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    Pump Seal Change

    So.....I'm not telling you to do this, however, I had to have a tinkle. So I kept the pump and purchased a kit. Given that I'm not doing much more than changing the shaft seals I considered it a challenge. Took me 30 minutes to replace them. It may be turnout to be a worthless repair. One thing I can say is that the seals were tough and split. I will give it a try to see if it works next week. If it does it's a bonus. I have enclosed some instructions that proved invaluable. P.s the current pump just isn't operating as it should. BMC CAV 1.8 pump.pdf Shaft seal replacement 1.8 BMC CAV.pdf BMC CAV Governor Housing.pdf
  2. I’ve heard about that trick before! It’s probably never had any cleaner put through it to be honest. Can’t imagine fishing an engine out of the river and managing to get it started again!
  3. So…..turns out the idle governor was set right. Took her out for a trial run. at 900 Rpm it would push her up to 5mph punching the tide. 1200 RPM would give me well over 6mph. Oil pressure sat at 45psi. Temperature was good. Did have a moment of horror when I saw the crank case pressure had hit over 80 psi….lead had come of sensor! so it’s hitting the speeds at lower revs. Did cut out when I tried to reverse at speed but that was just the idle been set a bit low. She is a 30 foot boat. she is a bit Smokey on idle although nothing terrible as the revs build. I was thinking about getting the injectors re furbished. Also take a look at the air filter as this may be problem? I did wonder if my prop had become fouled? Before I had run away I had rescued a boat and had gone into shallow water. I think it’s unlikely though. Is it worth getting the injectors refurbished? Anyone had experience of this? Be good to hear. Or is it just a common problem that old diesels are just smoke a bit! Cheers.
  4. Cheers Tony you’re a star! I’ll get you a beer one day! 😂
  5. Can’t really mess it up. The worst that could happen is that I have to screw it back in? famous last words….. I’ll have a tinker tomorrow. I couldn’t see anything in the manual that referenced that particular part and it’s setting. It’s running ok. No smoke when warm. Just lacking that power. Cheers for your advice.
  6. Hi Tony. So I went and had another tinker. Pump definitely goes round to both stops so using full range of throttle. Nothing more than 1200 rpm. Tony I found the bolt you were on about. The one below is the setting on the old pump. The bolt on new one is screwed right in. I’m assuming this is governing the amount of fuel so unscrew to allow more fuel through? Is it as simple as that? No special tools etc! cheers Simon
  7. Are you referring to this bolt Tony?
  8. Thanks Tony…..So slacken off the 3 nuts and slightly rotate the pump. Setting the cables was a pain in the arse! She is ticking over at at around 500 rpm without issue. The cable pulls the lobe around to the stop. That pin is secured with wire so I assume not to touch it! So both idle and full revs going to the right points. If I do advance do I twist the pump towards the block or away? Cheers Tony!
  9. An interesting day tinkering. Fitted pump, not much of an issue at all. Bled and fired up with no smoke. I lined up the timing pump to pointer so all good. However, I put her into gear whilst tied up and she would only hit 1300 revs. I was wondering if the timing needs to be slightly advanced? She hit over 2400 before on a burst. Would maintain temperature at 2000 revs when punching the tide on Breydon water. I’m going to river test her tomorrow. Any thoughts if this is where I could be losing power?
  10. So Calcutt marine confirmed this and thanks Tony. The chap Roger certainly knows his pumps 🤯. I’ve read other threads about timing these. It of course has a scribed line on the pump and the pointer is in place. The line is pretty much the same as the one that came off. Fitting the pump is easy as it has a master spline so that’s helpful. So fingers crossed to getting it fitted up tomorrow and running smoothly. Although nothing ever goes that well and I’m sure the pump will need some jiggling around before she runs up 🤞
  11. I’m guessing the nut was where the solonnoid electric shut off would have gone so shouldn’t be an issue?
  12. Excited to receive a new pump for the 1.8 bmc. Although the pump numbers are slightly different. One is mid 4900 and the other a 5000. Will this work with the current engine? One also has a nut at the back where as the new one doesn’t.
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