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  1. Just said 'I had a long hose'! ATB Albi
  2. Hi, Intersting replies, the boat which I mentioned above, sold quickly, it had full documentation from new, although I was the 3rd owner and it was privately built, I was able to contact the original owner and obtain pics of the build ect. It had also been maintained meticulously, again with full records. I have been dealing with residential properties for many years and am often amazed at the poor presentation of what people are trying to sell - be it houses, boats or cars. With regard to house inspections, fleas have become an increasing problem (I often had to undress in the garage after a days work to avoid bringing unwanted visitor's home), presumably boats with fitted carpets, dogs and cats may have the same problem. I am also wary of brokers who hand over the keys to boats for unaccompanied viewings, but preesumably it's dificult to sell direct if there is a broker attached to the marina. ATB. Albi
  3. Hi, A fair reply from 'Nice Narrowboat' and perhaps the most logical. When selling anything you have to work out your market, and pitch your price just ahead or at what that maket will pay. Thus, in a sellers market prices can be alittle optomistic, but in a buyers market you have to pitch them much more keenly and be prepared to take a knock. It' s better to get cash in the bank than to have the asset sitting round costing you money. I dealt with the property market, repos and analysis of same for years, particulary in the crash of '89 and it all boils down to people spending more than they can afford. The areas where prices are low are the last to increase in price, that increase will be rapid, these areas are then the first to fall in price and price falls will be rapid. Troughs and peaks in any market are caused by irresponsible lending and spending of money. Beware anyone who say's 'I will buy your house for cash' - if a private buyer I found they were normally telling 'porkies' and if a Company they would do ANYTHING to 'screw' the price down as low as possible. Selling boats - I was faced with owning 2 boats in November 2005 - broker suggested asking price of £18250, ( I felt value about £16000) but stated she had 'someone who would pay £15000', deal done with that purchaser PDQ. ( I was happy - bought the boat for £9500 19 years previously). In real terms to me that boat was worth £14500 cash - to project a 'real' figure you should deduct all the costs of sale. I had cause to look back at a house transaction completed in 1991 for someone yesterday, checking the relative papers , the mortgage offer gave the rate of interest as 14.5% now that really does concentrate the mind. ATB Albi
  4. Hi, Excuse me for butting in, but if you are thinking of the Trout at Godstow, consider taking out a secong mortgage... crips about £1 a bag................... Albi
  5. Hi, A fair reply if you are an experienced owner but not sure what a hire company would say in the circumstances of proceeding when 'Red Boards' are showing. Also insurers would look closely at the river conditions prevailing in the event of a claim, especially if the boat was being hired and proceeding against reasonable advice. I am mindful of report by a boater (in a Magazine -WW) who was moored (at the Lock Keepers instruction) below a lock in the summer floods and had their boat seriously mis-shapen by a 'prat' trying to turn across the stream, hitting them side on, his boat was probably Ok but the correspondent's boat sounded as if it needed a lot of straightening work. I have used the Thames regularly since 1975 and hope that the conditions which prevailed last summer are not repeated, but under normal circumstances I agree it is quite easy to navigate, but mind the shiny 'jelly moulds' especially in the locks. Best to be careful and forewarned, now about Henley Regatta................... but the journey is palnned for May. Albi
  6. Hi, I had a BMC 1.5 lovely little engines but could be a b....r to start, especially on cold days. Half throttle and at least 60 secs on the Glow-plugs plus you need a well charged battery. Started easily then Careful if you take a glow plug out they can break easily (the heater rod) and then it's a head off job to replace it. Hope that helps. Albi
  7. Hi, Not sure if this helps, but last June we (crew of 4 blokes) did bottom of Hanwell flight to Enslow wharf in 44 hours, doing several locks on the R Thames ourselves and being thwarted on several early starts because electrified locks suitable for self operation had tripped out and could not be operated until the keeper appeared at 9.00 am (Abingdon being a particular example). EA useless, assured me the River was Ok but it was 'yellow' boards all the way and we just made it through just before they shut the river to boaters due to floods. The Oxford canal bordered on the 'red' markers. Used a lot more fuel going upstream and remember to book a passage through Brentford Lock and lock opening times can delay you (check tide tables carefully). Try and catch the tidal flow towards Teddington as this will save a ot of time) We stopped at Laleham (good spot - no charge), Marlow (above the lock - charged but avoid by arriving late and leaving early, can be full). Whitchurch good rural moorings (Free), Abingdon. (below the bridge, we did not pay). Timings Hanwell/Laleham 8hrs, Laleham/Marlow 11.3hrs Marlow/Whitchurch 8.5rs Whitchurch /Abingdon 7.6hrs Abingdon /Enslow 9.0hrs. LOTS OF RAIN!!!! Not sure if you are doing the Thames above Oxford, but that's the best bit. If the weather's good and it's a weekend, delays at some locks can be long. Not sure what engine you have (if it's the same boat you have used before it may be a Lister SR which will plod along against the flow but will not give a spectacular performance). As we were the only boat in the lock on many ocassions the keepers let us keep the engine running which saved time and a lot of 'ducking' back and forth to the engine room. Albi
