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  1. I am all too well aware of the problems of finding a mooring; so many issues and that's before I even think about the boat! Does anyone have experience of the Bridgwater and Taunton (not Bridgewater- manchester) canal? Ideally I'd reside there, but if not then somewhere along the Bath and Bristol branch of the Kennet and Avon. Is it realistic of me to hope for a mooring this year? How much of a challenge am I taking on?!
  2. Wow! that's really got me thinking! Thanks everyone for your input. I'm contemplating a narrowboat but I haven't fully investigated my options and financial implication yet. I guess what I need to take into consideration is that the same problems will arise as in a shared house only amplified because of the confined space. Bones, you make a good point, it is ultimately down to me whether It's lonely or not. My plan is to live on a stretch of canal very close to friends so if I choose to live alone I can have an open door policy! I think all things taken into account, if I choose to have
  3. Hello all, I'm currently investigating the living afloat lifestyle and pondering a new boat build but have a few questions (well more than a few but this is a staring point..). Could anyone give me some guidance on whether it's a good idea to buy/build a larger boat with the idea of sharing the space with friends? I am undertaking the project by myself but I don't want to end up living by myself, (I'm the kind of person who has a propensity towards solitude if I don't keep myself in check) would it make financial sense to buy a bigger boat with this in mind? Also, how many feet are
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