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  1. I recall watching that when it first came out, any info on which TV station?.
  2. Hi, I use a Dremmel with grinding bit, works well.
  3. Hi, I actually had a Keb, but that was Nb. named Keb! - real Kebs are useful, but bearing in mind 'H&S' difficult to store. You need a long one! and bearing in mind how often you would use it, I would try to make one which fitted on the end of a Boat shaft or quanting pole.........and then removed when not needed. Bit like one shaft fits several garden tools (Wolf range?)......... Some umbrella fixing could be used for this. l.
  4. LEO

    Doris Day

    Sorry to read this sad news, Happy memories of her singing ' Move over Darling' accompanied by 4 bricklayers on a building site I worked on aged 15 (it was actually a part of our garden and we were building a bungalow on it). My brother and I still wind each other up over this song! Happy days a career in building construction and houses followed. Thanks Doris! for this and many other great songs. The building site was great, I had to keep the cement mixer and it's Lister 'D' running sweetly.
  5. Not sure about the orange pipe in the oil supply pipe and BSC requirements. Agree with the comments about Toby Valves.
  6. Hi, Note you mention carrying out 'improvement' work in a marina - take care on this point, many marinas now have high residential occupancy levels and have strict rules about the amount/scope of DIY work allowed. If you intend cruising the whole network take care with the length of boat as some canals have length restrictions. Good luck!. L
  7. Interesting comments about vehicle/deer collisions. The deer I mainly come across are Muntjac and Sika deer and cars hitting these do seem to be expensively damaged - air con units, especially seem vulnerable. The deer in my garden are Muntjacs, as are the ones seen in the canal locally.
  8. Tricky, there are now so many small deer that they have almost become a nuisance. One actually lives in my garden (the house is half a mile from Chesham town centre). It is a pest and eats all my runner beans when I try to grow them, but none the less it has been a 'resident' for about 3 years now and I would quite miss it if it left. I too see them drowned in the canal along the Tring summit, sadly there is not much you can do to prevent this. If you are driving and hit one, it's generally an expensive repair to the car and if you try to rescue an injured one take care, they have small sharp horns, it's best to try to cover their head with a cloth to calm them down. The RSPCA round here (Chilterns) are not very helpful with injured animals, a local animal hospital St Tigglewinkles at Haddenham are far better.
  9. Actually I am quite interested, just had a wonderful lunch, am getting a bit fed up with boating, but love my 2LW..... this engine would be hopeless in a boat but would make a great display unit. A guy does the shows with a 1L2..... and this unit would top it. Now did the Lemoncello/ Port and Stilton put me in a buying mood. Trailer plus draw bar on the car........
  10. The boat did not look that old and was generally well kept. Original steel thickness of the lockers was 4mm . I think the main fault was the water storage tank taking up all of the bow area and I suspect condensation exacerbated the problem. The two boats I have owned have had self contained free standing tanks and I have not seen rust problems like this. The Engineer was doing a brilliant job of physically getting into the small area, cutting steel out and welding in new steel bulkheads and floors.
  11. I had my boat re-blacked recently and came across this piece of steel which had been cut out and was being replaced (Errrr not on my boat fortunately). It was the bottom of the gas locker and adjoining integral water tank. New steel work was in the process of being welded in. The boat looked well kept. Water had been entering the locker via the drain holes.
  12. Looks good, but keep it well watered with a sprinkler, otherwise the turf will shrink badly. are you on a water meter?...... Love the walls. you will be able to grow some nice plants up it and the garden will be nicely sheltered.
  13. LEO

    Injector Puller

    Hi, A couple of pics of the Gardner injector (sprayer) spanner I have, it's 10cm long (the 'T' bar is 60mm) and the box opening is 14mm, The small Brass plate. has the Gardner logo, and instruction - SPRAYER KEY - tighten the clamp nuts only with this key if the nuts are screwed up too tightly the sprayer cannot work properly. So don't tighten your nuts up too much. Mike.
  14. LEO

    Injector Puller

    Agree with your comment. The hammer is very well made and nice to have something hand made within these shores......
  15. LEO

    Injector Puller

    Hi, I have a Gardner box spanner for injectors and a slide hammer (made by Tim Leech) if you want to borrow them... M.
  16. Interesting, as a kid I spent summer holidays with 'fishing mad' rellies at Newport Pagnell (just along from Wolverton), the rivers Ouse and Ouzel (Lovat) were in great condition, water so clear, you could see the fish, underwater weed growth and bottom, great days. I visited Mk last week and revisited some of those spots, 60 years on how things have changed, the Ouse has been re-aligned and the Ouzel has a poor flow of turgid brown water. Real shame.
  17. You still can, when weather conditions are right (it tends to be in frosty conditions). It's quite interesting and spectacular, the shoals of large carp have disappeared over the last few years and sometimes the water is clear for about 50 yards beyond the marina entrance. Additional sources of water for the canal are the rivers Chess and Misbourne, the first joins the canal at Ricky and the second, just above Uxbridge, both are chalk streams and suffer badly from water extraction. The river Gade is another source, joining the canal at Hemel.
  18. I can see where you are coming from, but the Housing Market in this country has always been affected by basic economics - supply and demand and demand has always exceeded supply. We are moving into a potentially grey area with this post and I think it's fair to leave it at this point.
  19. True, but When I saw the price of the house you are leaving I really could believe it...It's the first residential unit, in good condition below £100K (or even £90K) I have seen for many years.
  20. I think the resentment stems from the fact that 'Buy to Let' landlords screwed the property market up by 'hoovering' up all the cheap properties, and made it virtually impossible for First Time buyers to get onto the property ladder, and then we have the Help to Buy scheme which further lifted property prices. First time buyers are now reduced to living on boats in many instances, thus we have the canals jammed packed with boats in London and three BWML marinas locally are achieving 100% occupancy with increasing numbers of residential moorings. Alternatively they could move into rented accommodation, but either way the chances of saving money for a deposit on a house are slim.
  21. LEO

    2lw Exhaust Header

    Yo! Mark, Must be a Walsh's conversion - he paints coming off!. . Hope all well, Mike.
  22. Hi, Really it's the Agents responsibility to arrange a time with you and for them to accompany possible purchasers. Amazing price, house presents well. Good luck in your new home.
  23. Looks good and amazing value - you would pay an extra £175 to £200K in this area (South Bucks). Hope all goes well with the trade-in, all I hear as a justification for low prices is 'it's the Brexit effect'. Cobblers! I say.
  24. My first boat, purchased in 1988 had a pump similar to the previous picture, I upgraded this to the model in the attached picture in 1992, to improve water circulation (it was a BMC raw water cooled engine). I got the new unit from Cleghorn & Waring? in Baldock. I replaced the screwed grease caps for grease nipples. It's probably still in use on the engine. It worked well, but you had to get the right sized Picador pulley for good circulation of the coolant. I eventually changed the engine from raw water cooling to a heat exchanger system. Sounds to me as though the OP ran into problems with his pump through a lack of grease. If adjusted correctly you will get the odd drip of water through the nut, it's best not to over tighten this.
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