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  1. Have a wonderful festive time filled with love, laughter and joy and may the New Year make all your dreams come true :)

  2. See? See?! I knew we were too exclusive! But that excludes all boys! Such hard work this forming cliques.....
  3. Excellent. But we may be seen to be picking on taller girls who have drunk....etc etc
  4. Right, it's been a long week. Well, month. Well, year to be fair. But SGWHD???
  5. That'll do! Woo hoo, we have a clique! He's fine, never changes (aka, as I look across the boat, he's got an empty glass of wine next to him and is asleep ) Hope you're well. I'm not sure this thread is the place to catch up with old friends that we have or haven't met. But then again maybe it is... So, to include more than Jill, I'll start with.... 'ay up Carl - hope you're well :D And while I'm turning this thread into a lets all be friends clique-in.... Starcaoster - I've loved reading your posts recently and hope you are ridiculously happy on your boat
  6. Tee hee hee. Love it. (Reminder to self - digging out old pictures that wind Evo up is not a good idea....) Oi! I've met you. More than once. Does that not make us in someone's clique? Even our own? Please
  7. Having spent time in both Swanley and Overwater, I would say it depends what you want out of your mooring. The Star at Acton is indeed a short drive away and certainly used to be a cracking pub. However, if you fancy a few, it's not a nice walk back on a dark country road and we never managed to find a taxi. That was the biggest decider for my old man when he moved down to Overwater - quick walk down the towpath to a choice of three pubs, co-op, chippy, post office etc etc etc. Yep, Dominic may have a vested interest in the marina, but I don't, and it is run by lovely people. As an example - my dad posted on faceache last night that he'd run out of gas - within minutes he'd been offered a spare bottle of gas, camping stove and kettle and any other help he might need from other moorers. On arrival at the office this morning, he was helped to move the gas, and a hot drink made for him while he waited. If I was in the area and wanted a marina mooring, I know which I'd pick
  8. Thanks Athy. I'm still mostly afloat, just not on my own boat. I still find staying in houses a bit odd to be honest!
  9. Aww, spanks guys! It was indeed a rather good one, with the celebrations taking up most of the all weekend Note to self - if getting to the pub at midday, midnight is not a good time to be getting home And Athy, you're right, we did have two boats. Sadly I sailed off on neither of 'em
  10. Dear Aunty Duck, I have recently been spending time in a house and actually quite enjoying it. I have even bought high heels and started having an actual hair cut. Is there any hope for me? girlcheese P.S. Growing a beard didn't work P.P.S. I also drink l*ger
  11. Carl, I'm so sorry to hear that. My votes would go to Unkie Richard - for everything he did to help my (ex) boat float. And also to Carl for everything he offered to do when my (ex) boat decided it didn't want to float! In fact, to all you motivational peeps that were around these interweb parts when times got tough trying to get a dodgy old boat back in the water - you were ace! creamcheese (if anyone even remembers me, like. It's been a while!)
  12. That's really crappy news. Hope a new buyer turns up soon. Nope, I've just checked my bank account, and there's definitely not enough there...
  13. I don't envy you that at all, we were just sick of the renting cycle of slightly dodgy landlords, and finding vast amounts of money for deposits and the like. My dad's in exactly the same boat (sorry, couldn't resist!) at the moment, trying to sell his house (although he's had his boat for a few years). Perhaps a large glass or three of your favourite tipple would not only help you think of those lovely summer evenings on the boat, but help you cope with the stress! I think I've even got my toes crossed for you that it all works out Kate x
  14. So, to keep the banter ball rolling... When are we having a pre-banter-banter to warn the Navigation to get even more beer in than last year? Sadly we won't be able to provide Richard with a shaft in a bag for life at this pre-banter
  15. Woot! Ace news, go for it! When we decided to get rid of the rented house, we went ebay crazy and wandered round taking pictures of everything and got it sold. The last couple of months in the house were spent wondering how we ever needed all that space! Everything that was left went into a storage unit that we haven't been near in nearly 2 years, so probably time to get it all re-listed! We also had an amusing moment when moving some of the last bits around - a chest of drawers and 2 bedside cabinets were on the drive while we figured out whether to store/freecycle them. A lady (that we'd never met) from down the road wandered up, asked if we were giving them away and also if we had any other furniture. We thought, sod it, and said she could have them. She then said well, can you deliver them to number 27 in half an hour and wandered off. A strange experience!
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