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  1. I took some drone footage while out last week. I’m still a beginner user but 50m high isn’t that far when looking at footage, I did however spend ages waiting for clear stretches of canal before using mine. The 150m is for large crowds or large congested areas like city centres, not individual buildings or villages. It is also only a guidance code, the new actual laws only stipulate a max altitude of 120m and not within 1km of an airport boundary which I think is too close anyway. I’m trying to be a responsible user but there are those that don’t care. Once I the weather changes I’ll spend time indoors editing my footage and post on here. Joe
  2. As Nickf rightly says GP's aren't allowed to direct you where to go. Nightwatch has it right, the practice don't necessarily care where the precipitous goes as long as they're not having to do any work. Joe
  3. At last something I can contribute to, I'm a pharmacist. Patient access is a system supplied to the practice by their chosen IT provider (EMIS), it has nothing to do with the NHS or the pharmacy. By far the most fool proof way to do this is to take a little control yourself. Know where your going to be and call the pharmacy you want to collect your meds from (controlled drugs CANNOT be sent via EPS). Have your NHS number to hand and ask the pharmacy to be your nominated pharmacy. Once that's done THEN order your repeat prescription with your GP it'll go to the currently nominated pharmacy. You can change this at any time you like but it's much more reliable doing it this way than by relying on the receptionists to get it right, trust me. Joe
  4. Nice boat we actually passed it a few weeks ago I think while passing through barbridge. It took me a few passes through the photos to figure out the layout but if it's stern-bathroom-galley-saloon-bedroom-bow then it's not one of seen before but makes a lot of sense in my mind.
  5. Fact check time. I'm a pharmacist. EPS2 means you can nominate ANY pharmacy at ANY time your GP is full of it. If the GP for some misguided and wrong reason says that you can't keep changing pharmacy then contact your most convenient pharmacy at that time BEFORE you order your repeat prescription and they'll happily fill the electronic prescription for you. Joe PS and very very important there are other chemists apart from boots and lloyds. Please support your local independent pharmacy (you'll most likely get a vastly better service too.)
  6. That is pretty handy. Bookmarked.
  7. Some wood ash mixed with vinegar brings mine up a treat. Apply and buff off with newspaper.
  8. I had a similar issue on my share boat. Turned out the seal on the dipstick had perished and oil was coming out from there. Disclaimer: this is only what I was told by a mechanic who looked at it and I lack the experience to fully agree or disagree. Joe
  9. joe1978

    cutting logs

    I have a stihl ms181 at home and it's never missed a beat.
  10. Interesting observation. We're currently heading north on the south oxford and moored last night at Kirtlington Quarry. And between mooring up at about 16.30 by about 19.00 we were listing slightly on a small ledge, nothing major but noticeable and tonight the same happened moored not far above Nells bridge lock on towpath side not the Pigs Place. Moored up about 17.30 then by about 20.30 I noticed we were listing slightly. I slackened the mooring lines just in case but no further apparent drop since.
  11. We did the Black Country ring a couple of years ago from the Anglowelsh base a bit further out from alvechurch. We found it easily doable in a hire week and very enjoyable too. 11 days with a full crew easy. Hope you have a ball. IIRC Cadbury will either at the very start or end of the trip as you'll pass it twice.
  12. Great find. The amount of stuff buried away in the various corners of the BBC website can be astounding. Cheers.
  13. I thought everyone apart form me dressed like this, I was feeling left out Joe
  14. Wow loads of help here cheers. Never even thought of an app. Usually the first thing I try as well! I'll point her in the direction of the apps and if she doesn't get on with them then book too. Just the basics required really. I always end up checking her work (at her request) when mooring up as inevitably it's just a combination of loops and half hitches!!
  15. A brief bit of guidance please. I was in the Scouts for a very long time, a not so long time ago so I am reasonably ok with all things knotty. The wife on the other hand is rubbish and a rotten pupil too (although to be fair that might be more of a reflection on me!) So can anyone recommend a good easy to follow knot book for her? Was going to just buy any one off the jungle themed internet retailer but though I'd ask here if there are any better than others? Cheers Joe
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