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  1. My fresh water pump is a jabsco variable speed one. It has worked fine for the last six years but has now developed a problem. The symptom is that the pump will start to run very gently (slowly) for a second or two, every 30 seconds or so. I initially thought this meant that I had a leak in the pipework somewhere, but after some investigation I now think it is a problem with the pump internally. I first checked the bilges at the lowest point on the boat (after the pump had been powered for three days) only to find them bone dry. I then closed the valve located immediately downstream of the pump, isolating the whole of the boats pipework, with the result that the pump still ran intermittently but for even shorter bursts and longer gaps. I concluded that the pump has a fault, and wondered if water is leaking back through a non return valve within the pump itself. Does this sound right and if so what can I do to rectify the problem?
  2. I have been narrowboating for 46 years, and a boat owner for the last 21 years. I have driven a car for the past 34 years, and to date have never had an 'own fault' accident. I like to think I am reasonably responsible and careful. Three years ago I allowed my boat to get caught on the cill whilst decending a lock. Fortunately I got away with it but still have cold shivers when I think about it. However infallible some of you think you are to not paying attention, please think again! If someone is experimenting with ways of reducing this risk, then please support them rather than deriding them.
  3. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with you, some of us that call ourselves engineers, are in fact qualified engineers. Rob HND (Mech. Eng.) MPhil (Mech. Eng.)
  4. Hi Philip, I am an engineer near Bristol. I would be glad to see if I can help if you are interested. I will PM my contact number. Rob
  5. Hi all, Thanks for your nice comments. Just a quick update: Repairs are largely done including some nervous cold cast iron welding. The other building occupant turned up this evening and whilst denying any knowledge of said damage, he explained that his friend drove the forktruck that night and must have hit my engine. He apologised profusely and immediately offered to reimburse any expense. So my faith in human nature is largely restored. Hi Jim, I wish I had managed to make it to Braunston but I stupidly committed to attending a speed awareness course on the Saturday. Hi Richard, I have fortunately managed to repair the casting so won't need to have the part recast, but thanks for your help and kind offer. Rob
  6. I have spent the last three months (ten hours a day) restoring an extremely rare 1926 Dutch marine engine (Van Rennes) acquired from ebay. This has been the subject of a thread on the semi diesel sub-forum. I finished it a week or so ago and posted a youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1JKFhUvfApk This morning I arrived at work (where the engine is) to find that another individual who rents space in the same building as me, has moved my forklift truck and in doing so has managed to ram the engine. This has broken the cast iron governor casing right round and has bent the crossshaft (sort of camshaft) which drives the governor, the air start valve, the fuel pump and the oil pump. I have not seen him yet to talk to but he did not leave me a note confessing to having done this. NOT HAPPY
  7. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Timeleech, having thought about your comments, I think you are right. I thought the need for lit paper inserted to start the engine was an indicator that the engine was semi diesel. However once running and warm, compression alone is sufficient to cause ignition. Both the cylinders and heads are water cooled. The tips of the paper holders may get hot and assist ignition, but not to the same extent as an uncooled cylinder head. Martyn, your showing that Gardner was a bit cruel ., it would make a great project but not viable to import, but it is tempting. Rob
  8. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Only starts cold in a heat wave and then a bit reluctantly. Otherwise it needs starting with burning starting papers. In the video it was started only a few hours after it had previously been running and was still warm. Rob
  9. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Hi all, Restoration is now complete. See a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1JKFhUvfApk All I need now is a boat to put it in! Rob
  10. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Oops, I'm a numpty, Checked again this morning and the reasoning I used yesterday was flawed, it only injects once per cylinder per rev. I am aware of the engine at the Niewe Nierdorp museum, but it seems to have several differences. I have however found one other the same as mine in a Dutch Barge moored on the Thames in London. The boat was up for sale several years ago and the advert claimed the engine was 88 HP. This seems plausible to me as the single cylinder Field Marshall is 40ish HP. I have measured the capacity of the engine at a little over 13 litres. The stepped piston system looks very clever with two banks of reed valves per cylinder. Has anyone any suggestions how I can free one stuck piston ring on each cylinder (all the others are free) I am nervous of rough treatment as I cannot risk breaking them! Rob
  11. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Restoration is now well under way. One thing I have discovered which puzzles me is that the injectors appear to inject fuel twice for every revolution of the engine. i.e. once at the top of the piston stroke and again at the bottom. Is this the way any other 2 stroke semi diesels work?
  12. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Thanks, thats great as any info would be very useful.
  13. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Ridiculously big for a narrowboat but I have already got a "sensible" boat with a tiny Kelvin K2 in it. Well spotted, it is compressed air start and is fitted with a Brevo gearbox. I don't yet know the bore, but I have measured the stroke at 270mm. It has two water pumps fitted. Would these both have been used for engine cooling (in parallel) or is one intended as an auxiliary pump? Rob
  14. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    No plans but I did muse over the idea of either building a narrowbeam tug from scratch (deep draughted!) of finding an old one to fit it in. Finances won't allow in the foreseeable future though. To be pedantic for a second, it is not blowlamp pre-heat but uses smouldering paper in screw in rods. (same as the Marshall tractor in the background) I'm sure that if you inserted one of those into your horse it would definitely start. I have found a whistle (like a steam whistle) on the oil system that I assume is a low level warning system. Are these fitted to any other engine makes? Rob
  15. robkg

    Ebay Aquisition

    Not sure about the "wee" bit. I estimate it's weight at about two and a half tonnes. Rob
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