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  1. Not too far from Burton on Trent.

  2. Hi Tina

    Where are you based now

  3. Eat your ice cream and keep your wise cracks to yourself.... Food o'clock now... just off for a quick jog to work up an appetite....
  4. Actually... I won't benefit from this at all... you are making assumptions again...
  5. OK... THAT'S IT...!!! Was going to show you my Blue Peter badge, but you've blown it now....
  6. Sensible debate? You lost that when you assumed that we are all in good health! Always the tax-payers moan.... will you get a refund on your tax if it doesn't go through? I somehow doubt it...
  7. The usual 'bully boys' joining in now.... Do you really not know...??? Oh dear... As I wasn't party to the actual conversation, I would assume it would come out of the tax payers pocket... like most things do... and yes... I paid tax for over 30 years, so feel I have at least done my bit!
  8. Awww... how sweet... he has his little friend speaking for him now...
  9. Actually... it's 'sexy and funny'.....
  10. You really are happy to add insult to injury, aren't you? Good job everyone isn't as nasty and short-sighted as you are, or it most certainly wouldn't be my choice of lifestyle! I have a very good grasp of how to use public transport and do have a car when I am moored at my home base. Perhaps you should think first before writing... you are coming accross as someone with a HUGE chip on their shoulder. This scheme wouldn't be coming out of YOUR pocket you know...???
  11. Disabled house dwellers usually have a car!!!!!! Strewth....
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