,000 hours on it.
  23. I do know what you mean, but I think there was more to it on my BD3. Surely limiting the 'throttle' mechanism travel just reduces the maximum amount of fuel that can be injected, meaning the top speed still varies with load. Its a long time since I had the BD3 but my recollection was opening the throttle wide resulted in the same top revs whether it was in gear or out of gear, i.e with and without a load on the engine. Could be wrong tho... Mind you, 1800rpm in gear resulted in a massive rooster tail so I never did that except as an experiment.
  24. Probably a few days while the engineers devise temporary reinforcement/support. I suspect the total time closed will be less than if they open it now and the bridge deck falls into the cut!
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