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  1. I am all too well aware of the problems of finding a mooring; so many issues and that's before I even think about the boat! Does anyone have experience of the Bridgwater and Taunton (not Bridgewater- manchester) canal? Ideally I'd reside there, but if not then somewhere along the Bath and Bristol branch of the Kennet and Avon. Is it realistic of me to hope for a mooring this year? How much of a challenge am I taking on?!
  2. Wow! that's really got me thinking! Thanks everyone for your input. I'm contemplating a narrowboat but I haven't fully investigated my options and financial implication yet. I guess what I need to take into consideration is that the same problems will arise as in a shared house only amplified because of the confined space. Bones, you make a good point, it is ultimately down to me whether It's lonely or not. My plan is to live on a stretch of canal very close to friends so if I choose to live alone I can have an open door policy! I think all things taken into account, if I choose to have a friend onboard it will have to be a solid friendship and a big boat. I also hadn't taken into consideration the flexibility and changeability of living afloat; if I did want to move on or if my circumstances changed I'd a bit tied down by the implications involved for the other person. When I picture it in my head I picture just myself on my boat and I think that says it all really, so on that note (and to flip this topic on it's head), can anyone give me some hints and tips on living alone afloat?
  3. Hello all, I'm currently investigating the living afloat lifestyle and pondering a new boat build but have a few questions (well more than a few but this is a staring point..). Could anyone give me some guidance on whether it's a good idea to buy/build a larger boat with the idea of sharing the space with friends? I am undertaking the project by myself but I don't want to end up living by myself, (I'm the kind of person who has a propensity towards solitude if I don't keep myself in check) would it make financial sense to buy a bigger boat with this in mind? Also, how many feet are we talking about for a boat that could house 2/3 people fairly comfortably? I'm looking forward to help from the wealth of experience that is clearly evident within this forum!
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