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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. I assumed there was some sort of lock device as there was a delay between arriving and gate openning? The old lifts do break down often and there was the alarming accident 20 years ago when a barge broke its back as the lift tried to go up before the boat had exited at the bottom! Belgian attitudes to health and safety are not confidence inspiring! We thought the large lift was very smooth only the ground outside receeding showing movement. The inclined plane on the other hand rattled rather alarmingly. There is a small museum at the large lift.
  4. The base of one of the rams about 2m across - these are full of water which is transfered from one side to the other with the first tank descending and pushing the other up. As the ram takes the weight the surrounding structure is rather lighter than our own lif t at Anderton which was converted from hydraulic long ago and uses cables pulled up by electric motors (as does the new giant lift in Belgium)
  5. As the lift goes up they might take the opportunity to grease the runners
  6. it is quite common for boats to shrink when paying for a mooring or licence
  7. Just a thought have you tried an Australian insurer, Pantaenius are specialist yacht insurers with offices in Australia and UK.
  8. which would probably be cheaper in the Netherlands
  9. Leaving the Netherlands now might affect your ability to return later tho?
  10. Bebington Scouts? https://register-of-charities.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-search?p_p_id=uk_gov_ccew_onereg_charitydetails_web_portlet_CharityDetailsPortlet&p_p_lifecycle=2&p_p_state=maximized&p_p_mode=view&p_p_resource_id=%2Faccounts-resource&p_p_cacheability=cacheLevelPage&_uk_gov_ccew_onereg_charitydetails_web_portlet_CharityDetailsPortlet_objectiveId=A11232502&_uk_gov_ccew_onereg_charitydetails_web_portlet_CharityDetailsPortlet_priv_r_p_mvcRenderCommandName=%2Faccounts-and-annual-returns&_uk_gov_ccew_onereg_charitydetails_web_portlet_CharityDetailsPortlet_priv_r_p_organisationNumber=1018802
  11. https://focusonbelgium.be/en/business/autonomous-vessel-being-tested-european-first As far as I can tell these are semi autonomous being linked by radio to a remote control centre, presumably manned - there is a crew member on board whose main occupation seems to be reading his mobile phone and lowering the mast for the one low bridge. A push tug operates the other barge used on the Ijzer in the normal way with a crew of just 2, apparently husband and wife so the saving is not that apparent.
  12. There is a smaller one (38m) built in 1952 moored in Thuin (Belgium) which has been turned into a museum. The cabin is a symphony in polished dark wood. 2 bedrooms and saloon but no bathroom definitely historic.
  13. in this day and age surely a small reversing camera is possible
  14. something like this would be better than an angle grinder as it can run slower https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb808psh-electric-polisher-220-240v/936KV?tc=IC6&ds_kid=92700055256569560&ds_rl=1244066&gclsrc=ds&gclsrc=ds
  15. not quite historic https://www.interencheres.com/vehicules/peniche-de-transport-de-marchandises-308268/
  16. I am thinking of upgrading to one of these (B535) on the assumption that 5g units are going to be out of my price range for some time? Just wondering what size the plug is for when a 12v converter is added I have seen 2.1mm and 2.5mm mentioned?
  17. trouble is, after a while people get used to their own smell don't notice it and think it has gone away, visitors do though
  18. mine (20L) came with a 12 v cigar plug and a 230v adapter I assume they all do, just noticed actually these are listed in the advert. Package Content 1 x Car Refrigerator 1 x DC power cord 1 x Adapter for AC power 1 x User Manua
  19. As our fridges don't last long (2 Shorelines in 10 years) I have bought one of these (smaller version) to act as back up. Now its a chinese compressor (but then Danfoss are made in China now) and Vevor don't get good reviews for customer service but it arrived earlier than expected and more or less does what it says on the tin , the thermostat is not that accurate (but nor is Shoreline) and though you can use it as either a fridge or a freezer it struggles to get down to minus 18, the insulation is a bit thin but could probably be added to externally. Overall though good value as long as it lasts a few years. I will report back hopefully more than 5 years from now. https://www.vevor.co.uk/car-refrigerator-c_10723/portable-car-fridge-freezer-cooler-1-94cu-ft-50l-mini-refrigerator-12v-220v-p_010396450836
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. They (the rowing club) already operate a tidal system on the river at Broxbourne (which is really too narrow for rowing seriously with or without moored boats) so no not an argument that holds any water.
  22. Or a 2 pack (epoxy) primer but that assumes the surface has been properly prepped. For the exterior cabin epoxy base coats but 2 pack polyurethene on top gives all the colours you want and is as tough as possible.
  23. Belgian beer is rather nice, often (even though in a bottle) "real ale" i.e. unpasteurised and around 8%
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