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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niagara_Scow more sensibly the trip boats below the falls
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  4. I understood he suffered ill health and sold the boat we saw it in London a few years ago apparently being used as a live aboard, bit of a waste
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  8. Canada (which is generally viewed as a low tax country) regards it's historic canals as a national asset and they are maintained by Parks Canada none of this nonsense about them paying their way.
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  10. I must stop wasting time on facebook and you tube (maybe even cwdf) this might be more relevant to the OP though
  11. There are a lot of Mechanic Jack videos on face book fascinating to watch though a lot of comments about his "shortcuts"
  12. How to overhaul an engine, possibly produced by one of Key Diesel's mechanics? Mechanic Jack
  13. This is very tempting 12 volt converted fridges from about £350. https://belluna.eu/kategorie/kuhlschranke/ A German company but not too bad for delivery to me in Belgium. But they do appear to have an agent in the UK. https://imegastores.co.uk/new-12v-24v-compressor-fridge-98-litre-match-dometic-waeco-cre-crx-campervan or https://www.gumtree.com/p/fridges-freezers/92-liter-compressor-refrigerator-12v-24v-volt-motorhome-caravan-boat-solar/1387344225 They use a Sikelan compressor which is a knock off copy of the Danfoss which probably expains the cheap price. I think I am probably going to go down the 230 v route now but this is tempting and may be of interest to some.
  14. be interesting to know why it failed, cookers unlike many boat, things are often repairable.
  15. when our ha3 seized (lack of use not overheating though) it could not be moved on the handstart even with compressors off, but the starter motor free'd it instantly don't forget to find out why it overheated in the first place!
  16. OK thanks when I am back on the boat I will check the exact model number and make enquiries
  17. Doesn't seem to be any usb connection, just the remote control port but will have a proper look when allowed back to the boat! manual says 6 watts standby it is probably at least 12 maybe 14 years old! Victron 12/1600/70 multiplus
  18. Mine is older it doesn't appear to have the eco mode, I was thinking of one of those that only turn on when they detect a load just for the fridge, but the victron will certanly be OK for now
  19. Do let us know what they say. I looked at the Inlander websites, they repair any make of fridge (but you have to take it to them) they also sell modified mains fridges with a wide choice of base model (and they tell you which base model unlike Shoreline) However I have had enough of this and am replacing with a 230v fridge. Small a++/E standard fridges are hard to find and they are probably built in China too but at least if and when one fails they are cheap and easy to replace. I shall be buying one in Belgium but in the UK Inventor fridges seem popular with the mobile home market (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inventor-Internal-dormitories-Capability-Eco-Friendly/dp/B01E02P3PK/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Inventor+fridge&qid=1628493196&s=appliances&sr=1-4) Research on the internet shows that larder fridges are much more economical to run than those with a proper frozen food section so the a+ status may not be so important in that case but I am told we must have a proper frozen food section unfortunately. A halfway house is those that have a small icebox which barely goes down to 0 degrees (compare the consumption of the Inventor 93l and 98l to get a handle on this) I have a Victron inverter which will run it but will be looking at getting a separate inverter to run the fridge, does anyone have any recommendations?
  20. Despite suspecting the filler point and the engineer checking and retightening this the fridge failed again after a few days, the leak is clearly in a hidden part. I suspect that most of these cheap fridges come from China perhaps there is built in obsolesence. Does anyone want a BD35 12v compressor and control box apparently still working?
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. There is an on off switch on the inverter! The point is that the fridge motor only runs about 30-50% of the time and the rest of the time the inverter is idling and wasting current. If you are not using the inverter for anything else it should be possible to disconnect the fridge thermostat from the motor and wire it to a relay to switch it (and the motor) on and off as required (if your electician is good at that sort of thing!) Ideally the inverter should be psw (pure sine wave) if it is msw (modified sine wave - a cheaper option) may use more current and potentially shorten the life of the motor.
  23. just speculating but possibly it wasn't fitted with a fuse? Easy enough to check the no load consumption of that inverter but is the capacity marked anywhere?
  24. Indeed but then you wont have a freezer compartment and all those useful shelves, salad boxes and bottle racks that fridges have, may suit some though.
  25. I have just had my 12v fridge repaired, it only lasted 5 years as did the one before so if (when?) it fails again it will be skipped and I will be going the 240 volt route. For the fridge it is important to look at the efficiency A++ under the old system or E on the new system. Also the total energy consumption (which will be much higher if there is a chiller compartment so consider carefully if you need that feature.) Small efficient fridges are few and far between, that one you found is one of the few, it is quite small, if you have the space you may want to go larger. The same seller has larger efficient ones. Then for the inverter you would need one which is large enough to cope with the fridge start up current (which is larger than the running current) 1000 watt pure sine wave (with peak of at least 1500) is normally suggested, the current the inverter takes when the fridge is not running is important too. Some inverters have an eco mode where they turn off almost completely until they sense a load but these have been reported as difficult to set up.
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