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  1. overplating

    Should you want to chat this process through please feel free to get in touch best wishes Martin
  2. Ellis Louvre window

    Free to collect the components can fit any size window just need fitting so window can remain in place and parts changed Ellis now ceased trading so no longer available like hens teeth if you need them
  3. I recently removed an Ellis window no Glass but the plastic moving parts in good order these often break any takes please
  4. Steelcraft

    I Don’t get offers of buy two get one free
  5. Steelcraft

    A friend of mine is an astronaut he swears the moon is made of cream cheese seriously steel is not cheaper a base plate for a boat is now £1600.00 the fact is British steel is no longer available it is now imported with certificates to declare its grade and comfformity there is a grade of stainless steel that is classed as 316 this is marine grade but there is no marine grade mild steel the certificatation is of little value unless you can test the steel it relates to. The designation for mild steel of good quality is 43A
  6. Steelcraft

    I prefer stainless an internal tank is not the best idea me thinks
  7. Steelcraft

    Let me have your number
  8. Steelcraft

    The built in tank is not great as you wouldn’t want to drink from it could easily be replaced by cutting out the steel bulkhead inside the cabin at the bottom which makes up the water tank. The water inside could be any number of things condensation possible which would need looking at insulation not up to speck etc etc. But you can look forever does it have a certificate for insurance
  9. Steelcraft

    We built a number of work boats for the Indonesian swamps Mike Gration died a few years back I have worked for a number of companies Hancock and Lane Peter Nichols Reeves boatbuilders Steelcraft and finally my own. www.kedianengineering.co.uk
  10. Steelcraft

    Steelcraft were based in the village of Old Northamptonshire it was owned by Mike Gration who was the foreman at Hancock and Lane boatbuilders based in Daventry Steelcraft were a small company building boats for both the trade and private buyers They ceased trading a number of years ago and more closely followed the lines of the Hancock and Lane Stable which evolved into their own product I worked for them for a number of years I formally worked for Hancock and Lane The boats had no obvious issues they were built with care and used good quality British steel They produced boats for Welton field narrow boats I hope this helps Best regards Martin
  11. Any one know who was looking for the mechanism for Ellis louvered windows have just removed one no glass but the plastic and steel mechanism all good
  12. Securing rear doors

    Yes and the windows on the cabin sides I make solid doors as well
  13. Securing rear doors

    I fit oak cross bars as in picture could be fitted on back doors