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  1. Aye! Farndale passed through Lemonroyd today, and was followed with a TomPuddin' with a weight of sand in, (I guess Farndale's load had been lightened to ease the passage. Was such a treat to see her again though!
  2. True - but unfortunately the rain doesn't disolve the sediment (!) CRT had spent many days dredging that section a couple of weeks ago - - - standards just ain't what they used to be!
  3. And one can only guess how happy I am to see this thread resurrected with an about-face of news, and those wonderful pics! And, just to gild the lily - we are at Lemonroyd, and the visitor moorings are reserved for Commercial Traffic 22<>24th September. Deep joy
  4. Lizzy, We 'blacked' our hull this year, - similar process to yours really - - sandblast, chemical wash, then a two-pack Jotamastic 87 primer, followed by two coats of Jotamastic 87. We'd booked a dry dock and did the job myself - (because I really wanted to discover the condition of the hull in the first place, and then make sure that the job met the process spec's of the paint). We let it cure for a week before refloating. I can say that the paint was well on it's way to being very hard indeed, and that yours really should be the same. I reckon Dr Bob's observations above are absolutely spot-on, and they would be an ideal route to start the discussions for remediation by the boatyard.
  5. I suggest that feedback is more acceptable than blowback!
  6. Matty40s is a good contender - - although don't know where he is at the mo . . maybe drop him a pm
  7. If I were you I'd make a thorough job of replacing all the coolant - and even risk an air lock on the way, but drain thoroughly. Measure the old coolant (into, say, 5Ltr containers) and replace with ethylene glycol (I understand the relevance of the taste test!), Glycol base is the mnost commonly used I understand. When replacing use between a 30/50% AntiFreeze to water ratio. It's not just the anti-freeze properties that are valuable, of course, but also the anti-corrosion, which are two darned good reasons to change the lot!
  8. Aye, I use a lighterman's hitch
  9. Your interpretation is about right . . . just like buying any engine, it's not simply about the hours, but also about how it's been used, and most importantly, whether it has been properly maintained, with regular oil and filter changes at correct intervals. Have a good look at the boat's log/receipts/maintenance schedule Edited to add: Alan de E types quickerer then me!
  10. I happen to believe that each kit uses the oil extracted from a dozen snakes. But will be happy, and surprised, to be proved wrong!!!
  11. There is not specific answer to your question Wullie, other than each Marina will have its own rules. Generally speaking though, most marinas won't mind how much time you spend on your boat in the marina.
  12. Doodle, If you minimise your ventilation you will discover that condensation becomes a problem.
  13. I've used our council waste oil recycling tank
  14. Anthracite is a beautiful coal to burn, hot, (but not like petcoke), it is smokeless, leaves very little ash. However, it will only burn with a reasonably good air supply, so you cannot keep it in overnight with the air damper closed. So we use Anthracite during the day, early evening, and an ovoid (Excel/Supertherm or similar) last thing at night (damper closed) in order to keep the stove alight. Following morning, open the air up, and refuel with anthracite. It's a cracking combination
  15. Dave_shakes, Richard's reputation precedes him - he's a first-rate engineer
  16. - - - Aye. (well, it uses a minimum amount of energy from the engine, but it provides much less resistance than when it's generating)
  17. We have a 3.5Kw Travel Power, and find it an excellent piece of kit, perfect for operating heavy draw electrical equipment. Although (as already said) it runs off a permanent belt from the engine (the power source is a 340v alternator), the separate control box is switched on or off as required, so there is minimal loading on the engine when it's not required. Ideal inasmuch as it can be used when both cruising or moored, we run a sensitive washing machine, laptops, vacuum cleaner etc from it.
  18. Although the forum has a fairly light touch with it's approach to content and opinion, and we enjoy a divers range of debates, discussions, rants and reports. However, as we aim to be a family forum, and have children also read our pages, we will not tolerate foul language, (amongst other unacceptable behaviour), and will warn members and, for repeated offences, will suspend/ban them.
  19. We use one of these in front of our water pump, and shower pump. They seem to work OK (Linky)
  20. The only advantage I'm aware of is that the water pump will have to start n stop less frequently, which will probably allow it to live a little longer. Mind you - - we have a 5Ltr accumulator - - tho' will probably be replaced by a larger one when it expires!
  21. I would be at the pub quiz - but most of them here are held during the quieter business nights (Monday thro' Wednesday) in an attempt to drum up business . It's such a struggle to sup good beer and tax the grey matter - - - - but we manage thanks! (And we'll happily answer (some of) the daft questions!
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