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  1. Yes right, kill anything that offends you. Oh hang on that might be you ...
  2. If you're planning to eat it that's fine. If not why on earth would you do that. Why kill or put living creatures through dreadful trauma for your pleasure.
  3. My lockdown started two years ago when my skin condition shut down my life. I've moved through various stages of grieving for my lost life and have only recently reached an acceptance phase. That was helped by my grandchild arriving. He's due very soon and I can't be there to hug him. Buggerations
  4. At the expense of the most vulnerable. It's ironic that many of the lowest paid are holding this country together right now.
  5. I like this one. As soon as it's over we'll arrange a big family get together and all hug each other. I'm expecting my first grandchild will be born by then - I'll get to hold him and sniff baby.
  6. Strange times we're living in. This is hubby's permission to travel in case he gets stopped on his way to or from work.
  7. Not been there for quite a few years I'm afraid so don't know. We tend to go to Camber Sands when we want to visit the beach as it's much nearer to us in Ashford. Recently we've spent a lot of time in Margate as that's where our son and daughter in law live. I do yearn for the seaside, I was born and brought up in Shoeburyness within a 5 minute walk of the beach and I do miss it.
  8. Thank you. I never knew there was such a thing as canned bread. Learning something every day 🙂
  9. Tins of canned bread?
  10. Hastings seafront yesterday when hubby took his driving break. Peeps seem to be doing the right thing
  11. Update from me & Dave. Our local B&Q closed yesterday (Tuesday) which relieved Dave as he saw families shopping with kids running around unsupervised. One of his colleagues took his lorry back to base with goods undelivered after a customer not only wouldn't move away from him but coughed and spluttered all over him The store is opening tomorrow as hardware stores are deemed essential. Dave's been told it's business as usual. I'd rather have him home safe with me.
  12. I wouldn't take any notice Richard. I certainly don't 🙂
  13. My hubby works as a lorry driver, delivering for B&Q. He's just had an email from his boss telling him it's business as usual tomorrow but to check his email before he leaves in the morning. So it looks like B&Q will still be delivering.
  14. The north south divide is unhappily perpetuated on this forum. Why? I have no idea. I've lived in both and found no differences amongst the working classes. Apparently the shelves have only been stripped bare in the south. My sister went shopping in Horwich for her family and my mum and dad now in isolation + the shelves were bare. I'd love to find a map where Horwich is in the south! We've found our corner shop provides what we need when the big stores let us down. Can we at least have north south unity when the chips are down? Dave's out there driving his lorry to deliver stuff that you're ordering because you don't want to go to the store. He's a Kent born man, does that mean he's rich? Of course not. He earns £9.50 per hour and often works 12 hour days. Having been born and brought up on very tough council estate in Essex, daughter of a bus driver and a checkouts operator I get sick and tired of told that southerners are rich and privileged. We were very poor growing up. So maybe we can pull together in this time and stop this divisive nonsense. Please? There's council estates and poor people in the south too 😢
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