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  1. We made an access hole under the steps at the back, one under the fixed double at the rear, one down in the area behind the front steps and one under the cupboard in the kitchen so all access areas were hidden away. Regarding the level of the boat, we just added/removed the ballast from areas until it looked level. Good luck with everything, I'm not sure what engine you have, however, we also added to a thread with all the replacement filters equivalent to the Izuzu ones if you search you may find it, or I think I still have a copy somewhere I can dig out for you. Michelle
  2. No, I just don't sign in and read as a guest. Just saw my user id pop up and wondered why. Now I know ?
  3. Hi, We ended up having to cut a couple of holes in the floor and laid the floor coverings back over the top leaving easy access. Also, used avery weights and a railway track in the engine bay. You can also put some weights under your kitchen cupboards. Michelle
  4. Hi Many thanks for the nice comment it's appreciated. I've spoken with the customer today and have agreed a part credit for him as a gesture of goodwill and we are arranging to meet up the weekend to take samples of vinyl as his boat is moored not too far from where are moored. 'Kendal' is more than happy, so that makes us happy. Michelle
  5. Hi Terence So sorry to hear about this, your teapot still has pride of place in our boat and we still would love to do your course. You have a wonderful talent and we hope that you do not give up as you will be letting these scum win and think of all the people who will miss out on your lovely paintings adorning their boats. I hope that you manage to catch them soon and get you items back. All the best Michelle & Will
  6. Fair enough, but as stated we do have a disclaimer right underneath the add to cart, and also on the FAQ's, and we have had many people that have requested a sample before they purchased, which in this case would of saved dissapointment on both sides. As stated though I will speak with the customer tomorrow direct and go from there. Thanks Michelle
  7. Hi Pete I will resend the email to you, we have sent it to the one registered on the original order. I've read your email and whilst I understand you are stating that people should always get a colour sample, I do not agree that it needed to be posted on a public forum to get attention when we do clearly state on the lettering designer for all to see that if you need a specific colour to request a sample as many customer have previously. I'll speak with you tomorrow. Kind regards Michelle Hi again I must say we are suprised ourselves as our roses have laster two year and seem okay, although we are now painting the boat so will not be able to test the three year period the manufacturer states, but if you could also send me an image when back I can send it to the manufacturer for comment as we also only use Roland Eco Sol Inks and not compatible inks. If it is the same postal address as the original order, if you can PM me the name it was ordered under I can get another laminated set sent Friday for you, so they are there for when you get back. Kind regards Michelle
  8. Hi, I must say I am dissapointed that you chose to post your grievance on the canal forum despite our email to you today explaining that we are sorry that you are not satisfied with the cream, however everyone's interpretation of cream is different and to please everyone is hard hence the reason why under the add to cart we have the disclaimer 'Please note: The colour chart is only to be used as a guide.Both screen and printer colours will vary from one computer to another meaning this colour chart won't be an exact representation of the physical colours. If colours are critical please request a sample.' Unfortunately you did not request a sample of the colour and we sent the cream vinyl that we have been using without issue for the past five years. We have never ignored customers emails whether positive or negative, we aim to give good customer service and as boater ourselves, we would never sell anything that we are not happy with ourselves. As you said you are more than happy with the graphics and the quality, it is just the colour that you are not pleased with, therefore I do think publishing on a public forum where a lot of our customers come from is a bit unfair, however I appreciate that it is freedom of speech etc. Unfortunately we only supply the one colour cream as that is the only shade our supplier produces in the range we use. Matching vinyl up to paint as you have informed us you wanted to do is almost impossible unless you have printed vinyl instead of cut vinyl, however printed vinyl is much shorter life than our cut vinyl and we would not advise that for boat names. By all means feel free to contact us tomorrow by telephone on 01213143223 to discuss further but we would not be able to match you cream paint. Kind regards Michelle Hi We replaced the graphics as soon as we realised that we made a mistake and immediately sent you new ones, our printed graphics are supposed to last for three years unlaminated and five laminated. It would of been nice if you contacted us to let us know as we could of sent you a laminated pair free of charge, as you saw from the last contact we have good customer service and do not ignore customers. If you wish to call us tomorrow to discuss, please do so and we can arrange delivery of a laminated pair. Kind regards Michelle
  9. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Ah but you never saw the ebay message I was sending to him, calm is definately not what I would call them.... :-)
  10. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Thank you and sorry if my response to yours was sharp, I understand you posted before things was evident it was not our advert.
  11. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Hi, just to let you know I had a reply off the ebay messaging asking what I meant by saying it was a scam advert. I explained and asked them to post it if they were the real owners of the account, then went back on ebay and the advert has been removed by the seller. Result, well as long as it means no one paid a deposit first.... Thank you all again. Your comments are unhelpful. As said the boat owner (Me) did not know anything about this and your insinuation that we done it for extra interest is appaling!
  12. Robyn

    To Cheap

    I probably will when the panic has died down just too concerned that no one gets ripped off! Just wanted to thank everyone who posted the information regarding the scam and our true contact information and also the text from Matty40s whom without his text we would be non the wiser, I think we owe that man a very large drink!
  13. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Not at all an advertising gimik. As if we would sell the boat that cheap! It's was on Apollo Duck for three times that! The advert is a hoax and we have been notified by another member and am trying to sort it (That account is not ours) As said it is a scam advert nothing to do with us. The advert on Apollo Duck showed All 40 odd photos and was for three times that amount with full details. We were notified by a member of this and have tried to get the advert taken down but ebay are saying 24 hours whilst they investigate!
  14. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Contacted ebay and they say it has to be 24hours to investigate. Have done a message on ebay item to tell people not to be but guessing that won't be posted to the advert. We have reported the item four times. Now taken Apollo Duck advert down in the meantime. Looks like all the sellers details have been changed none of the numbers are valid. Not sure what else we can do, any ideas? PS have thanked Matty quickly but will do proper when sorted this out. Thank you
  15. Robyn

    To Cheap

    Thats my boat with no permission to sell on ebay, not even our account. How do I report the item asap
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