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  1. prhenry68/Paul, Welcome to the forum, As you will have already worked out - there may be any number of reasons why somebody wishes to track down a boat - some of those reasons will be completely honest, some completely innocuous, and some possibly suspicious. Without wishing to cast any aspersions upon your motives, our past experiences will make us cautious - for all the best reasons. IF the owner of your New Dawn (whichever one it may be) sees your post - or another member is able to bring it to their attention, AND they wish to contact you, then I will be delighted to put them in touch with you.
  2. If it's this one - - it's still alive and kicking: New Dawn Built by J.D.Narrowboats - Length 13.716 metres ( 45 feet ) - Beam 2.08 metres ( 6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft 0.01 ( 0 feet ). Metal hull, power of 28 BHP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 515692 as a Powered. Last registration recorded on Wednesday 22nd May 2013.
  3. I do hope you didn't buy one of their insulated external chimneys. In my experience a tailored one to fit snugly on yer bote is more efficient. And not much dearer. And was better made too!
  4. I don't disagree with you, at all. But the OP would be wise to get the information in writing....
  5. Put them on Photobucket, and then download them onto here from there!
  6. I wonder how long before CRT Aware stickers would be available on Ebay ?
  7. Unfortunately, it is not the CRT Board that have mentioned a distance to the OP, but (only) an Enforcement Occifer, whose verbal instruction may, or may not, be sufficient to satisfy the CRT Board should the issue progress further.
  8. Anchor Man, Thank you for your post, and the clarification that it brings to some elements of the situation in Nottingham. It is always a great concern when businesses experience problems that are/partially shouldered by customers and suppliers, and we can, at this moment, only hope that this particular business closure is being handled in such a way that customers and suppliers alike are not left out of pocket, and with a minimum of inconvenience.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. I have an impression that Whilton Marina are making a good business out of selling boats (some may be well over-priced) to folks wishing to take them down to London area. There will be no harm in you looking at boat sales much further afield that may well not be 'priced with a view to selling it to London' , and thus avoid an unnecessary premium. And you're right in trying to save more for a dearer boat I suspect. Although there will be bargains around at £15K - 'bargains' is a relative statement, and you're quite likely going to have to spend a decent(indecent) additional wedge in order to get it up to a reasonable standard/fir for what you wish to use it for. I would also urge you to arrange a survey on whatever boat(s) you wish to purchase - (and bear in mind that a survey, including lifting out costs etc) will certainly cost you many £hundreds, maybe a £1k to do every time - and whilst it may be invaluable as part of your final purchase process, (it's an excellent bargaining tool) you need to be fairly keen on a boat before you make that decision. And you can always ask the advice of members on here regarding you future potential purchases, of course.
  11. And the angle between the thighs and the shins
  12. There must be a story in this somewhere----- maybe? "I keep warm by putting horse droppings on my squirrel"
  13. That's assuming the BSS Examiner even saw the flue in that condition.....the stove etc may well have been fitted by the boat seller after the BSS. Dianah - - could you please photograph the stove & flue and post it on here so we can give a more detailed reply (other than it is certainly not legal/acceptable/safe)
  14. Hmm, Wes, Look, I don't want to burst any bubbles here, but I seriously suggest that before you commit any money to purchasing a boat, you do extra research. Whilst non of us have seen the boat, just (from) the photographs it suggests that you've some very high power requirement equipment aboard, (oven, hob, 'fridge) - - the first two require 32amp 240v supply, (which very few moorings are supplied with - - hen's teeth springs to mind). You could, if really needed, run a fridge from both a 16amp shore supply, (more common on moorings) or from a large battery bank together an inverter (circa £2k) - - and some means of charging the batteries (as your boat engine probably isn't sufficiently powerful - it'll need a decent generator) So - if you intend to continuously cruise London, you will not be able to use the hob or oven (or a microwave) unless you spend many many £100's on a fairly big generator, and it may not even be as simple as that! Now - I think the crux may be "I plan on CC'ing the London network" I seriously hope you have checked out all the requirements of that statement - and, if you are really clever, telephone your nearest CRT office and have them explain how they expect you to move, and maybe also look at London Boaters Facebook pages.
  15. There's a few references on this thread about living in London
  16. They've obviously changed the time then - - I used to find that 16:00 hrs +/- 30 minutes would give the best offers!
  17. Unless I'm missing something - - you will only be able to run (any) of the 240v electrics providing you are connected to a shorepower supply. Do you have a mooring (with power) already organised? (Or will you be buying a 5Kw generator?)
  18. As Alan de E has said, Newark is lovely, and King's Marina is but a walk across the Waitrose car park to the Newark Castle rail station for a direct train into Lincoln (about £11.40 return)
  19. Jennifer, I do not have first hand experience of leasing a mooring in London, (or buying a boat there come to that!) However, I'm led to believe that many boats are substantially overpriced there (as a result of sellers confusing boat values with property values) and the premium for a mooring can be horrific. Depending upon how far from the centre of London you are contemplating living, there are marinas such as Roydon Marina (in Harlow), which are substantially cheaper than more central London locations such as Limehouse, yet is on a regular train route to the City. And you can then buy a regularly priced boat anywhere in the UK and drive it down there!!
  20. You may like to bury your (reading) head in this rather informative tome (Victron - Energy Unlimited) - 'tis all about batteries!
  21. If you want quality - get an Humax Freesat receiver (a non-record version from £69) And then get any satellite dish that you wish.
  22. There's already a thread on here - (Linky) We have but a solid fuel stove - (although the flue has a proper kink in it) I use two stainless steel scourers, weighted with a Kg of chain, and tied to the end of 2m of thin line. Drop it into the flue and drop down/pull up a few times - - works a treat
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