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  1. Thanks for the info David
  2. Can anyone get their teeth into this one? Ivinghoe Bridge, Grand Union. Looks like maybe a joey of some sort, with later additions.
  3. Brilliant, thanks for that!
  4. Anyone able to identify this boat, photographed in Circus Field Basin, Aylesbury on 14/03/18? Looks like a GUCCC boat, converted and possibly shortened (or that might just be the telephoto effect). Looks like it might have the original cabin on the back.
  5. Oh lord preserve us, not the same Alf Roberts that plagued railway preservation forums with batty ideas about turning a sliver of the Dunstable branch into a heritage railway?
  6. A new one from today. A wooden motor outside Jem Bates' drydock at Bulbourne. The boat behind it is HOOD.
  7. Not sure about Ariel. I've got a picture of a boat I'm fairly certain is Ariel and it doesn't seem to be the same boat as in your picture Ian:
  8. Butty at Broadmoor Lock, Cropredy, S Oxford. Any ideas?
  9. How about MILTON MAID? Or does her unconventional design mean she isn't a Carrying Narrow Boat in the conventionally understood sense? A couple of shots of DUSTY here. I'd say she was purpose-built from the look of her but couldn't say for 100% sure.
  10. "The kitchen is fitted with sick". Rather off-putting Edit: Athy beat me to it!
  11. Ha! I was about to post a picture of that same butty that used to be with Hesperus. Thanks for info on Hardy Ian. Yes I agree it looks like Taunton. The windows on the conversion are very distinctive. Cheers.
  12. ..and the second is this wooden motor at Wolfhampcote in 2012. The butty behind it is ARGO, I believe.
  13. I have a few long term residents of my "unidentified" file of working boat photographs. I'm hoping some of the knowledgeable folks on here might be able to pin down their identities. This first on is a converted wooden butty photographed at Kidlington on the Southern Oxford in 2013.
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