  8. Hi, My pal Bob has a 3 cylinder Ruston which developed a starting problem, we checked everything and finally it was cured. 1 - make sure your batteries are in good condition and able to turn the engine over quickly enough for a fair while. 2 - Insert an ignited blow torch in the engine air inlet. 3 - Hand crank t before with the de compression lever open for a few turns before hitting the starter button. Hope this helps. ALBI
  9. Hi, It would been nice to do the move by boat, but it was November 2005 and there was a long stoppage at Milton Keynes and the R Trent was running very high. I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was and by the time I had worked out all the other costs, overland was the best option. The actual journey was Newark to Bletchley. Hope that helps. Albi
  10. Hi, I note you say transport by road is not an option, but it'is worth considering. I had to move a boat a considerable from Lincoln (where it was moored) and taking into account stoppages, vehicle fuel costs general convenience it was worth ring up Tuckeys (who did an excellent job) and paying slippage fees each end. In the end it cost about £750 for a 48 ft boat. Not sure how long the boat you are considering moving is. It saves worry over breakdowns, vandal attacks when you leave it and payments for short term moorings. Albi
  11. Thanks, not sure how many were made but they must be few and far between now, marine ply construction tended to shrink and swell at will and they were the most impractical of boats. Mike
  12. Hi, A friend used to run a Brooklands Marine (Northampton) Dolphin 16 - low headroom, front steering position, everything had to be done in a 'crouched' position. I am working on an article an would like to include a photot of one, All pictures returned and creditted. We only have one picture of 'Puffin' and have mislaid that one, ( in the 1970's you actually decided whether you could afford to take the picture!). Thanks for any help. Leo
  13. Hi, Thought this may be of interest Re:Red Diesel. Tax Changes for canal users 1 Year, 3 Months ago Red Diesel and White Diesel. White diesel is called derv and is used on the highway so it is highly taxed. Red diesel is tax exempt and only used for agricultural or marine use . There is no chemical difference other than the red die added to help the customs and excise when they check your tank. As is the case for most of the refined products derived from petroleum crude oil, diesel oil has no specific "chemical composition". It is a mixture of dozens of different hydrocarbons, including those classified as: paraffins; olefins; aromatics; and naphthenes. The physical properties of diesel oil vary somewhat from one refinery to another. However, in general, diesel oil has an initial boiling point temperature of about 300 degrees F and a final boiling point of about 625 degrees F. It also contains hydrocarbons ranging from those containing about 10 carbon atoms to those containing about 20 carbon atoms. It has a specific gravity of about 0.850 which is equivalent to an API gravity of 35. Two diesel oils for which I have compositional data indicate that they contain about 75 weight percent paraffins and about 23 weight percent aromatics. The remaining 2 weight percent are resins. Running a Gardner with the older 14:1 compression ratio pistons on White or Red Diesel will have no effect whatsoever on cold smoke. Cold white smoke on start-up was a low compression ration problem and not a flash point issue. Later Gardner’s Euro classification was a bit of a joke, the green sprayers and green injection pump was a money making move, what improved emissions was the employment of 15:1 compression ratio pistons. The vast majority of modern agricultural tractors and excavators by caterpillar that run on Red Diesel employ state of the art common rail fuel injection, which is not designed for a less refined fuel. Paraffin The physical properties of paraffin will vary to Kerosene. Gardner engines will run on Kerosene or household heating fuel of No. 1 Fuel type. Kerosene Kerosene has a lighter density than diesel oil, a lower boiling range than diesel oil (hence, it is more volatile than diesel oil), and it very probably has a much poorer Cetane Number than diesel oil. All of these factors will result in poorer performance of your diesel engine. Damage in the fuel injection pump and sprayer tips can also be expected due to decreased lubrication performance of Kerosene. Gardner's suggested adding 1% lubricating oil to the Kesosene to overcome the lubrication issue. Adding engine oil to Kerosene further changed its character. It is taken from a Gardner Forum Entry by a memeber who is a renowed expert on fuel oils. The Forum is well worth a visit, and registering to make use of all it's features. Highly recommended to Gardner Owners - www.gardner-enthusiast.com Hope this helps. Albi.
