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  1. Surely just because somone is paying a licence to a navigation authority it in no way proves they actually own the vessel. So even if you could make them supply that information, it proves nothing? I have never had to provide CRT, or BW before them, with evidence I own my boats. As long as the boat is licensed, I do't think they have any interest in its ownership.
  2. They have, which is why I am curious about the need to reopen the 12 yera old one. I am reminded of a previous poster who clearly had an issue with Wllowbridge, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt that they are not one and the same person!
  3. I don't think you can compare a cassette to a pump out loo, as the latter tend to use far more flush water than the very minimal amounts you tend to use with the former. Trust me, you will eventually, if you do. Do you have a good supply of strong rubber gloves?
  4. I have had exactly the type of connector that David as linked to on a te last boat. Very straightforward, and, (in our case at least), totally problem free. (Unlike the pump they were connected to!....)
  5. To me it seems rather odd that although you have raised a question about where you can have your boat craned to work on it, you also seem to be going out of your way to target this company, (to the extent of searching out and reopening a 12 year old thread!). You have already made it clear you would not use this company, so what do you hope to achieve by digging back in history. As I asked you in your other thread, what is their sister site in MK called, and where is it located? If you are trying to stop people using them, wouldn't that be worth explaining?
  6. But note that their mooring tariff says.... so you would need to see whether Gayton surcharges for a boat of just 20 feet.
  7. So what is the sister business to Willowbridge Marina called, and where exactly is it? I can't immediately think of anywhere else that near to MK where craning out and working in it yourself is a possibility. To the South there is that operation between Linslade and Grove Lock, (called "the Boat Shop" possibly?), but I don't know if they allow DIY. To the North there are still boats out of water on the side at the old Concoform yard in Weedon, but nothing seems to change there, and I'm again not sure it is a site for active DIY.
  8. I have only dipped in and out of your continuous output on this topic, but the one thing I have not personally noted is any great support from anyone at all about your viewpoint, (assuming, of course they can actually make sense of it). Perhaps you need to consider that if you are not getting through to anybody at all, and making even a single convert, that just maybe you might be wrong? (You appear rather like a driver going the wrong way up a one way street yelling at everybody coming the other way, believing the error to be theirs.....)
  9. Yes, but that is not what I was referring to as being dragged behind the electric tug, even afer the overhead wire was in use. Sorry for small size of image, but the following is captioned as... So it seems there was a time when both the overhead pickup and the battery boat was part of the operation. I certainly don't think it is a trading boat being towed - it doesn't look like a tar boat, being about the only possibility, given it is decked over.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. And you joined just to tell us that. Not many people travel from California for the HNBC AGM, so you must be bitterly disappointed. ? Either that or you have joined up for purposes other than telling us this, particularly as the date for the AGM has already passed!
  12. I rather fear I am looking at something similar on one of our boats, (yet to be investigated). The problem would appear to be that it is not currently possible to source a new Epping, let alone Epping spares. The previously very viable alternative of the Tomlow, of which Brinklow Boat Services built a batch, also seems not to be available A forum member snapped up one located in a chandlery a while back, but I doubt anybody else has one. I'd emphasize I've not actively started researching this, and am only reporting second hand what others have told me.
  13. This is the one case where I would be happy to use one of those wretched ratchet windlasses.... ....because I wouldn't have to
  14. So, if like me, you had a 1930s boat that still had 1930s bits on that are now deeply pitted with rust, forming irregular pits, what technique would you use on all areas to "get rid of rust properly"? I have never found any kind of wire brush, manual or mechanical, can ever do it to the point that you can realistically call it "rust free". I also don't buy the argument, (not that you are making it, I accept), that provided you fully cover such areas with good layers of primer and paint that the rust will be contained and not reappear because moisture can't get to it. In my experience such areas always fail quickly again, which is why I resort to Vactan, Kurust or similar, (but never any more Fertan, which I consider worse than useless). For clarity the areas involved are too small to shot blast (!), and I don't have easy access to needle guns or similar.
  15. Yes, anywhere before any NRV, so as both the two above answers say.
  16. Excellent, and to a nerd like me fascinating. I would have thought 138V DC within easy reaching distance was a major hazard, but health and safety, who cared back then! (My understanding is that DC is potentially a ot more dangerous than AC). Haulage on a cable as the return conductor was the only way I could see it could work. Sources that say it puled on a chain ould seem to be incorrect then, as I suspected they had to be. It is interesting though that it says that the accumulator boat stopped being used when the overhead wire went in, because plenty of pictures show the tugs with overhead pick up to a wire, but still towing the accumulator boats - I had always assumed they were retained so that they helped provide the power, whilst being topped up by the overhead supply. Why were they still being pulled through if not?
  17. Your posts leave me increasingly confused at the best of times, but I really do have absolutely no idea of your intended meaning here!
  18. To be fair we make fairly regular use of Travelodge or Premier Inn hotels, and quite often pay less than £60 a night, particularly if booking ahead with a "Saver" (non cancellable) rate. Premier Inn is usually a bit upmarket of Travelodge, but also usually the more expensive - but not always - I'm easily swayed by a posh purple "sash" across the foot of my bed, though! Sometimes the experience is "average", rather than "top notch", but in either it is seldom "poor". Cath's experience in a Premier Inn last year was highly unusual, and they admitted they knew they had a problem with old equipment, and apologised and refunded without quibble, but I agree they probably do that when demanded rather than closing one of their less good hotels for weeks for a complete heating replacement. She is away right now on a similar trip to North Wales, and you are of course correct - she has booked a different hotel for her return trip! It was a good strategy that that cheap hotel in Loughborough used - if you hide all the staff, nobody can complain, (the Boris in a fridge, approach).
  19. At least she didn't go to her vehicle in the middle of the night to fetch tools to try and fix the hotel's plumbing! ?
  20. Doesn't look to be a strong resemblance to Hednesford Basin, although it might be a different part or from a different angle... (Anglesey Basin seems to be trickier to Google for, as apparently a firm called Anglesey make taps for basins!)
  21. You did well no find standard sized new bores, piston and rins. For both the HAs I have had rebuilt in recent years my restorer used oversized ones because that was all he could source at the time. Or more accurately I could have had Indian made parts in a standard size, but wanted to avoid non English parts due to reported problems with the former. Good engines when in good order, and still seem to often manage to keep going when they are not!
  22. Actually the instructions sy it can be used down to 1 degree C! That really surprised me, but they do. I hate the stuff., having once prepped some gunwales, followed the instructions, but then come back a few days later to find a new covering of rust. After that I scrapped it, and only ever used Fertan or Kurust, which actually seem t work. I would not use either of these on a baseplate at this time of year, though - almost doomed to failure I would have thought.
  23. You can all stop fighting for it - it does say "Sale Agreed", so clearly someone likes the bow.
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