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  1. Just left after over 10 years. The stories I could tell... LOL
  2. What you didn't want to "welly wang" or watch slides about the local busses in 1972??? Something wrong with you....
  3. Yes the whole K&A river is not for inexperienced boater or canal boater. I have been passing Fobney for years now & don't have a problem, worse thing is the low bridge as you come through the Oracle centre. anyway back to BIBC
  4. No lots of moorings outside the pub but the piled moorings have always been run by Southcote as this was Norman's old trip boat location. Norman past away & the boat was sold on. The moorings have just been left as a freebee for some years now.
  5. In fact Tony we have moorings in the car park right next to the bridge & over 100ft outside the pub that does not have services. You can crawl from this mooring to the pub (or back from the pub should I say) And our office/mooring is on the island next to Kennett House.
  6. Hi all blowing my own trumpet time sorry. I run Southcote Moorings near the cunning man pub on the edge of Reading (RG30 3RA) We have moorings on the offside bank of the K&A with Parking, Electric, Water, Elsan point, Pump out for moored boats. The fuel boat comes by to fill up diesel tanks, change gas bottles & sell coal. Most moorings are in a rural setting with beautiful views across a meadow. Very friendly setting with 3 sets of gates to site. My 3 words location is diary.fruit.pound. Contact Nige on 07973 233 717
  7. Sorry just came across your post. I run Southcote moorings & can be contacted on 07973 233 717.
  8. We have an opening for a 60ft narrowboat at Southcote moorings Burghfield Bridge. The mooring is non residential and has electric water pumpout and rubbish disposal on site. Contact Nige on 07973 233 717
  9. Hi all I have some mooring space coming up at Southcote Moorings near Reading in Berkshire. Semi rural location on opposite side of public towpath with private access. It has Car parking. Rubbish collection point. Water. Electric (via meters) & is accessed via locked gates. At the end of the road we have Lidl & Aldi next to each other & a nice pub (The Cunningman) just 200m from the car park. And if golf is your thing you will find a course 1/2 mile away. Reading town centre is a 20min cycle ride along the tow path. Pumpout is to be installed soon with any luck but we are using a trailed version if desperate (extra charge). We have fuel & coal deliveries to your door so to speak & you will be kept up to date on our whatsapp group for details of whats going on. The site was taken over by us last year (So please forget any bad press you may have seen about the site as it's under new management now) & we are in the middle to restoration works on site but this has been on hold due to Covid 19. The site is non live aboard sorry & at the moment we only have narrowboat spaces but hope to have others moorings ready soon. It's a small village of 20 odd boats & we all try to get along, so I am looking for like mined people to fill a 45ft space & a 40ft space. For more details email me on nige.shakes@gmail.com for application form. What 3 words location is loss.dozen.rash 45ft and taped.dark.vibrate 40ft (approximate locations only) many thanks Nigel West SC Moorings Ltd Burghfield Bridge Burghfield Road Reading RG30 3RA
  10. ok thanks for the help I was told they went tit's up again.....
  11. OK so I have an International/ RN DM2 to strip down & have a look at as it's a bit unwell... If anyone has any help with torque settings & parts stockists it would help. many thanks in advance.
  12. Mike we are way off topic now. I think I have tried to answer you as best I can in print on an open forum. But one last time: As a club we don't want any 1 person doing something that could make CRT take away our lease. We do have some rules (Too many you may say) but the club has been going since 1972 & has never had an update. Some people in this world find change harder then others, some always order the chicken pie & chips, some order the crickets on a stick. The wonderful thing is we have a choice...... How lucky are we?
  13. No Dave that is not BIBC. BIBC is the island only..... No conspiracy here Dave We do have some flowers on the island & some even have sheds to keep junk in but no milk delivery etc....
  14. This is true & you would not get any trouble from me if you did. Some maybe but not me....
  15. You don't moor on a river do you? Last few weeks I saw some sights with boats stuck across bridges. weirs & in locks...... I never wanted to be on the Thames in winter I'm a chicken.....
  16. That's a trick question right? I would say if you say "I live here" then someone will ask "Do you have planning to do so" CRT has winter moorings & many marinas also have them, so keep a log & any mooring permits to show you have in fact spent time out & about. That would make you a boat not a house boat in my book. The only way to test this is in court I would say & CRT would need to ask "Do we have the time & money to spend on this"
  17. It did in 2014 but our new club house was above the water line. We have a lot of low lying fields & lakes near by & with our newish piling the boats are never in danger.
  18. Teaching old dogs new tricks is possible, it just takes a lot longer............ Sorry I thought some humour may be a good idea! & "You don't show you have to go" I thought was good... But it seems not :O( We have had people join the club & say "I can't do work parties at the weekends as I'm part of the salt water crocodile wrestling club & we meet every weekend" all they really wanted was a cheap mooring & do no work, & that's not fare on the rest of us. We are only talking about 3 weekends in the winter months when you can't use your boat. This years social events have been very well attended & most have done all of them so My wife & I would rather you came cos you wanted to not had to.
  19. I feel BIBC is more akin to the old days when volunteers rebuilt many miles of canals & formed clubs to do so. We maintain the island cutting grass, trees, reeds etc & even built our new clubhouse. My wife is social secretary & we have had some good fun times this long winter when we could not use our boats. It's a great place to come at weekends & have a drink or chat with friends you have made at work parties & socials. You only need to come to 3 social events & 3 work parties per year so not that bad I think. We have a widening range of members some with children & grandchildren, so like I say if you would like to come & join us give us a call.
  20. We have members that drive from Brighton & they find it worth while. The No live aboard is in the lease so contact CRT about that one.
  21. Well it may not be for everyone, but for me I have made many good friends over the last 8 years & that is priceless. I would hope like minded people would apply & every comment here is helpful good or bad.
  22. Trust me I know the problems we have & I have felt like moving away many times but my wife & I have made our minds up to change things & so have a lot more members. We need nice people who want to join in & make a better boating club for all & a place to meet with family & friends in a nice place.
  23. Sorry to hear that Tony, Like I say some of us want change & this feedback after only a few minutes of posting is very telling.......
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