  14. Interesting, but without testing the fuel to be certain I would say Peter is very honest. Any problems and his whole customer base would know about it quickly and trade (selling fuel & coal) would vanish overnight. He has been suppying me with diesel for heating and propulsion for several years and I have never had any problems. I am sure that if the wrong fuel were sold we would notice problems with at least one of the engines in boats on the moorings. Pleased you enjoyed your stay at the Cowroast & the pub. Leo.
  15. Hi, A bit late on this one, but really all you need is a 'Bill of Sale' giving full details of boat, vendor and purchaser and importantly confirmation that the vendor is the sole owner of the boat and has good title there to, plus confirmation that it is not subject to any hire purchase agreement. Oh and allow time for funds to clear - 'CHAPS' clearance is money well spent. Hope that helps Albi
  16. Hi,, I paid 72ppl last Wed, from Peter on Bletchley. He normally supplies us and it reflects the general cost of diesel at the moment. This time last year it was 50ppl (same supplier). Albi
  17. I note the comments about the fire on the cabin cruiser, I saw it at Marsworth during the summer - it looked like an accident waiting to happen - small cabin cruisers do not lend themselves to having solid fuel fires installed. I would doubt it would meet BSC standards. Fourtunately it looks as though there were no boats moored close by which could have been fire damaged. Lots of rubbish on the towpath to clear up as well as the remains of the boat to remove - another bill for BW (us!) to pick up. When I saw it the boat had no licence or mooring certificates.
  18. Hi, Early morning starts are the best, slowdown past other boats though, presumably it's a 24 hour licence so why not use as many hours as possible. Also helps spread the load with numerous boats using the system. If people tie up properly and use a 4 point mooring system, the moored boat barely moves, I know as I'm second in on a linear mooring. ATB MIKE
  19. Try AMC diesels somewhere in Blackpool (they advertise widely) very helpful when I had a BMC !.5 - Lovely engines, now swapped for a Gardner, equally as nice but gets through the fuel a bit. I had a wet silencer on my BMC and it was as quiet as a mouse when running. Best of Luck Mie.
  20. LEO

    Tiller Arm

    Hi, I have a 'hinged' tiller and find it excellent, the rudder is self centering and the only complaint I have about it is when in the 'hinged' position there is a sharp point ready to leave a severe imprint on an unsuspecting skull coming up from the Boatman's. Saw them for sale at the Cowroast to-day. Very substantial hinge arrangement - unlikely to break. MIKE
  21. LEO

    deisel stove!

    Hi, I have a Kabola 'Old Dutch' - really excellent it does blow out but this is normally an indication it needs a good clean out, probably about once a month. Be careful cleaning the inside, it's easy to damage the thermal coupling to the flame failure device. Hoover the displaced carbon out and clean all the holes at the bottom of the burner. Mine is set to tickover at it's lowest setting and also provides hot water (gravity system) use a pump if the setting is higher, I leave it running 24/7 and use an Eco fan. Be careful if re-lighting and make sure you leave it 30mins to cool down as meths evaporates very quickly, especially when warmed and you will be badly burnt if ignited too soon. Had a solid fuel fire in the previous boat, nice but what a joke with all the dust etc., only draw back with the diesel is what happens when the price goes up - I have a dedicated 50 gallon tank and will probably pay extra just for the convenience. I estimate my diesel stove uses about 1.75 litres a day on tickover. hope this helps. MIKE
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